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  1. As far as I know they don't. Maybe all that interview.. but I haven't heard that to be true and in past years there have been several that commented they were declined.
  2. I got a wait list email today as well. 3rd time yet I'm still hopeful! Good luck to those who haven't heard.
  3. Very much so! I've just assumed I didn't get in. I'm looking at all of my pre-reqs and GRE and going to see about meeting with them to see if I'm going to have to re-take any of them.
  4. Unfortunately. I’m going to die of an anxiety attack before I hear something lol.
  5. Once the class is finalized they send out rejections and waitlists. That’s normally a bit after the December interview.
  6. Just before 8 am today I finally received an invite for the November 13th interview also!!!!!! I’m beyond excited and nervous for what this holds!! This will be my third time interviewing here at UAMS. To those of you that have yet to receive an invite: hold in there, because your time will come. I’ve been sick with anxiety the past few months, but then again, haven’t we all?
  7. Did you just call the number at the bottom of the PA program page? I have emailed them with no response so I am thinking about calling as well. I applied June 1st and still haven't heard anything. This is my third time applying. The other two times I was readily offered an interview, and I was wait-listed both times. I'm going crazy over here.
  8. The other two times I applied (2017 and 2018) there was no set schedule on when they got back to you. The first interview cycle seemed like they received acceptance calls or rejection and wait-list emails anywhere up to a month after they interviewed. The final three sessions did not hear their results until a few weeks before Christmas. Congratulations to all that have interviewed and received invites for the next round!!! We're all in this together.
  9. I still have yet to receive anything. The past two years they have had four cycles: first starting in September and then once a month through December. Three years ago they only had three cycles. I'm also curious to know when you guys who have received an interview applied!
  10. I have yet to hear anything either. As far as I know, they've never used GUS for anything until you were accepted to the program. My username and password wouldn't work and help desk wasn't much "help." lol Hopefully we hear something soon. I'm beyond anxious!
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