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  1. Am I understanding this correctly as Clinical year does not have scheduled breaks? Just got engaged and understand Didactic year is out, which is easy as I just started semester 3. She wants date sooner, I want it AFTER I'm out and then a little. I figure if she does MOST of the planning, can compromise, but if no breaks clinical year - that kind of sets the timeframe for me.
  2. TFM give great studying advice on know your skills and approach - you don't want to find out your existing method won't work for PA school. JD has the flip side of the coin. Both are important - however my advice is spent time with Friends, Family, birthdays, weddings and events. Spend the time with those who you want to be there after the 2 years....Expect to miss events during PA. During my first semester had 4 weddings....Attended 2 (one which I was in) and that was still tough. Felt bad but you have to set priorities so let those around you know so they don't feel like your abandoning them once you start school.
  3. Personal Opinion here.... I would expect a BS (Science) caries more weight then a BA (Arts).
  4. One more thing to consider....It may have been Degree not verified in CASPA. I had a similar situation when I applied without the degree verified, several schools either wait listed me or rejected me. Some schools this is an automatic rejection. Next cycle when CASPA degree was verified I went 8 for 11 interviews. I did not change anything except that. Stay with this - good luck. I took me 3 cycles
  5. Noah, I know where you are coming from, an MLS myself - now PA student. So here is my advice 1 - Keep working and pay down that debt / save money - you will need it! 2 - Try starting to obtain PCE. Fully understand the big lab does not allow Phleb. However what I did was obtain a position at a Plasma bank where I could obtain hours. I did this at nights after my MLS class. With that said - Phleb is easy to obtain, however also low on "quality" in the eyes of PA school admissions. 3 - See if you can get another form of PCE with acutal paitient care. PT assistant, Chirpractor assistant, Atheltic Trainer or a position where you provide 'care'. What I did was have several forms of experience as this also lead to interesting questions during interviews and provided talking points. Ie - Don't quit your day job. 4 - Important to know and hope this does not give you negative thoughts but you should know. Some schools consider MLS as Health Care and not patient care. The good news is some programs give you credit for the sciences behind MLS. There are several MLS that have made the transition from MLS to PA so know it can be done. It wont be easy but see what you can add while you are working as an MLS. Good luck and stay with it.
  6. Many applicants who are accepted this cycle might wind up starting virtual, my program did. We had a May start and they sent out letters informing people that 1st semester would be virtual and those who are moving would not have to move until closer to 2nd semester. Only one class second semester was in person (granted it was a 9 hr class). I hate to say this, however I would not expect movement from COVID. I would still expect movement overall as early acceptances still may have other schools in play. Keep the faith...
  7. C0r4l1n3 Although I did not start a program and then switch, I did Withdraw from a Jan program for a May Program start. I will tell you every day that went by from the Jan start until the May start I was questioning if I made the right decision. I could have been months ahead of where I am at now. Each day was more difficult watching friends move forward while I waited to start over again also knowing I could have been out 6 months earlier .... I know that does not answer your question, however just wanted to relay my thoughts and feelings.
  8. As others have said, if you are comfortable with the program you can accept while waiting out others decisions. Remember a bird in the hand is better than 2 in the bush. This comes from someone who accepted his first school only to be offered 2 more acceptances days AFTER I put down the deposit. Yes I did lose my first deposit and took a school I liked better. However even though I received 9 interviews none were guaranteed seats. If you are happy with the first program, accept and if another ones comes along you can always withdraw. But you will have a program either way! Congrats on the acceptance as only 3-5% get accepted. That's a huge accomplishment and you need to realize that. Good Luck on your decision and keep us informed...
  9. All, If you are on the wait list there is hope. We had a lot of movement last year on the wait list due to when IUPUI sends out acceptances. For those who were rejected - stay with it! I took me 3 rounds to get accepted. Year 1 - 3 schools, no interviews Year 2 - 11 schools 4 interviews, 3 waitlist, 1 rejection Year 3 - 12 schools 9 interviews (accepted 4), 3 acceptances and 1 rejection After putting deposit on school 1, received 2 more acceptances immediately afterwards. Withdrew from school #1 (lost my $1000) and accepted IUPUI. After that, I decided I'm happy and cancelled other interviews. As the great one said....You will miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Fail until you stop failing....Bobby Bones Today I'm 5 weeks away from finishing my second semester....If you want this, stay with it and keep trying....
