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  1. The obstacles you're facing with the GRE is a taste of the things you'll be dealing with in some of the subjects during PA school, over and over again. Because the material pertains to a career that you are "passionate" about will not make it easier to learn (i.e. Pharmacology). You're going to be learning about a 100 medications for each exam when you're only going to be using 10 of them. It sucks. The GRE is just a very tiny hurdle in this whole crazy process. What I have been hearing though, is that eventually the GRE will be replaced with a more science-based exam like the MCAT but for PA schools. It's only what I've heard so far from some of the faculty. I wish you luck.
  2. Some applicants do get a very early interview notice each year. I got mine about this time as well a couple of years ago. Congrats!
  3. Does your program not offer a trauma surgery elective rotation?
  4. It all depends on your study style. I am a paper-holding-note writing/highlighting-person, so I have an accordion folder with a slot for each class. Others do 100% typed word docs on the laptop and type everything verbatim during lecture. Others use the ipad and write in electronic notes. This is something you will figure out during your first semester.
  5. I can tell you, you definitely won't get in to PA school....if you don't apply.
  6. You should be okay, there are a good amount of people in my class who submitted around that time and I believe the deadline is December 1 for our program.
  7. I don't know the exact reason but at most might be to get an idea of what programs you're interested in, or if you are just applying to any random program. Will that question hurt your chances of an interview invite? Not at all. Just a heads up some programs will ask you this question during the interview without any warning.
  8. Could not tell you why but it's been like that for years including when I applied. This is why I say to copy your responses to a word doc and save them in case you are applying to other Nova programs or if you have to reapply the following year.
  9. Only way to know is to ask Judy Dickman. She is pretty much the gatekeeper to interview invites and she will be blunt if necessary.
  10. If you know the only reason you did not get in was the GRE, what did you do to improve that? Did you?
  11. Here is what I changed the second time: I changed and improved a lot including my personal statement. If you have changed enough over the year your personal statement from before should have some changes. If it doesn't need editing then I'd be a little worried. - Personal statement completely different from prior year, highlighted on the new things I did over the year - More volunteering with more pertinent experience at a free clinic - Started a business - Used the same LOR writers but they also changed, beefed up their letters, (your LOR writers should feel like they've invested in you and need to see you succeed) - More leadership-type role at work and took on some big projects at work as well - Applied earlier, that means getting on top of your LOR writers sooner before the cycle - it's the biggest time delay for A LOT of applicants - sold myself more without sounding cocky, focus on your positives - took a class each semester to boost up my GPA but also opened me up to more schools with tougher pre-req requirements at the time
  12. Haha what in the!?
  13. Same thing with me I failed orgo 1 the first time I took it. I think when I applied the 1st time I had a 3.16 science GPA. I took a couple of orgo labs in between cycles, got A's and my GPA went to a 3.21. Good luck and hang in there.
  14. What was your score for verbal? If that is higher you might be okay. You can always email Judy Dickman, she will be straightforward with you. I had to really beef up the rest of my app as well my 2nd time applying. If it's a program you really want to attend, I would apply. Judy Dickman told me the first time my GPA was too low, at that time it was 3.1, so I took a few post-bacc science classes, got it a tad over 3.2 plus doing extra things to add to my app and was granted an interview.
  15. I was accepted with a 3.2 GPA for both cumulative and science. When I applied their website only stated GRE percentiles, but if their website is now saying 3.4 Science than there's probably some truth to that requirement. The GRE yes! I would seriously try to shoot for at least 150 in each category. I personally had a 151 math and 158 verbal with a 4.0 writing. I had a good friend apply with a 3.8 GPA and 297 GRE and denied an interview. They wanted him to retake the GRE and would have given him an interview, but he refused.
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