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Good luck on the interviews this Friday for those that got invited thus far! I am in the class of 2020. I am a prime example that gpa stats aren’t the only thing they look at. A synopsis, I am a Little Rock/hotneprings native. I traveled for a while with my wife travel nursing (she’s the nurse and now almost an NP). During that time I applied through three cycles to programs hoping UAMS would be the one and now it is. Something that I love about the program is how fast paced and hard it is. Uams has a free health clinic that is ran by students. By the end of our first semester, May 18 - August 18 you learn physical exams and history along with some basic sciences and minor pathology, you’ll start that this semester which you’ll see the toll that takes when you meet some of us, not me this round, on Friday after our first infectious disease test. The faculty is amazing and really have set the students up for success through their policies and teaching arrangements. 

For the interview, don’t interrupt during your group interview, be curious and genuine and let them know that you’re confident and ready to stay to go to class from 8am-4/5pm everyday then put in the work at home for another 4-5-6 hours, almost everyday afterwards to become a PA and they will make a great one. 


This is fall semester we are already learning treatments for infectious micro, doing arterial blood sticks, writing soap notes. 

Another great thing is that you literally see your first patient within about 1 month of starting right after the white coat ceremony. 


Do do your research about the area, restaurants, local demographics etc. be ready to answer a question you’d never thought you’d be asked 


and youll all be fine! Good luck!!

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Hey guys! I was a late submitter last year (end of October) and once my application verified it took exactly 7 days for me to hear back about an interview. How long is it taking for those who recently applied? My application was submitted on September 8th and verified September 17th this year. 

I know there was three interview cycles at UAMS last year. One in September, the middle in October or November then I was in the last cycle at the beginning of December. I was waitlisted last year so I’m trying again this year! Good luck to all. How did the first interview cycle go? 

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7 hours ago, aspiring__PA said:

One is coming up in two weeks, but UAMS would be ideal! Trying (mostly failing) to be patient lolol

Great! Where is the interview? I have Texas Tech October 1st, I think I remember you saying you were going. I loved UAMS too! I hope we both get in. Hopefully they start calling soon


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I went to the last info session on Saturday and found out that they are having 4 interview cycles this year. One more in October (18th) a Hurd day and two in November on Fridays. After talking to several 1st years and others like me that interviewed last year I deducted that they don’t let you know if you got an interview until around 2 weeks or less before an interview date. And it doesn’t definately go off of when you applied. 

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