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I did my genetics course at University of Phoenix online.. 3 units, no lab, Cost me $1200 and was 6 weeks long.. I got my grade and moved on.. It was accepted at every school I applied to including Western University where it's a prerequisite at.. Best thing to do is call and ask at the schools you're interested in applying to.

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Just because the course and lab are separate credits/grades doesn't necessarily mean you can take one without the other.  I had many courses like this in undergrad, it's just how the system was set up, and you were required to take the lab with the lecture.  The only exception was if you needed to retake one part, then you could petition to just take lecture or just take lab.


Check with your school/course.  You may be worrying for nothing and have to take both anyway.


If you have a choice, just take the lab.  Better safe than sorry in the long run.  Labs are usually the easier part of a course and make for a nice grade fluff.

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Guest hcruz496

I wish I could've skipped genetics lab.  It was not a prerequisite for my program, but a requirement for my biology degree.  Breeding fruit flies and isolating isolating females while they were still virgins was extremely time consuming.  Plus it was group work and sucked because my group didn't pull their weight.  

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16 minutes ago, Shriyac28 said:

Did you require a prerequisite to take this course?

This thread is years old and Timon has not logged in for 6 months. Unless he/she is lurking with another account, don't keep your hopes too high for a quick response lol Maybe someone else will have your answer. So bumping it may still work out.

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