  10. Its good and bad.... Some schools just want PCE and Phleb counts and you can get a lot of hours quickly. Other schools want Patient Care and they consider Phelb very low quality hours so 1000 hours don't weigh significantly. I combined my Phleb, athletic training and MLS hours to show breadth, depth and quantity. It allowed for a lot of questions I could expand on during interviews. Good luck
  11. #1 Former MLS now PAS student - so YES possible. #2 Immediate concern - ensure the schools you are applying to are Late starts (interviews should not have started yet). Univ of Cumberlands, Trine, Miss are a few I recall. #3 Need to try and obtain PCE.....I did Phleb, Athletic Trainer and MLS. Phleb is easy to get trained in and lots of hours, however they are considered 'low quality". The MIX I had resulted in several questions / follow ons during the interviews. It raised curiosity which I believed this helped me stand out. I had a chance to talk, show what I had and how things helped round me out as a candidate. #4 I did have the opportunity to shadow (all prior to COVID) both a Doctor and PA. That was another thing that stood out, I knew very well roles of each since the Doctor did have a PA. That's my best suggestion - what makes you stand out from the crowd. Has similar GPA's, less overall PCE / HCE hours. Mainly MLS, however currently a 2nd semester PA student. Good Luck! If you want to reach out - feel free to reach out directly. From Bobby Bones.....Fail until you don't fail From Gretzky...you will miss 100% of the shots you don't take If this is what you want - make yourself standout from the crowd.
  12. ANESMCR Said it best....Prepare for something you have not experienced before. I was a college athlete and good student (Not straight A's, I did get some of those 89.6% B's). I had to find time to fit in studying with practice, weights, conditioning and games. Four game series and travel every other week made things worse. However I had to be very regimented in getting every chance I had to get the school work done. I did not procrastinate, however I did put lots of late nights to achieve the grades I did due to time constraints. As much as I was taxed on time and completing work, PA is nothing like undergrad. The volume and pace you are presented is literally drinking from a fire hose. You are expected to have a good background in all the classes and be expected to keep up, even though some of this material you have never been exposed to. If you get in - Congrats.....A very difficult milestones has been reached....Sit back, smile and reflect on your accomplishment. However, not too long so you can start to prepare yourself cause now the really hard work begins. You will miss friends and family events. You will have to find time that may not be there to just keep up.....Then again, if you have made it this far, you are willing to do whatever it takes to be a PA. From a 2nd semester PA student....
  13. Matt, I fully understand as I played baseball. What made it worse was summer leagues prevented me from the same thing you are looking at. So here are my suggestions: 1 - Find a PA to shadow next summer 2 - Get the Science GPA up! - Make your Bio electives the PA Pre Reqs. 3 - Try and find a job where you can get PCE hours (I did Phleb on the weekends, easy to get into and gain hours - although they are low quality) 4 - See if you can find another position you qualify for (Scribe, aide / trainer, University Health Care Center, that you can get hands on). Again lower quality however helps get you in front of others. I started out prepping tests in the university health care center, was taught how to draw blood and expanded on that with Phleb position. I will add the bad part - I had to make the tough choice, go to a highly competitive summer league (ie scouts) or go where I knew I had shadowing and a job set up to obtain PCE. I knew I had a better chance at PA in the long term than playing sports. Sometimes it's about priorities and what you want more. Getting into PA school is extremely tough, playing professional sports is even tougher. What is the path you want? What are you willing to do to make that happen? I will say I'm in my 2nd semester of my PA program right now... Good Luck!
  14. Its already been said - depends on the school....do your homework and see what the school requirements are. Some accept scribe, some do not, some count athletic training as 25%, others full time. Some are hours based some are "how much patient care" (ie responsibility). I will tell you what I did and why I did it. Phleb, Athletic Trainer, Med Tech. Close to 2000 total hours Phleb is easy to get into, gain a lot of hours, however low quality Athletic Trainer harder to get into, not bad on hours, however higher quality in most cases Med Tech - where you are responsible for taking history, drawing the specimen and running the tests. Low on quality but high on science. The amount of PCE or quality was not as impressive as the breadth. This breadth was brought up in interviews and allowed me to expand on. In the end, its what you can obtain. Some go large PCE in one thing, others more breadth....The latter worked for me and that's the only reason I'm passing it along. Good Luck!
  15. My understanding of CASPA - all grades are entered and calculated (as far as replacement classes) If classes have to be retaken due to age: that might be different - Look in CASPA forum.
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