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  1. Did you apply to their program this cycle or will you be considering LSUHSC-New Orleans? I like to hear others opinions about the programs, so thank you for sharing your opinion.
  2. Monet

    Morehouse PA Program

    Yayyyy!! That is exciting. Did they send an email out or did you find the updated information on their website?
  3. Monet

    Meharry School of Medicine

    I would assume sometime in 2019 since their application cycle does not close until March. @karmhorn
  4. Does anyone have an idea on how many applicants have been accepted thus far?
  5. Monet

    Morehouse PA Program

    Their website has that the admission committee will interview 100 applicants for 20 seats. So I would assume it would be 20 applicants for 5 different interview dates.
  6. Congratulations to everyone that has been accepted! Who made the acceptance phone calls? Have you all received your acceptance letters?
  7. I see a few individuals are giving up their seats to this program. What were factors in deciding this program vs. another? Good luck to everyone !
  8. Monet

    Morehouse PA Program

    Is Atlanta suppose to receive bad weather from the Hurricane forming tomorrow? Good luck to everyone interviewing tomorrow.
  9. Monet

    Want to quit PA school

    Make sure to update us on how everything goes. How far did you move from home? Good luck, you got this! @AspiringPA21
  10. Congratulations on your acceptance! That was a fast turn around on finding out. Did they call or email you? If this is your top program, you may can call and ask them if they got accredited.
  11. Did they say when you would hear back with a decision?
  12. Monet

    Morehouse PA Program

    Was it last month that they were supposed to be reviewed for it? They may announce it during their first interview session, so someone that interviews there may can provide some insight. You may can call and ask as well.
  13. Monet

    Morehouse PA Program

    Congratulations @SoonToBePAC. Where will you be attending PA School?
  14. I know that it is a small university, so that it is definitely a plus, but I am not quite sure if they provide like job placement incentives for their students. I read where they do not have a cadaver lab but they use an anatomage table for anatomy lab.
  15. As I was going through previous threads to learn more about this program, I was wondering has anyone heard of any incentives that students who attend this program have? Like does the program offer job placement or any unique factors? Also, does anyone know how applicants are selected at this program?

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