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  1. hello, i'm considering applying this cycle after completing my BSc in biology this past spring. i'm not sure if there is anyone here who has had an interview invite or being accepted with similar stats. your input is greatly appreciated. thanks cGPA:3.3 sGPA: 2.97 Volunteering 1500 PCE 11280 hrs HCE: 4500 shadow hours: 120 LORs: 1 MD and 2 PAs no GRE score, no research hrs
  2. Hi guys, I am currently an undergrad about to graduate in May with a bachelor of science in Neuroscience. I'm hoping to get some advice/insight on my application and stats. cGPA: 3.4 sGPA: 3.2 Last 60 hrs: 3.7 PCE: ER scribe: 2000+ (I understand not all school accepts this as PCE but the schools I will be applying to does) MA?: 700 hrs. (I worked at a Chiropractor office about 2 years ago. I didn't have a job title but my duties included triage, assisting physician in minor procedures, and acting as a medical translator between the patient and the physi
  3. Hi everyone, I really really want to be a physician assistant, but I don't have the most outstanding test scores or grades. I was wondering if you all could give me your opinion on if I have any chance at all of getting into a PA program. My overall GPA was a 3.30 and my science GPA was a 3.27. I took the GRE and got a 155 on verbal, but only a 145 on the quantitative section, and a 4.0 on the writing section. I will have 1,720 hours of healthcare experience working as a CNA by the time I am planning to apply to physician assistant programs. I also have 24 hours of shadowing PAs as experi
  4. Hi everyone. I am planning on applying for my second time this upcoming April 2019. This past cycle i decided to apply in June 2018 and didn’t get my apps in until late July. I just applied to two programs that i already qualified for. I think my main error last cycle was applying so late and to so few schools. I should’ve just waited until this cycle, but it is okay because now i am more prepared and have a bulkier application. If anyone could give me advice on areas to improve on that’d be great! Bachelors in Respiratory Care (2017) cGPA: 3.4 (Caspa 2018 calculation) sGpa:3.
  5. Hello all. Hoping for some insight on my stats for getting interviews and just a SINGLE acceptance to PA school. Major: Dual B.S. Biological Sciences & B.S. Criminology from Virginia Tech cGPA: 3.43 sGPA: 3.32 PCE: 5,000+ as an EMT-B in a few different settings (volunteer 911 ambulance, beach first-aid station, horse show on-site EMT) HCE: organized and ran 3 bone marrow registry drives on campus, volunteer in hospital ER (roughly 30 hours), deputy section planning chief for HSEEP compliant exercise Shadowing: 60 hours between 2 PAs in 2 EDs Volun
  6. I am in the final few weeks of my freshman year of college. I came in pre-nursing but realized I wasn't cut out for it. I got a 3.16 GPA first semester, and second semester has been a complete disaster, Biology, and anatomy I am barely passing, but nutrition and psychology I should be able to 4.0. I plan on retaking bio and anatomy, but with a 3.0 GPA freshman year is it possible to build up my GPA enough to get into PA school? Also, I am deciding what major to choose for my undergrad since Pre-nursing isn't a major, I was thinking kinesiology but I'm not sure. I am trying to work as a CNA in
  7. Hello everyone, I will be applying to this coming cycle in April and wondered where I stand in terms of my statistics. My Total GPA is 3.27 and the prereqs are at a 3.21. I have worked as an EMT for an 911 company for 1.5 years and currently I am an ER Technician for 1.5 years. Overall I currently have over 3000 hours of paid patient care hours. I have been a volunteer at a hospital for 2.5 years accumulating over 250 hours. I am also expecting strong letters of rec and I am currently studying for the GRE. Thanks for your help.
