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  1. I applied in June and it took exactly 8 weeks. How did you get your job and what metro area is it? I've been looking within an hour or so from Seattle and haven't had any luck as a new grad in this area. Any advice?
  2. May is still early! Don't worry about it. I know exactly how you feel about late LoR though. It's annoying that it's out of your hands. I hope he can get it submitted soon for you. Good luck.
  3. I would feel awkward too. Are you sure you are set on PA this time?
  4. My first time applying, I had letters from a professor, a PA I shadowed, a volunteering supervisor (hospital volunteering, though my supervisor was not quite in a clinical role), and the instructor for my CNA class (she was an LVN). My second time applying, I had letters from the same professor (I believe she updated the letter with what I had been doing), the same PA I shadowed (not sure if she used the same letter or an updated one), my charge nurse supervisor from my CNA job (I dropped the CNA class instructor letter in favor of this one). So you can pretty much keep the same people
  5. I'd apply earlier. Really in the grand scheme of things, any May application is still early so they should both be fine. But you can always add experiences after you submit. So if I were you, I'd submit early and then once my transcript is verified, I'd add the volunteering hours.
  6. That is insane. Do NOT pay them to shadow! Shame on them for charging at all and especially that much. It seems like you have plenty of shadowing already. I would focus on another aspect of your application if I were you.
  7. Why not both? Many programs require a letter from a PA so that would fulfill that requirement. Obviously you will also want a letter from the one who knows you well.
  8. Most people become either CNAs or EMTs. Both are just a 1 semester course to become certified. Some places will take you on as a CNA or MA (medical assistant) without being certified, so you can look for that too. Check craigslist.
  9. I got denied by USC (pre-interview) and even I still got that email! Don't read into it TOO much however, I would recommend that you go ahead and fill out your FAFSA anyway and include those two schools.
  10. Their website says they interview until May. Anyone know if that's still true for this cycle? I submitted my secondary in July and still haven't heard anything.
  11. Another vote here for applying in the 2018 - 2019 cycle. I am a huge proponent of applying EARLY and by that I mean April, May, or June. If you have money to burn and letters of rec ready, you can apply this upcoming 2017 - 2018 cycle but it will not be your strongest application. One year of PCH and an early application will help tremendously. With such low PCH, I would even apply to more schools than you have listed and "lesser known" schools like some of the many private PA schools. I worked as a CNA and yes, it was rough both physically and mentally but I sucked it up for a year and it
  12. I only studied for about 2 weeks for it and was happy with my score. I used a Princeton Review book. However, Magoosh is a very popular company for GRE prep so I recommend checking them out at least. I don't think you need 6 months to study for it!
  13. It's definitely the only program I've heard of that does that. I guess it's a little better that you get it back if you are not offered a seat. Does anyone know if the class is full yet? I'm wondering if the future interviews are just for waitlist seats or not. I know some schools waitlist people even if the class isn't full yet so I'm wondering what Dominican does. Thanks.
  14. Do you get that money back if you don't get off the waitlist? Because if not, that is absolutely ridiculous.
  15. So that means the class is full, right? Are future interviews just for the waitlist now?
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