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  1. I just read an article on AAPA about PA careers outside of the typical clinic setting and one thing it mentioned that intrigued me was you could work as a wellness director or health coach. I was wondering if a PA in this capacity would be able to own their own Wellness center? Would anyone here happen to know a Health Coach PA or Wellness Director PA so I can ask some questions because google turned up zilch. The article I am referring to is located at this link--> https://www.aapa.org/career-central/practice-resources/outside-the-clinic/
  2. Thank you so much. I'm glad I asked and that I am not being overly paranoid. I never thought to ask a professor so that will be where I look first to have one of my former professors read it.
  3. Im getting ready to take Biology 1010l at UNE on June 7th. Anyone else??
  4. Ok so I am wanting feedback on my personal statement but I literally worked on it for over a year so I was wondering what is to stop someone from copying my statement when I share it? I know I may sound crazy but I am worried that PA schools or CASPA for that matter has a service like turnitin to detect plagiarism and by sharing mine I inadvertently expose myself to that possibility that someone may copy parts of mine and submit it before me (especially since I wont be able to submit it until I finish my prereqs). Anyway looking forward to your feedback on this issue..
  5. I have seen people regularly recommend CNA as a way to get PCE hours but on CASPA in the FAQ it is listed as HCE. Here is the link to that page--> https://portal.caspaonline.org/caspaHelpPages/frequently-asked-questions/additional-information/work-and-volunteer-experience/ just thought this needed to be put out there!
  6. Be careful with CNA and MA because on CASPA it is listed as HCE and not PCE. https://portal.caspaonline.org/caspaHelpPages/frequently-asked-questions/additional-information/work-and-volunteer-experience/
  7. @frenchy and @cop to pa thank you both so much. That was exactly what I wanted to know!
  8. I came across this PA virtual fair coming up in April and was just wondering if anyone ever attended one in the past. Any info on what to expect would be great. The link to the fair is https://www.careereco.com/Fair/EventDetails?fairId=bfc92a00-3ff2-4a3a-bcba-a7000147028b
  9. No I have not been accepted yet to Medex and I am familiar with vocrehab as I have been using it for the past year already. I have already taken all the steps to prove to my VocRehab counselor that Medex will in fact accept UNE for prereqs HOWEVER in order to attend UNE as a non matriculating student they also need this letter from Medex in order to accept Ch31 for the prereqs (which is why my VocRehab Counsleor needs it ). Here is the link to what UNE needs and it is directly from UNE ( http://www.une.edu/sites/default/files/Certifying%20Non-Matriculated%20Students1.pdf ) AND I have forwarded it to everyone I came in contact with at Medex and still have not got the answer that I needed however I know there are students there that use Ch31 to pay for school so it profounds me why I have not received an answer yet.
  10. Hi guys, I am currently using VocRehab to pay for my Undergrad degree and they have agreed to pay for PA school under the condition that I get a letter from Medex stating that they will accept the prereq courses I plan to take through University of New England. I have contacted 5 different people at the University of Washington and I have just been getting bumped around from person to person. First I contacted the Veterans dept there and they referred me to Mrs T (just her last initial) who she then referred me to Mr. F who is the Student Services Manager of the PA program, he then referred me to Mrs K. who is the director of Admissions of the PA Program. She initially replied and told me she needed more information and then after that I sent 2 follow up emails and it has been 2 weeks and I have not recieved a reply from her. Then I contact Mr. F again and he then told me to contact Mrs C. who works in admissions for the PA program. She has not replied in a week. I am asking any current Veteran that is attending Medex either using Chapter 31 or Post 9/11 for help as my VRC is telling me she has to have my updated degree plan turned in soon. Even if you are just a current student if you can please put me in contact with someone, heck anyone that can answer my one question that would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Hi All, I am looking to apply to UW for the PA program and I see that there are a few different campuses to choose from. The 2 that I am looking at are the Tacoma campus and the Seattle Campus. I will be hopefully moving to the area to be at Fort Lewis (JBLM) due to military obligations so I was wondering which campus is better or what are the pros and cons of each. One thing that has me concerned about the Tacoma campus is the 86% PANCE pass rate in 2015 which is well below national average but Seattle has a 98% PANCE pass rate which is well above. One thing that concerns me about the Seattle Campus is traffic. I would be living approximatley in the middle of both campuses in between Kent and Renton so I am trying to figure out which campus would be the better option. Any current students or any locals that can chime in your help would be greatly appreciated!
  12. The stats are readily available through the PAEA website but its for the entire matriculating class at all schools (i.e. not school specific). They just updated their report on the stats for the 2015 matriculating class and you can see that report here :http://paeaonline.org/research/program-report/
  13. Currently I am living in Germany due to the military and I am going to school in a blended format online and some in class here in Germany but the school i'm enrolled in is mostly an online college. Will PA programs look down on the online degree or will this make me less competitive? Right now I have 10 years HCE, a 3.679 cGPA, a 3.4sGPA, tons of shadowing hours and I could get letters of rec from 2 PA's and a Physician and I plan to volunteer at the Red Cross here is Germany this year as well. Haven't taken the GRE yet but I plan on doing so towards the end of undergrad. I am majoring in Management Studies with a minor in Biology and I am one year away from graduating and I am wondering if I should just wait to complete my degree til I get back to the states and transfer to a traditional college. Any thoughts?
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