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  1. Horrible. I know new grads in Ortho surgery making more in South FL.
  2. You only need two textbooks for NOVA FTL, otherwise it's just powerpoints and notes that upperclassmen will pass down.
  3. Absolutely nothing. You're wasting your leisure time while you still have it. It will not make PA school a breeze nor will it make or breaking failing or passing exams.
  4. I have the BP cuffs kit asking $60 shipped. No peds cuff, but comes with adult and oversized adult. PM me i can send pics.
  5. Been there done that. 2 cycles until my acceptance. 1st cycle applied to 12 schools with no response. Now 6 weeks in as a neurosurgery PA. Keep going and keep improving your stats/resume.
  6. Some people in my cohort had jobs months before our graduation date. Our graduation was in August, and some people started applying in January. It's possible, but the doors will open up more when you have passed boards and have the state license already.
  7. No need to study. Studying now will not make or break you passing and it won't make PA school a breeze.
  8. I applied to residencies 6-7 months before graduating. After not getting any of those, I applied to jobs 2-3 months before graduating. Ended up getting a job within a few weeks of graduating.
  9. Biochem is a pre-req at a few school while cancer biology isnt. I will say I learned a ton in cancer biology and it was very interesting and enjoyed it.
  10. Just had something similar happen. Thankfully I didn't sign my lease until I had gotten my offer letter but ended up having to postpone my start date and move-in by two weeks. I was in the same boat thinking that possibly my position had disappeared and would have to resume the job search.
  11. A program that can consistently get mid to high 90's. At the end of the day though, the student needs to put in the work to make sure they pass the PANCE.
  12. It happens to most everyone in PA school. I failed my first exam on the day of the white coat ceremony and felt like I did not deserve my white coat. Gotta learn this is a marathon and not a sprint and one failed exam is not the end of the world. Go back to the drawing board and figure out why you failed. Did you not know the material well enough? Did you change your usual method of studying?
  13. Did a few post-baccs at local CC starting with a 3.12 sci GPA, raised it to a 3.2 getting A's in a few classes mainly labs. Got accepted in the middle of the semester. No one questions your CC credits.
  14. If you're looking at doing an EM residency the bigger factor benefiting your chances for that will be doing extra ER rotations as not only your core but elective rotations too. Also, having EMT experience, as well extracurricular activities during PA school will help greatly such as joining the emergency medicine club or anything that involves emergency medicine or high acuity case learning. if there isn't an emergency med club, start one, I am sure someone on your faculty did EM and perhaps they can help. The school name does not matter. Extracurricular activities, proof that there's a
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