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  1. Will they let you restart next year? Is there any appeals process?
  2. We use a machine and also only get 1$ per test. Not sure which code you are talking about to give the 4$, but i’ve never seen it reimbursed that high unfortunately anywhere.
  3. 20-25 is reasonable i would say for any provider, PA or not, with those time slots. Depending on the providers experience it may take some time to get up to that speed.
  4. 75$ and it turns into a student membership once you enter into a pa program without an additional fee. If you join definitely put on your apps. It looks good, but isn’t a large part of admissions decisions .
  5. “Ask them how many students began their program last year and how many are currently in it (hint 44 and now about 35) My guess is they had no intention of ever graduating 44 students. Their strategy: screen the best they can, let in more students than they can support, weed out the weaker students, and at the end of the 28 months have the best shot at a 100% PANCE pass rate. Meanwhile, many potential PA careers are destroyed. “ Just a bunch of lies. Here’s the facts: I’ve done admissions work and interviews for the program. They would love everyone to succeed and do the best they can to make sure that will happen. It’s not to their benefit to have students fail out. They lose their tuition money over the two + years. They develop a bad reputation. They could even risk losing accreditation. Faculty could lose their jobs without enough students enrolled to support the overhead of the program. Programs are not allowed to “accept more students than they support”. They can lose accreditation if they do so. ARC-PA also looks at deceleration and attrition rates, and found the program to be acceptable for full accreditation. Every program will have some students that don’t make it, despite the best intentions of the faculty. Students in PA programs are expected to be adult learners and take control of their own academics. Some students have unrealistic expectations about PA school coming in and realize they can’t handle it. Some are academically dishonest, like the original poster, and are rightfully kicked out. Time to stop spewing hate.
  6. You will lose your money if you get into both, unfortunately thats part of the game. Rarely schools will refund the deposit. It’s part of how they recoup for having to accept another student, pay for admissions costs, and also hopefully keep those that have comitted to the program from switching to others. In the grand scheme of things with how expensive PA school is, 1k here or there isn’t going to make much of a difference in overall debt burden.
  7. Not possible to work clinically in the US unless they completed an ARC-PA accredited program and passed the PANCE. There are a handful of UK PAs around the US working in PA education.
  8. Assuming decent benefits and a reasonable patient load/back up system for when you are starting out, looks pretty good especially if you can get loan repayment too. CME is a bit low, would ask for 2k
  9. Check on if there is any retirement 401k, 403b, etc. I’d ask for another week of PTO but otherwise looks solid.
  10. Looks pretty solid. I always advocate for countering reasonably. I’d ask for 2k and 3-5 days off for CME, and get the 401k language in the contract. With the bonus being there my guess is they wont be willing to budge on salary but you could always ask for 95k. Even if they do nothing other than add the 401k i’d probably still take it. Also if you need medical/dental i would inquire about if thats available and the cost.
  11. More info, 30-40 hours of class time per week, which means less overall study time outside of class than in undergrad. I wouldn’t say the info is much more difficult though, just alot more of it in less time.
  12. If you are conflicted about online education then it’s probably not the program for you.
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