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  1. marktheshark89

    New Pre-PA AAPA Membership

    Myself and several others have worked with aapa to role out a new pre pa membership specifically for those working to gain admissions to PA school. Previously, there hasn’t been much of an incentive to join as a Pre PA, but through lots of collaboration we have made the membership something that can be worthwhile and helpful with lots of resources for applicants, discounts, and opportunities to stay up to date on the profession as a whole. Additionally, once you get into PA school your membership as a Pre PA automatically transfers to a student membership free of charge! Check it out! https://www.aapa.org/student-central/pre-pa/
  2. No residency is required. There are some avaliable and they are completely optional.
  3. marktheshark89

    7-10 month gap in employment! Locums for new grad?

    Yes definitely rethink your logic. Take a UC or EM job. If you get a residency position that you want then leave. If not, or if you like the job you end up at and are learning alot then you have a good fall back option. Waiting 7-10 months to practice and without any guaranteed residency position is not a good option. Locums is almost never good for a new grad. You are typically expected to hit the ground running with little support or training beyond learning the EMR.
  4. marktheshark89

    Yale PA Online

    Exactly, now you get it. Just like the first PAs had to prove themselves, you will have to also given the significant differences in your training compared to traditional programs. That doesn’t mean you won’t be successful, I’m hoping you will be. But you will have your fair share of skeptics, as you most certainly should, and should take their concerns seriously as well.
  5. marktheshark89

    Yale PA Online

    No one is being rude. I was just pointing out the fallacies/conjecture in your statements from the perspective of someone who was there from the time the idea was conceived through when the online program came to be. It’s funny that you would assume I oppose the program, because I don’t. You make everyone in the traditional program out to be priviledged stuck up a$$holes when you make statments like “they are jealous and indignent”, “They think that they earned theirplace at Yale and the online students have not”, etc. It doesn’t move the dialogue forward, and it stereotypes an entire group of people whom you have never interacted with before (except perhaps on forums like this). It couldn’t be further from the truth (atleast from my experience with the three classes I am most familiar with from graduating and precepting).
  6. marktheshark89

    Yale PA Online

    “They are jealous and indignant that students vastly different from them are getting a Yale education and diploma.“ As a recent grad I can tell you this statement couldn’t be further from the truth. Yale is a place of tremendous diversity, and no students in my class or the class after mine that I am aware of opposed the program for this reason. Mostly the opposition was out of concern that the education and experience that the online students would get from the online program would be inferior to what students could get in person because of corners that were being cut and experiences that on campus students got that couldn’t be recreated in the same way in an online platform. (Note that the opposite argument could be made too, that there are certain things that could be created and done online that would be superior to an in person experience). “the traditional yale students are mostly new grad ivy league kids from good families with outstanding GPAs.” This is laughable. We had 3 kids out of 36 that were new grads straight from bachelors and none of them went to ivy schools prior to Yale. We had an equal number who were in their late 30s and early 40s. Multiple students were parents and became parents during school. I guess on average the GPA of Yale students is good, but again there were several students in our class with 3.0-3.3 GPAs who were accepted. “They are also more diverse and much more likely to be the first person in their family to go to college or get an advanced degree. I can understand why the traditional studentswould feel like that. They think that they earned theirplace at Yale and the online students haven't. “ I’d love to see your evidence for this. And as far as that meeting goes with the dean. It was a public forum held because of concern about the online program development. I attended. A medical student asked about if there were plans to develop an online program for the medical students, and the dean alpern said that he didnt think medical school could adequately be taught online and that it would never happen. Then he tried to smoothe things over in an email afterwards stating that while he is not sure if an online version of an MD program would work, an online PA program definitely has the potential to be successful.
  7. 85k in florida for a new grad isnt a bad salary at all. If i were going to counter i’d counter with 90k especially if this is a job you are really interested in. I’d also ask for 3 weeks PTO.
  8. marktheshark89

    Experienced Ortho PA salary south Florida

    Its probably that you are in florida like you said. 123k in florida takes you farther than 150k alot of places. Also unless the doctor is seeing each and everyone of your patients, billing should be under your name. Otherwise this is likely fraudulent.
  9. marktheshark89

    80k salary. Specialty- New grad- On call

    That tells you all you need to know
  10. marktheshark89

    80k salary. Specialty- New grad- On call

    Way too low- should be closer to 100k IMO
  11. https://medicine.yale.edu/pa/admissions/apply.aspx
  12. I’d just use the same company as the other providers. If they are paying for it i wouldnt worry about price shopping too much. Just makes it easier.
  13. marktheshark89

    New Grad Dermatology Offer..

    Terrible offer. You can counter but i doubt they will say yes. 7 days if pto is laughable. No retirement. Minimal health insurance coverage. I would probably just walk.
  14. marktheshark89

    One for the primary care folks

    Yep I heard that also. The problem with it though is that it can induce a hypercoagulable state because of its mechanism unlike praxbind which is targeted to the pradaxa molecule. It also has only been tested in healthy patients, for ethical reasons, not those who were actually bleeding out, so now they have to do post marketing studies to see if it actually clinically improves outcomes. My guess is that your patient was probably beyond repair when he got to you, but definitely would have been nice to have to atleast try.
  15. marktheshark89

    GI New Grad Offer

    Its a pretty solid offer. If i were going to negotiate anything it’d probably be to try and get a full 3 weeks (120 hours) vacation rather than the 88 hours.

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