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Found 14 results

  1. Hello everyone! Thought I would get this page started so we can help each other out through this process. Good luck!
  2. Is anyone able to speak about what it's like to be a student here or may have personal experience in this program? How is the IPE? I'm considering this school greatly primarily because of the rotations and lecture format.
  3. Hi everyone! I feel extremely fortunate to have been accepted at both LLU and Western for fall of 2020. I am now trying to decide which program I should attend. Anyone have any advice or input into which program is overall the better one? Does the PA school one goes to have any weight on job prospects after graduation? I know that US news ranks Western higher than LLU.. but I'm unsure of how relevant that ranking actually is. I have about 4 years of experience in healthcare and i like the fact that it seems LLU takes on more mature students with paid work experience vs Western.
  4. I am an international student trying to complete all the pre-requisites for Masters in PA at Western University of Health Sciences, CA. Wondering what is the acceptance rate for Masters in PA at Western University. Any help appreciated.
  5. I am an international student trying to complete all the pre-requisites for Masters in PA at Western University of Health Sciences, CA. Wondering what is the acceptance rate for Masters in PA at Western University. Any help appreciated.
  6. Hi everyone, I know this is a sensitive topic but I need sincere input to see whether anyone has actually declined USC admission for other local schools such as Western University or Loma Linda. I have read many posts about choosing the cheapest schools but living in such a competitive job market like Orange County, I feel like USC name can help us finding a better job, is it true? I know USC has the best PA program in Southern CA but its tuition is almost double that of other schools and is 6-9 months longer. Since I am married with one kid and paying mortgage, my future disposable incom
  7. Hey guys, Thought I would start this thread for students applying to the Case P.A program. I had my application verified on 8/5. Best of luck to all applicants! -Jon
  8. I am selling the following books as a bundle package- The were many of the texts used at Western University of Health Science during my didactic year (2015). $450 approx value per a cumulative total taken from the lower end prices on Amazon. I’m selling all of them for $400. Some have some highlights and wear. My assumption is that a good number of these books will still be used as the professors don’t change text often and the difference between editions is minor. Even so, if a book or two gets dropped from the syllabus its still a great deal. You can contact me via my email at jasonl
  9. Hi :) I am currently studying to apply to Western University's PA program. I am going to transfer to CSUN in Fall to get my bachelors degree is Sociology and I am also taking the classes required to apply to the PA program. I am also shadowing 2 PA's in different fields to gain experience. I need advice about what more I can do to make my application competitive?? What extra classes or programs can I join? Is shadowing enough? I will greatly appreciate your responses :)
  10. My third reference finally submitted my third letter. I know that my letter will be available to programs now, but I'm not sure how they will know its been updated. Does anyone know if they get a specific notification that they now have access to it or do I have to personally let programs know. Thanks!
  11. Greetings, I am currently a Speech Therapist and have been practicing for a short bit and was curious about the pre reqs. I have the A&P component met with a decent grade. I would take Pharma sometime before applying. I have taken a few undergrad science courses, along with a few major related science courses during my graduate studies and my GPA is pretty good, but I was wondering what it really takes to get accepted? Any and all comments are appreciated. I feel I have demonstrated I am capable of handling upper level classes, even though my transcripts are not loaded wi
  12. I didn't get into my school of choice this cycle. I plan on broadening my search for a future PA school this cycle and would love a critique of my personal statement! One change I have considered is to address my weaknesses as an applicant, or at least what I percieve them to be. My GPA is 3.3 and I am considering discussing that as I "re-vamp" my personal statemet. Any feedback will greatly be appreciated! Thanks in advance! 2012 PS: While I have long maintained a desire to help people in need and learn about medicine, my path to the PA field has admittedly not been a direct
  13. Hi everyone :) I am 19 years old and I am interested in applying to Western University's PA program. I will hopefully be transferring to CSUN to get my Bachelors in Sociology this Fall. I have taken the required classes to apply to the PA program at the same time as my prereqs for transferring. I am currently shadowing a PA and will be starting to shadow a second PA with a different specialty. My question is, what else can I do to make my application stand out? I will appreciate your responses.
  14. This is my first time applying to Western for their PA program to which I currently have Overall: 3.1 Science: 2.93 Pre-requisite: 3.53 Community Service: 2,838 hours (From 2001-2011) I am currently re-taking Microbiology (received a C at my University for the first time) at a J.C. which ends in 2 weeks and I will be finishing out with an A which would bring my Pre-req GPA to a 3.73 yet I'm not sure how it would affect my overall and science GPA's. I obviously need to work on my science GPA but is there anything else I can do to become a stronger, serious candidate? I have faith I can
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