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  1. Finally got an interview invite! :) I'll be there February 7th since that was the earliest date available
  2. I applied to the Miami campus in mid July and haven't heard anything since, so I've lost hope with this one :/
  3. Still have not heard back regarding a decision after my interview on September 22nd. Hope that isn't bad news for me :/
  4. Was there an essay portion as part of the interview?
  5. Yeah I agree :( I'm sure it is a safeguard as a developing program to create a huge waitlist, but I definitely lost a little hope after hearing that.
  6. I'm on the waitlist as well. I know we couldn't ask about our status but I did call some time ago just to see how they were doing things with the waitlist and they said everyone that interviewed that wasn't accepted is on the waitlist. So it sounds like it could be pretty long :/
  7. Can't believe I didn't find this thread earlier! I'll be there on December 9th for my interview!
  8. I couldn't find a recent thread so I figured I'd start a new one! Just got the call today for an interview invite!
  9. No it was after. I got the verification email a while back since I applied kind of early.
  10. I got an email today saying that they filled their class. So basically a rejection...
  11. Guess this isn't a bad time for me to say I was very unimpressed with the program. One of the interviewers even came across as extremely condescending during my individual interview. Maybe they'll be successful in the future,but it was evident now wasn't the time.
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