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Does an online degree hinder you make you less competitive for PA school?

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Currently I am living in Germany due to the military and I am going to school in a blended format online and some in class here in Germany but the school i'm enrolled in is mostly an online college. Will PA programs look down on the online degree or will this make me less competitive? Right now I have 10 years HCE, a 3.679 cGPA, a 3.4sGPA, tons of shadowing hours and I could get letters of rec from 2 PA's and a Physician and I plan to volunteer at the Red Cross here is Germany this year as well. Haven't taken the GRE yet but I plan on doing so towards the end of undergrad. I am majoring in Management Studies with a minor in Biology and I am one year away from graduating and I am wondering if I should just wait to complete my degree til I get back to the states and transfer to a traditional college. Any thoughts?

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