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  1. Good luck on the interviews this Friday for those that got invited thus far! I am in the class of 2020. I am a prime example that gpa stats aren’t the only thing they look at. A synopsis, I am a Little Rock/hotneprings native. I traveled for a while with my wife travel nursing (she’s the nurse and now almost an NP). During that time I applied through three cycles to programs hoping UAMS would be the one and now it is. Something that I love about the program is how fast paced and hard it is. Uams has a free health clinic that is ran by students. By the end of our first semester, May 18 - August
  2. You’re welcome, i am a big believer in communication haha. But seriously, this cycle was my third cycle after graduating already. Idk what your stats are or gre scores or healthcare experience but I would volunteer somewhere, find a good hobby or extracurricular that you can talk about, be passionate about something outside of healthcare (for me that’s outdoors and playing music) let your passion come out in your personal essay and just don’t stop applying if that’s what you want to do. Sure I probably could hav gotten into medical school faster statistically speaking, but I would
  3. Don’t stop applying though! If it’s what you want to do it will show when your time comes! Good luck to you!
  4. Yeah, I was told when I hit the invite for 12/1 that it was the last one. I’m from Arkansas but was in New Mexico for work, travel nurse stuff and come home fit good this weekend. When I asked I could pick a later date to save the money from a plane ticket I was told no because it was the last one. Bery sorry:/ uams can be a little slow getting back to people at times. I’m a 3rd time applicant and I applied to uams in April and only barely got the invite for 12/1
  5. I also got the call today around 3pm that I got accepted. Such a blessing and honor! Good luck to those remaining
  6. Congratulations! That is awesome news, I interviewed on 12/1. I wonder how many spots had been filled before they started making final decisions... how many people are on the facebook? anyways, Congratulations! After talking to everyone that I talked to on interview day it seemed like everyone deserved to be in a program which makes it that much harder to get in but at the same time I am not worried about seeing a new PA in two years since everyone is awesome haha. good luck to everyone else too!
  7. Recieved an invite for 12/1 this morning. Such a relief! A little nervous about it being the last one though. I feel like that is when the admission committee has to be the most picky. Lol either way I’m excited!
  8. Did anyone else get the Email today talking about reconsideration for December 15th-18th?
  9. Same here. Last year when I applied I didn’t hear back until March of this year about not getting an interview but my stats have changed in a positive since then
  10. Yeah I got one about 5 minutes after the I called but the fact that I had to call to get the email and to find out 2 months after my interview is not very cool??
  11. Just FYI to everyone, I called Barbra today, just now. She seemed pretty upset to be the one to have to tell me that I was not offered a seat and said that all decisions have been made and she was very sorry that she had to be the bearer of bad news. She also said that she was going to talk with PJ to make sure he sent out the emails he was suppose to to our final Group on Friday of last week when he told her he was goi g to.. idk if that means that all of us waiting to hear have not been accepted but it sounded like it. Sorry I am pretty mad and sad at the same time and hope that you guys all
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