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  1. Call or go in person. Its alot harder to turn someone down than with an email. 100k for 40 hours isn’t bad for first job, for 80 hours its terrible. Like you said, almost everything about the package is subpar. I would either propose an hourly rate instead of salary, or a salary for 40 hours per week and then a predetermined per hour rate for every hour beyond the 40. Also, have a schedule for your hours in your contract. CME minimum should be 1500. Ask if they will pay for licensing fees etc.
  2. All of your mandatory rotations need to be done on US soil per arc-pa. Some programs have study abroad but for electives only. You wouldn’t likely be able to live in Europe during your rotation year. Didactic year, might be doable, but that is unlikely as well due to the fact that many programs have synchronous components and the time difference would make it very difficult. Also, the most prominent online program does not accept students from abroad.
  3. Very stressful and difficult, but almost everyone finds a way to be successful.
  4. Those courses may not be accepted for the typical A and P prerequisite, and you didn't do as well as a lot of applicants in them so it would probably be best to take a standard A and P series and aim for As.
  5. Varies by school - check the program websites that you are interested in
  6. you don’t have to provide the vaccine - someone else can (nurse, pharmacist, another provider). What you can’t, in my opinion, do is steer them away from getting a vaccine because you don’t ethically believe in it. You have to practice evidenced based medicine as a provider, and it could even be considered malpractice or at the very least poor care to advise against vaccination when it is indicated. What if someone who you decided not to vaccinate got measles and died? You don’t have to be upfront with your patients about your beliefs, because frankly they don’t matter. What matters is what the medical evidence shows and what the standard of care is that all medical providers should strive to follow. In short, you don’t have to like it, but you would be doing a disservice to any patient where there is no contraindication to not recommend and provide a means for a patient to get vaccinated. No employer should/would likely allow you to practice substandard care as it opens up substantial liability to them as well.
  7. We are so excited to announce that the 2020 manual is available on Amazon (link below) and is soon to be available on our website paprogrammanual.com. We have all 250+ PA programs covered! The 2020 edition includes (1) The addition of many new PA programs that have established themselves within the past year; (2) Updated information on the over 240 programs included in the 4th edition; (3) Insights from interviews with PA Program Directors; (4) CASPer and PA-CAT testing requirements (for schools updated as of yesterday); (5) Updated Introductory Text and Foreword by Brian Palm, PA-C. Find your perfect program and give yourself a competitive edge! https://www.amazon.com/dp/1697868665/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=physician+assistant+programs&qid=1582037853&sr=8-2
  8. I think what makes most sense is whatever your percentage of receipts is relative to the whole practice, that’s what you should get of the net profit. 40% is a great number, unless you are seeing 60% of the patients.
  9. perhaps next year more programs may start using it for admissions. Its definitely coming just a matter of when. I’d contact them if you have more questions about it.
  10. Right now it is being pilot tested at around 10 programs. They are not using scores in admissions decisions. In fact they are still deciding how to score the test. I doubt that it would be used in admissions decisions next year because outcomes of the pilot wont be really avaliable for 2 years or so (once the people taking the pilot this year have graduated and taken the pance and inferences/correlation can be made regarding pacat performance and pance performance). Which program are you talking about?
  11. Will they let you restart next year? Is there any appeals process?
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