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  1. According to their website out of the coursework you have taken Biochem, Genetics (maybe), Micro, Organic Chemistry & Histology so you have five right there. Also as someone who graduated with a UC Bio Major I can confirm that those are considered upper division at UCs so I assume Stanford would be the same. If you have the time and want to be competitive UC Berkeley extension offers upper division Bio classes that aren't online. It's just expensive.
  2. I got rejected but since I got into several schools already I didn't contact them. From what I hear they are great at providing feedback. I think they may even schedule a meeting with you. I do know from somebody I worked with that the feedback she got was that they were big on community service so I would definitely get some of that if you don't have a lot of it already.
  3. @KAP714I have yet to receive a supplemental and I submitted my application in Fall 2020 ( I think around Sept/October) I'm not sure
  4. If I remember correctly you can take the CASPer at any time but it will only count for one cycle (or a year) before it expires so I wouldn't take it until right when the cycle you are planning to apply in opens.
  5. I was in the same place as you for the 2020-2021 cycle and retook all my expired courses at community college and yes they get factored in just expect it to take awhile. Your postbac classes will be factored into your overall GPA, science, BCP and post bacc section.
  6. I would recommend to everyone who is applying for the next cycle to sign up for an account now and have a look around, get a feel for the site and how it works. Nobody will see anything until you press submit. That way when the next cycle comes in a few months you'll be ready for the real thing without having to dealing with the learning curve of CASPA if that makes sense.
  7. I got rejected back in December but I thought I didn't really care because I got multiple interviews and a few acceptances but for some reason this post made me feel better about not getting in. Seems like this applicant cycle (and this has applied to a lot of schools) was a lot more competitive than previous years.
  8. I've been preparing to apply for this since the cycle opens up next month I believe and I have a couple of questions. Also for reference I will be matriculating into my program starting summer 2021. 1. Does the scholarship application work on a rolling or non-rolling basis? 2. For the LORs, can you submit more than the 2 required or does it have to be 1 clinical and 1 academic? I am having trouble deciding for my academic because I don't if it would be better to have someone write my LOR from the program I will be going into or my current Spanish teacher who knows me really well and
  9. I have yet to research this but according to some financial savvy PA-Cs who have paid out all their loans a loan forgiveness program is not the best way to go. As a Californian native who has worked in a healthcare corporation as a medical assistant I have yet to see UC Davis making more of a name for yourself than Western University. I usually take the the US News PA school ranking with a grain of salt but the fact that they are both #74 just proves my point. Also most establish PA-Cs will tell you that where you go to school does not affect your ability to get jobs. I originally w
  10. Fellow Californian here ( I assume based on my experience on this forum this last year that you are from California as well based on the fact that we applied to the same schools). I applied 3 cycles and got in this year. I would probably expand your net when it comes to applying to schools if you can. I got rejected from all the California/Oregon schools as well (or have yet to hear back which means rejection)
  11. I did one myself but I didn't include all the schools just ones I was interested in lol. So kudos on spending the time to make that document.
  12. I hesitate to answer this because it's almost 2 weeks old but I just wanted to add that in this case it's time vs money. The money option: The programs you are looking into cost an enormous amount while they might get you through faster there's not as much guarantee of it paying off. Some schools may look at the way you haphazardly took these courses and not like what they see or worse you get in and don't succeed because you're missing the fundamental sciences. The time option: Yes it's more time but I would recommend taking your pre-reqs at a community college (cheaper) or as a po
  13. Where was this when I was applying? Honestly I find that application committees are really subjective. It's hard because I feel like a lot of school lower their minimum requirements so that more people apply. I feel like it's best to either attend information sessions and/or contact the school to get a feel of what they think. I would also maybe look at the stats. For me I would specifically look at age of the cohort and their GPA. I might be wrong but if they have applicants with a higher GPA, it means they judge more on that than "holistically" like some schools. Also pay attention if
  14. Unless the school specifies that you need a LOR from a professor you don't really need one. I was the same as @mxrayI excluded schools that required one.
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