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  1. excited to meet u all tonight at the meeting i don't really have a facebook anyways lol but my instagram is @sabrinahad_ if anyone is trying to connect! I've already added a few of u guys already!
  2. Put my acceptance and deposit in! Absolutely stoked that I will be studying at Le Moyne. Anyone know if there is a facebook group for accepted students so we can get to know each other?
  3. Yay congrats!! i asked for more info about the "late entry" option, do you know anything about that? what's the benefit?
  4. Thank you!! wow, i actually had no idea about their probation status, thats very concerning I hope other applicants see this
  5. Exactly i 100% agree. The interview just didn't get me excited about this program at all and it was kind of a first glance about what it's going to be like to be 1/97 students here so i just couldn't go through with it a shame bc i really wanted to go somewhere warm lol but i'm thankful I have another acceptance to fall back on.
  6. so I decided to decline my offer. Didn't really like the large class size and just superficial nature of this university. Like how do you accept students you don't take the time to get to know or interview thoroughly? they never got to know me or my goals or my life story... I was just asked robotic questions and am pretty sure I got accepted just bc of my high GPA. Overall didn't feel a connection with this university tbh so that's why i decided to decline.
  7. not sure if they're going to change the format so def prepare for anything but for mine, it was 4 situational questions so just make sure you have stories at the ready. My experience with the interview was just blah. It was literally "tell me abt a time where...." Its up to you to keep the convo going or u will sink lol my interviewer never really added to my statements she just moved onto the next question so it was a bit awkward and i felt at the end that she didn't know anything about me but i still somehow got accepted lol best of luck!
  8. declined my offer of admission, hope this opens up a spot for one of you
  9. Hello everyone, for those who have attended the PA program at Le Moyne or are current students of Le Moyne's PA program - I just wanted to learn your experiences after being part of this program. What do you like the most about the program? What is unique about it if compared to other programs. I would appreciate if anyone would like to share their experiences!
  10. thank you so much for replying! Are you a current/former student? The large class size is definitely a concern for me on top of their most recent PANCE score of 85%. I also didn't think that the IPE was much considering it is now virtual anyways as u stated. Thanks for the input about the rotations this really helps my decision process more than you know!
  11. got a call from the dean congratulating me on my acceptance!!! AHHH so happy :)))
  12. Had my interview back in Nov, haven't heard anything back yet but i guess no news is good news. This is my top choice PA school I'm really hoping to get in UGH the waiting part is excruciating
  13. Is anyone able to speak about what it's like to be a student here or may have personal experience in this program? How is the IPE? I'm considering this school greatly primarily because of the rotations and lecture format.
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