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Doctor shortage! What to do?!!?

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"... medical college association says a multilayered approach that includes team-based care and better use of technology can also help to fill the gap in physicians nationwide"

Nary a more specific word about PAs--or NPs, for that matter--in a 900 word article.  The reality is those "doctor shortage" positions will never all or substantially all be filled by MDs and DOs.

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10 minutes ago, ventana said:

The doc shortage is manufactured to limit supply so demand (and salary) stays high.  

I hope it persists cause the only way to really kill pa and np is flooding the market with md and do.   But that would also kill the doc salary.    So they limit supply and keep salary high 

They're not doing a very good job of limiting supply.  Over 70 new MD and DO programs since 2000 have been created.  

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I used to think that "supply and demand' was just a military explanation used on promotion interviews but yes the fact exists in physician employment. I too was amazed that with the facts that we have taken some steps to publish the capabilities of a PA in healthcare and God knows the NPs have done this with a tenacity that is to be jealous of, yet, this article surfaces and we are still the invisible profession. It is only with profound hope that our PR team can publish equally positive information that may be picked up by Reuters or published somewhere other than our journals.

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