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Chances of acceptance?

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Hello everyone,

I will be applying to this coming cycle in April and wondered where I stand in terms of my statistics. My Total GPA is 3.27 and the prereqs are at a 3.21. I have worked as an EMT for an 911 company for 1.5 years and currently I am an ER Technician for 1.5 years. Overall I currently have over 3000 hours of paid patient care hours. I have been a volunteer at a hospital for 2.5 years accumulating over 250 hours. I am also expecting strong letters of rec and I am currently studying for the GRE.

Thanks for your help.

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Depends on your grade trend, did you have low grades early in college and then finished strong with A's/B's? GPA should be offset if you have positive trend with grades and you have strong HCE which is always helpful. Apply to schools with class averages close to your stats and i think you have a good shot. What was your GRE score?

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You are on the low end of average. That is not to say that you won't get in, this spends a lot on where you are applying, your grade trends and the soft portions of your application like personal statement and interview skills. Apply to schools that appeal to you and that have admission statistics that are around average. Looking at schools who matriculate students with 3.9 average gpa's might not be for you. You have great amount of hours that are high quality so use that to your advantage and apply smartly.

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