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  1. Invited to interview on 11/19, but will be declining because i have accepted an offer At another school! Good luck everybody!
  2. I’ve heard they are having 4 interviews this year. And they are accepting 40. I would assume they are accepting max 10 immediately following each interview to leave room for the next session. Probably less though so that they can reassess waitlisted applicants after all sessions have concluded.
  3. Insbarasu i believe. I might have misspelt it a little bit though
  4. I was extended an interview offer for November 1-2! Hope this helps somebody out!
  5. Invited to interview on November 2nd, but will be declining because i have been accepted to a program closer to home. Good luck everybody!
  6. I will be forfeiting my seat, as i have accepted an offer closer to home! Hope this helps somebody out! Good luck everybody!!
  7. I think they have 3 total sessions. So two left- October and November. Last year they had three (September, November, December)
  8. One is coming up in two weeks, but UAMS would be ideal! Trying (mostly failing) to be patient lolol
  9. FYI- They have filled 19 spots so far- i think they plan on having a class of 34
  10. I was accepted 4 days after my interview. Interviewed 07/13 (Friday), accepted 7/17 (Tuesday evening)
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