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  1. Thank you! Submitted 5/3, interview 6/11. cGPA 3.62, sGPA 3.53, GRE 317, PCE 1200, HCE 500 I have a lot of volunteer, leadership, and shadowing hours to compensate for the low PCE
  2. I received one on Tuesday for virtual interview!
  3. Wait so do we select “Summer 2021” then? It seems like that one is there for last year’s application.
  4. I am aware. MyPABox indicates there is a supplemental fee for WesternU in Cali. I guess the better question would be whether a supplemental fee exists this year?
  5. Hello! I thought I would get the forum for the SIU application started! Has anyone had trouble filling out the supplemental application? There is no option to choose "Summer 2022".
  6. Does anyone know where to pay the supplemental fee? I can't find any mention of it on their website, but on CASPA, they indicate there is a fee that must be paid in order to be considered complete. Also, they stress on the prerequisite page that only one course can be matched to each prereq. At my school microbiology was separated into two separate courses, the lecture and lab. Can I match both to the prereq?
  7. Hello everyone! Thought I would get this page started so we can help each other out through this process. Good luck!
  8. Hello! Do you by chance still have the supplemental prompts? If so could you please share? I am trying to get as much of the app done as I can before the app formally opens.
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