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  1. PA-S1 and last I checked Midwestern Glendale (which I attend) was doing virtual interviews
  2. I had a lower than average GPA and retook a lot of my classes at community college mostly due to expiration limit. My GPA was higher than yours to start and tbh taking classes only raised by GPA maybe 0.1 to 0.2. I also had a lot of clinical experience (and went to night school while working full time) which helped the most tbh. Did not look at rankings until I received interviews just out of curiosity. I ended up with two acceptances from a top 20 and a top 30 school and two rejections from I believe a top 80 or 90 school and a top 100. Ended up going to the top 30 school not because it was highly ranked but because it was right for me. Rankings don't mean anything. Just look at the school you're interested in applicant profile and avoid the ones with higher GPAs. And possibly avoid the 100% PANCE score schools. I know some of those pick those with the highest GPA so that they can keep their perfect PANCE pass rate.
  3. If you don’t need to retake a ton of classes I wouldn’t do a post-back program better to retake at a community college to get a higher grade and/or up your clinical experience. for me, I also had a lower than average GPA at a 3.7 non science and a 3.3 science and I repeated classes mostly due to expiration limit than grade booster but I know that it looked really good that i had an almost 4.0 while working full time as MA. I had no idea MBS program existed until I started PA school as my school has one and I know of a couple of students who did their MBS at my school then got into the PA program. Idk if it increased their changes but it doesn’t hurt to see if any of the schools you are interested in have that type of program.
  4. Agree with @WHorneto submit your application ASAP. Some say they aren’t on a rolling basis but they really are. GRE you should be fine mine was only 10 points higher which isn’t much and I had a very similar GPA (and double the PCE hours) and got 5 interviews and 3 acceptances
  5. Co-signed on September 7th. No email confirmation but checked my portal and it changed from the applicant setting to the participant setting!
  6. Just wanted to pop in and give people some hope. I am a PA-S1 (who chose to go the MWU AZ because it was closer to home) I submitted my application in July 2020 and did not get an interview invite until December 2020 and got in so don’t give up hope. They work on a rolling basis. Fun Fact: I interviewed at both campus the same week in December IL was Monday and AZ Thursday
  7. Just wanted to pop in and give people some hope. I am a PA-S1 and submitted my application in July 2020 and did not get an interview invite until December 2020 and got in so don’t give up hope. They work on a rolling basis.
  8. Just got my supplemental email earlier this week. Does anyone know how full the class is? I don't want to fill it out and pay the fee when there are only limited spots left.
  9. You should be fine then. I also had to retake all of my prereqs at various CCs across the Bay Area (due to expiration limits (and I got accepted into 3 out of states school so I assume if out of state was taking them then in state should count them as well.
  10. According to their website out of the coursework you have taken Biochem, Genetics (maybe), Micro, Organic Chemistry & Histology so you have five right there. Also as someone who graduated with a UC Bio Major I can confirm that those are considered upper division at UCs so I assume Stanford would be the same. If you have the time and want to be competitive UC Berkeley extension offers upper division Bio classes that aren't online. It's just expensive.
  11. I got rejected but since I got into several schools already I didn't contact them. From what I hear they are great at providing feedback. I think they may even schedule a meeting with you. I do know from somebody I worked with that the feedback she got was that they were big on community service so I would definitely get some of that if you don't have a lot of it already.
  12. @KAP714I have yet to receive a supplemental and I submitted my application in Fall 2020 ( I think around Sept/October) I'm not sure
  13. If I remember correctly you can take the CASPer at any time but it will only count for one cycle (or a year) before it expires so I wouldn't take it until right when the cycle you are planning to apply in opens.
  14. I was in the same place as you for the 2020-2021 cycle and retook all my expired courses at community college and yes they get factored in just expect it to take awhile. Your postbac classes will be factored into your overall GPA, science, BCP and post bacc section.
  15. I would recommend to everyone who is applying for the next cycle to sign up for an account now and have a look around, get a feel for the site and how it works. Nobody will see anything until you press submit. That way when the next cycle comes in a few months you'll be ready for the real thing without having to dealing with the learning curve of CASPA if that makes sense.
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