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  1. The first hour was the program director explaining the history of the program, the staff and their backgrounds/how they came to be a part of the program. She described the program in more detail here. Then there were two 20 minute one on one interviews with faculty. The interviews were more relaxed than others I've had- they have a conversation with you and build off of your answers in a conversational way rather than just asking the next question immediately after you finish. Good luck!!
  2. I just got an acceptance offer today!! Will definitely be accepting ODU, I'm so excited to meet everyone! Interviewed November 3rd CASPA submitted July 1
  3. I was told the minimum number of days you'd have to be on campus is 3. It's hybrid for the spring, in person labs but mostly online lectures.
  4. I interviewed on 10/9, got waitlisted, and I received a call last week offering a spot in the program! Don't worry too much, it sounds like they're just waiting on people to respond to the acceptances before they pull more from the waitlist.
  5. I received an interview for 9/18, here are my stats for anyone curious: GPA: 3.73 Science GPA: 3.54 GRE: Verbal- 158, Quantitative- 154, Writing: 4.5 Direct Patient Care: Between 500 ish at time of submission 4 letters of recommendation I had a PA review my personal statement before submission Good luck to everyone!
  6. Thank you! Could you link it here? I had trouble finding it before.
  7. Starting a thread for this cycle. I received a confirmation email saying they have my application, just waiting now. Good luck everyone!
  8. I got a confirmation that OU received my application. Just waiting now
  9. Anyone been to an interview yet and asked about how classes will go in January? Online, in person, or mixed? Any info on how they're handling the pandemic would be helpful!
  10. I have an interview on August 6-7 that I received on July 24th. CASPA was submitted June 30th for reference. Best of luck everyone!
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