  8. Hello PA Forum, I wanted to know if anyone had any recommendations for specific PA schools considering my following goals and statistics. I would like to apply this summer for 2019 matriculation. Goals: Ideally I would like to work as a PA in a hospital setting. While I don't quite know my exact area of interest, I prefer primary care, emergency, and internal medicine over surgery. Additionally, I have a strong interest in contributing to research. Statistics/Background: 3.5 cumulative GPA, 3.45 science GPA at a private academic university 159 Verbal (
  9. Hello! Finally finished up my pre-reqs and so I am thinking about applying as early as possible for the next cycle! I am little confused about when to apply, although the consensus from other forums seem to be April of 2018? I am mostly worried about my GRE score and I am debating on if I should retake it for the sake of getting a higher percentile. I am also afraid because I have no PA shadowing although I have worked briefly with one before. I do not know how much this will hurt my application. I also do not know if I need to take more courses. I research all the schools I am intereste
  10. Hey guys I just wanted to get an overall opinion on what chances I have for admissions considering W's I have from 3 years ago. Stats: BA in Child Development cGPA:3.77 sGPA: 3.61 PCE as CNA: 2500 hrs Now, the W's I have 4. 2 of them are in prerequisites. One being anatomy and the other chem 101. I retook anatomy for an A and actually also became a tutor for a few semesters. Retook 101 got a B. Other sciences which are just the prerequisites for most programs were A's (chem 102, bio 1&2, micro, med term, pharm,) and a B in physio & ochem 1 I enrol
  11. Hello, I am finishing my undergrad and will be graduating with a Bachelor's in Health Science from Ohio in December. I want to apply for the cycle starting in April 2018. I have not taken the GRE yet My overall gpa is 3.4 and my science is 3.33 I'll have ~ 1500 hours PCE in April as a Medical Assistant/Phlebotomist I have 30 hours of PA shadowing and about 50 MD shadowing I'll have ~500 hours volunteering I plan to have good letters of rec and personal statement I have been researching schools that fit my profile but would love advice as this is all a bit overwhelm
  12. I was just wondering what my chances were to getting into pa school. I graduated from UCSD and got by BS in physiology and neuroscience. ended with a 3.1 overall and science gpa . I volunteered at a hospital for about 100 hours. Currently have about 1000 hours working as a CNA. Ive been a public health officer for a year in the Flying Samaritans, where we got to shadow doctors and provide free clinics in mexico. Worked at a research facility that deals with HIV research where i handled sensitive patient info. and i was also part of the frisbee team for 4 years. Thank You,
  13. Hi all, I am 26 years old, interested in applying to PA school next April. I would like advice from current PAs, other PA school applicants, and current PA school students regarding my chances in getting accepted. Education: MPH in Epidemiology (cumulative GPA 3.77) BS in Biology (cumulative GPA 3.64) Certifications: Certified in Public Health (CPH) Work Experience: Current Research Coordinator in Oncology/Genetics field (full-time, 2+ years) Research Assistant in Oncology/Genetics field (full-time for 6 months) Scribe in Primary Care office (1.8 years, ~2600 hou
  14. Currently I am working in an assisted living/nursing home facility as a Resident Care Associate/Certified Nurse Aide. I have been there almost six months. Recently I was approached by a co-worker and asked if I would be interested in becoming a Med Aide. Do you believe if I do both this would enhance my chances when applying or should I just stick to being a CNA? Also, would it help pharmacology? TIA
  15. Hello, all! Original Bachelor's from a top 10 university in Economics/Theatre -- GPA: 3.4 Then spent several years as an actor & decided I needed to do something more tangible, so age at time of application this round will be 27/28. Currently finishing second year of science pre-reqs (Bio, Chem, Orgo, Cell Bio, Organic Chem, Biochem, A&P, Microbio, Genetics) -- GPA: 3.97 (A's in everything except a lab or two) GRE Verbal: 169 (99%) GRE Quant: 162 (82%) AW: 4.5 (82%) Here comes the problem... HC-related experience: 1800 hours as radiology department admin for a hospital Volunteer:
  16. Hello all, I am currently an Undergrad at a well known state school. I jumped into my EMS program right after high school (no gap year) and was not entirely focused. Financial reasons also got in the way and resulted in me getting two D's in A&P 1 and Med. terminology. I was put on academic probation for the spring 2014 semester but i retook my A&P course and Med. terminology course, got B's in both, and was promptly taken off probation the following semester (I know these are still not good enough grades to have for these courses). I finished my EMT-A program back in May (2015) wi
  17. Hello, I graduated with a very low GPA due to nothing but poor study habits. After retaking a few classes since graduating, I've raised my CASPA cGPA to 3.3 and sGPA to 3.1. Because this is still very low compared to the average accepted PA applicants, I expect to get a lot of rejections from many schools. With Western U's grade replacement, my cGPA is 3.48, sGPA is 3.52, and pGPA is 3.56! This puts me around the average of the school's accepted applicant stats. My question is, will the grade replacement really put me on the same playing field as people who have CASPA GPAs of ~3.5, al
  18. Hello everyone, I am a re-applicant and would like to discuss the best possible things to do in order to re-apply. From what I have gathered, accumulating more direct-patient healthcare experience, taking more science classes, volunteering more, shadowing more PAs, possibly retaking the GRE, re-writing a new personal statement and making sure it is really good, and applying early would be best. Does anyone else have any other great ideas to give a re-applicant the best chance possible? I appreciate any and all feedback. Thanks so much.
