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  1. Check on if there is any retirement 401k, 403b, etc. I’d ask for another week of PTO but otherwise looks solid.
  2. Looks pretty solid. I always advocate for countering reasonably. I’d ask for 2k and 3-5 days off for CME, and get the 401k language in the contract. With the bonus being there my guess is they wont be willing to budge on salary but you could always ask for 95k. Even if they do nothing other than add the 401k i’d probably still take it. Also if you need medical/dental i would inquire about if thats available and the cost.
  3. More info, 30-40 hours of class time per week, which means less overall study time outside of class than in undergrad. I wouldn’t say the info is much more difficult though, just alot more of it in less time.
  4. If you are conflicted about online education then it’s probably not the program for you.
  5. Sounds fair, but never hurts to ask for more within reason
  6. What it means is that you shouldnt even be considering this terrible offer
  7. We do it. Prolia gets mailed to us (if the patient prefers) or to the patient and they bring to us. Simple subcutaneous injection. You can bill for the injection administration and an office visit for osteoporosis as long as you meet billing criteria. Only real liability would be if you lost a patient’s medication. We do not purchase the prolia ourselves to administer, as that could be more of a financial liability if a dose is lost, expires, etc.
  8. EMEDPA we are aware of the program but only include currently accredited programs. Once they gain provisional accreditation we’ll have them in! About time programs started awarding a degree commensurate with our credit hours, even if it means I might have to be in for one of these 1 year doctorate programs in the future.
  9. We do include information that is not readily avaliable on program websites, and are much more up to date than PAEA which relies upon programs to update their pages (which they often don’t). It’s definitely not for everyone, but its a great tool and time saver and over the last 4 years we’ve gotten great feedback that it was helpful for applicants. Thanks for your feedback!
  10. Hey everyone! The latest edition has just been released with updates on all programs for 2019, the addition of all newly accredited programs in the last year, and other new features. https://www.amazon.com/dp/172741683X/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_755xCb6FR5KPE
  11. CME is low, PTO is low, you can try to increase salary though 65 isnt bad. The rest seems decent however IMO its borderline unsafe to routinely be seeing 50 patients per day.
  12. With those stats and having gotten 3 interviews, it almost has to be poor interviewing skills. I would reach out to the programs that rejected you and see if you can get some feedback, increase your PCE in the next year, and perhaps do some mock interviews or perhaps get some kind of coach/mentor to help you with interviewing.
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