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  1. Most programs and most lecturers will provide learning objectives for each presentation. Our faculty does a great job of making sure the lectures meet the objectives. I use those learning objectives to then make my own notes on various topics. Some topics I may go above and beyond on, but that is because they really interest me. I feel like the Rosh review questions also help me figure out what things are important to retain and what is minutia, it can be really easy to get stuck in the weeds on various things. Generally if you are down at the molecular level at some really specific rece
  2. Most of the time lectures are death by powerpoint. Our program tries to integrate other learning opportunities throughout our lectures which is nice. Most days I take minimal notes during lecture and then spend several hours at home after class going over learning objectives and the lectures from that day and make my own notes. I also try and do 60-100 questions from rosh review didactic year package per week, typically the ones that directly relate to the topics covered that week. I personally have never really felt overwhelmed with material but that being said I attend one of the longer
  3. Agree with above. Your questions you ask the program should help you make a decision as to if that program is right for you. You can ask things like "what do you feel is the greatest strength of this program?" or "what is an area of the program that the faculty is currently trying to improve?" or "How would a recent alumni describe the program?" Things like that give you valuable pieces of information that aid in deciding between schools if you have multiple acceptances.
  4. Just looking at your stats, I would say you are in the competitive ballpark for applicants. Your plan to retake those couple of classes is a reasonable one. I would consider trying to take one or two upper division science classes to try and boost that sGPA a little bit. Additionally maybe look at what schools you are applying to, make sure to look at the stats posted for accepted students. You will want to edit and update your essay as well, sending in the same essay as a reapplicant is not a good plan.
  5. The clinical team does allow it. However, this requires a contract negotiation form for that specific provider/site. It is not impossible but does take more leg work on your part.
  6. I'm not saying they won't count. I'm saying that before you commit to a two year program with the goal of getting into PA school, you need to make sure that it is achieving what you set out to do. For example if you are thinking of doing the ST program to improve GPA and HCE hours, and you plan on working as a surgical tech for a couple of years then that is great. If you plan on doing the ST program for two years and immediately applying to PA school then maybe that is not the best decision. You may be better off spending a year working in healthcare and taking classes to bump your
  7. I would be a little careful with programs like that. If your goal is to increase your sGPA you need to make sure that CASPA will count all of that programs classes in you sGPA. Sometimes programs like that and EMT will only count towards your cGPA. Also I may be incorrect on this but isn't Surgical Technician a 1.5-2 year program? It may be more bang for your buck to retake some of the low science grades plus some upper division science credits and just reapply next year.
  8. Hey, The facebook page gets put together by the class ahead of you. Typically once the class has been finalized. Congrats.
  9. The Oct 18th date is the last interview date. My guess would be that the invites already went out for most slots. I know people in my class that got a call to interview a few days before the date though , because people give up their slot etc.
  10. I think this decision all depends on what you want to do. If you want to be a provider eventually or not. PA and NP is vastly different with NP school in general being far less competitive than PA. I know a lot of RNs that are currently in FNP programs and none had issues getting in first go. All that being said you stats are not bad at all. Your hours are on the low side but that would change in a year. If PA is what you want I think giving it a real go for minimum two cycles is worth it. It took me three to land in the right place and the experience I gathered during that time is paying
  11. I have the didactic one, thus far it has been really good and super helpful. I will likely get the PANCE one this year though.
  12. There is no question of the two MA is the better option. The only thing a scribe will get you is being able to write a good note. Which is important but you will become proficient in PA school.
  13. I think the big thing here is your undergrad GPA. Most schools specifically state cumulative GPA for both science and overall. My thoughts would be go back and retake any class you got a C or lower in. You really need to get an A in all those retakes in order to average the GPA for each class at a B. Then I would focus on apply in schools that have a GPA minimum of 2.8, but I would try to aim at getting your GPA's for science and overall up over 3.0. It is a long road but it will be worth it. Good luck!
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