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  1. PA-SGuy

    Derm offer--Advice needed

    Do you have the details about the clinic? Mainly cosmetic? If so, that brings in beaucoup money. I'll echo the above, how much exp do you have in derm?
  2. PA-SGuy

    Has Colorado become more PA friendly than it used to?

    what is the going rate for ER over there?
  3. Did you work at all the first year? How much did you retain from PA school? Specific specialty in mind? How does studying compare vs PA school? Do you attend class? Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or 100 duck sized horses? Thanks
  4. had a 18 year old come in to free clinic on rotations because he had a piece of dry ramen noodle stuck under his nail lol. Had another guy 19 YO male, same clinic, come in because he "couldn't last as long" as he used to. "i've tried smoking weed and drinking to last longer but its not working" i definitely lol'd
  5. lots of "red flags' mentioned above. I've seen much higher offers in chicago-land. Nursing home patients can be complicated and draining....being on call daily would be a drain. Very low salary compounded by the fact that no health insurance is offered. 4-5 year contract is unheard of. I would look elsewhere
  6. Wow, salary seems reallllly low, especially in Socal. No health insurance usually means more money for you in healthcare groups, not sure how that plays out in private practice. Maybe you should ask for RVU production bonus? Ask what you brought in this past year for the practice. Sure there is a learning curve but after a year you will be making that practice beaucoup money and your salary should be more reflective of that.
  7. PA-SGuy

    Class Schedule PA/NP 2018

    You should probably/definetly ask people from your program.....this is a PA forum lol. Class varies so much between programs so we can't give you a solid answer. FWIW: i had class 8-5 M-F
  8. as a current student on rotations, one thing i always asked the first day: "is there anything i should work on or something i should be doing that I did not do today" presentation, soap note style etc. This shows you're interested in learning/improving from day 1 and helps you build your skills.

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