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  1. I just received my acceptance via email tonight! I can’t wait to meet you guys! I just requested to join the Facebook group!
  2. I'm interviewing on 11.13 at 10:30am! If anyone has any info about the program to share I'd love to hear it ?
  3. For those that have already been to the meet and greet, what was the format like? Like do you sit at tables and listen to someone speak then start talking with staff? Also, what did you wear? Thanks so much! (Interviewing in October)
  4. Invited to interview on September 17th yesterday! Can't wait to meet you all! Does anyone know what kind of interview format they use? Thanks!
  5. I'm also interviewing September 14th! I am out of state in Texas. For those that went an information session they've had. What are some things that you can't find online that make the program special? Like white coat ceremonies, etc. Thanks!
  6. Anyone interviewing for the Dual Degree program on Tuesday? I'm flying from Texas to Philadelphia today! Can't wait to meet those that will be there!
  7. I submitted around June 22 or 23 ish and got the offer on August 3rd!
  8. I submitted around June 22 or 23ish and got the offer for the Dual Degree program on July 31st.
  9. How are you guys getting a professional headshot to take to the interview? Or where are you getting them? I interview September 4th and just saw in the email that we needed to bring one. SOS.
  10. I was offered to interview Sept 14/15! But I interview somewhere else that day. Is anyone else interviewing in October?
  11. For those that interviewed already, what did you bring with you on the day of?
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