  19. Good evening everyone, I plan on applying this cycle and I just wanted everyones opinion on if I should do it this cycle or next. I apologize if this is in the wrong forum. I tried reading on the website to try and figure out where the right place to post this was... but I couldn't find an answer. Also, I saw a lot of similar posts to this one on this thread..and that's why I thought this would be the appropriate place to ask this. IF this is not the right thread please let me know and I will take it down. Here are my stats. Please let me know if you find me competitive I am 21 years old a
  20. I'm currently finishing up my 2nd year at UC San Diego. I will be going to school all summer and all next year in order to finish my undergrad in 3 years. I plan to take a year off after undergrad to accrue some HCE (leaning towards CNA), shadow doctors and PAs, and to take a few prerequisites that my school doesn't offer and then I will apply (2018-2019 cycle). My issue is that because I've been rushing school, I have hardly any extracurriculars. My current GPA is a 3.92 (science GPA is about the same) and I don't expect it to move much beyond that in either direction. I've been a part of a f
  21. I am a first time applicant to PA Schools and I'm feeling a little nervous about my qualifications. I'm hoping to apply to this next 2016-2017 CASPA cycle and I would love any input on my stats. My Stats: Cumulative GPA: 3.727 Science GPA: (I haven't calculated this yet but it should be around the same as cumulative. I made all A's/B's in sciences courses. Maybe two C's.) Undergrad Major: Nutritional Sciences Verbal GRE: 160 Quantitative GRE: 154 Writing GRE: 4 HCE Hours: 100 Hours CNA Clinical Hours (I was told some PA schools accept this as HCE) 350 Hours as CNA/PCT on
  22. Hello, so I have already applied back in July to 11 programs. I realize that this post is irrelevent but it may provide me with peace of mind. So here it goes... Degree: B.A Biology from a small private insititution that is pretty well regarded. CASPA cGPA: 3.24 CASPA sGPA: 3.15 GRE: 157V 147Q 4.0AW Experience consists of 1200 hours as a CNA in assisted living and 1600 hours as a CNA in a large urban university hospital on an ortho unit. So total around 2800 hours direct patient care. Volunteering includes 50 hours as a physical therapy volunteer at a rehibilitation facility
  23. Hi all, I find it very confusing that many schools list minimum GPA requirements as low as 2.75 or 3.0 however now schools will not even consider you if you do not have at least a 3.4! Yes, I understand that it is more competitive now, however if the schools will not even look at an application that meets the requirements, they should really update their websites so that students understand what the school wants. Can you guys list the schools with these "real" GPA requirements? (e.g. I know Western now will only consider students with 3.4 or higher).
  24. I was wondering if anyone can help me/guide me through how to get to PA school regarding my situation and less than stellar GPA. I just graduated with a B.S. in Biology. In my first 2 years of college, I went through and dealt with a difficult situation that lead me into not focusing on school as much. No, it's not the typical situation where I had fun, drank and focused on a social life. It was far from it. I talked to other women who went through it, which helped me cope over the situation. I left the university, did community college and transferred to another university. In my 1st year
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