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Hey guys, 


Thought I would start this thread for students applying to the Case P.A program. I had my application verified on 8/5. Best of luck to all applicants! 




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Hello, my name is Andrew Rodican, PA-C, former admissions committee member at Yale’s PA program, former navy corpsman and air force officer, and author of four best-selling books:


 1) The Ultimate Guide to getting into Physician Assistant School

 2) How to “Ace” the Physician Assistant School Interview

 3) Essays That Will Get You into Physician Assistant School

4) The Ultimate PAth to Success, A Road Map for Physician Assistant School Applicants


 I’d like to let you know that I will personally answer any questions you have about the PA School Application process and provide you with all of the resources you need to be successful. I want to extend an offer to you to feel free to email me directly (andyrodican@gmail.com) with any questions or concerns about the PA school application process. I respond to all emails.


Additionally, visit my website, andrewrodican.com, where I have a great deal of information that will help you along your Path. While on my website, be sure to request my FREE FOCUS PACK, a 100 page workbook that will place you far above the competition.


On my website, go to the drop down menu under the INTERVIEW tab and click on “Perfect Applicant.” You will find a technique to tailor your essay and interview to be the Perfect Applicant. You are going to learn method that will propel you from carbon copy, vanilla applicant, to the Perfect Applicant!


If you email me your top PA program choice, I will send you back a specific example (from that program) of what I mean when I talk about becoming the Perfect Applicant.


Here is an example of a Quality and a Multiplier from Keck’s PA Program:


PA Program Cited For Community Outreach


“Once a month, up to 60 local high school students join volunteers from the Primary Care Physician Assistant (PA) Program at Keck School of Medicine of USC for the Pipeline Program, which teaches these students knowledge and skills that could transform their future careers.


This program was one of the reasons cited by the Physician Assistant Education Association Forum for recognizing the Keck School’s program with the Excellence Through Diversity Award.


The Pipeline Program was established almost four years ago under the guidance of Maria G. Maldonado, MPH, MPAP, PA-C, faculty instructor of clinical medicine and pipeline recruitment director. The program is one of the ways the Keck School reaches out to the community, sparking interest in medical fields among a diverse base of qualified students.”


Answer to an interview question at Keck:


“Why do you want to attend Keck’s PA Program?”


Answer 1:


“I am impressed with Keck’s first-time pass/fail rate on the boards, which averages 96 percent. I am also impressed with the fact that this program has longevity, having started in 1972. I know if I am accepted to this program, I will receive a quality education, and be able to pass the PANCE when I graduate. There is a rich tradition in Community service at Keck, I am enthusiastic about returning to my community after graduation and giving something back.”


This is a “carbon copy” answer that everyone else will use in their interview.


Answer 2:


“I am impressed by the fact that Keck’s PA program ahs been established since 1972 and has a 96% pass/fail rate on the PANCE. I know that I will receive a quality education at this program.

The primary reason I want to attend Keck, is because, as you can see from my CASPA application, I have a strong background working in my community, and working with diverse populations. One thing that attracted me to Keck’s PA program is your Pipeline Program that works monthly with 60 local high school students and PA program volunteers to teach the high school students knowledge and skills that can transform their life.” Many programs mention diversity and community service in their promotional material, but few participate in the community like students in this program.”


The second answer uses the qualities the program values in applicants and its students, and knowing about the Pipeline Program is a multiplier because the program won’t expect you to know about this. The Pipeline program is not on their website.  Using my Tailoring Method, I teach applicants how to find Qualities and Multipliers to become the Perfect Applicant.


Quality: Community Service

Multiplier: Pipeline Program



Best of luck in your quest to become a PA!


Andrew J. Rodican, PA-C








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For those who already interviewed, do you mind sharing about your interview experience? Any tip/ advice will be much appreciated!!! Good luck with your journey!!


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