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  1. Just had something similar happen. Thankfully I didn't sign my lease until I had gotten my offer letter but ended up having to postpone my start date and move-in by two weeks. I was in the same boat thinking that possibly my position had disappeared and would have to resume the job search.
  2. A program that can consistently get mid to high 90's. At the end of the day though, the student needs to put in the work to make sure they pass the PANCE.
  3. Youtube it! I was able to an install an SSD HD into my iMac thanks to youtube.
  4. It happens to most everyone in PA school. I failed my first exam on the day of the white coat ceremony and felt like I did not deserve my white coat. Gotta learn this is a marathon and not a sprint and one failed exam is not the end of the world. Go back to the drawing board and figure out why you failed. Did you not know the material well enough? Did you change your usual method of studying?
  5. Did a few post-baccs at local CC starting with a 3.12 sci GPA, raised it to a 3.2 getting A's in a few classes mainly labs. Got accepted in the middle of the semester. No one questions your CC credits.
  6. If you're looking at doing an EM residency the bigger factor benefiting your chances for that will be doing extra ER rotations as not only your core but elective rotations too. Also, having EMT experience, as well extracurricular activities during PA school will help greatly such as joining the emergency medicine club or anything that involves emergency medicine or high acuity case learning. if there isn't an emergency med club, start one, I am sure someone on your faculty did EM and perhaps they can help. The school name does not matter. Extracurricular activities, proof that there's a high interest in EM, Letter of rec from your EM preceptors, plus good grades will get you those interviews.
  7. I will say it was between cardio and neuro for me, especially since they're the two toughest systems in my opinion in PA school. Now I am a little biased and leaning more towards neuro since I will be working soon in Neurosurgery as my first job.
  8. I know a couple of people who did the TeamHealth residency in another city. I will say it sounds like to me it is cheap ER PA labor. On top of it, funding is not there for these residencies due to covid. So I will be surprised if any of the TeamHealth residencies will even available this coming year. I do know that a couple of the locations, especially at Orlando, the program has been terminated. Lastly, I personally know someone who is finishing the residency this month and had to find a job in a different specialty because he will not be kept on as an employee due to lack of funding.
  9. I always did donuts from the local mom and pop bakery. That way, my preceptor and the rest of the staff could enjoy them.
  10. Best advice is to constantly look at the available dates and see if someone drops a sooner date. Unfortunately, even being slow in the first email for available dates will have you interviewing much later. The good time slots go very very quick.
  11. I only used ROSH and Pance pearls. I used Uworld when I finished all of the ROSH PANCE questions, but the Uworld subscription was paid for by our program, and I did maybe 100 questions. I took the NCCPA practice Exam A and scored in the lower green area as did all of my study buddies. It confirmed the areas I knew I was lacking in which were Cardio and Pulm, as well as gave me a taste of what their questions are worded like. Another thing, Exam A is tougher than Exam B.
  12. I enjoyed ROSH more especially in the explanations when you get a question wrong, with ROSH there are pictures/color-coded charts in some of the explanations while UWORLD is pretty much only words. You'll be fine with both, but I used ROSH more often and pance pearls and passed no problem. Plus, ROSH gives you a predictor score for PANCE which is pretty damn close.
  13. It's mostly going to be getting to know you questions. Relax as much as possible, and be yourself. Good luck.
  14. 1.) I had to commute 40-60mins depending on traffic for didactic year. I did not mind it at all. I would put on Joe Rogan podcast and enjoy the ride. I did not do any medical podcasts because I've been listening to lectures all day and I also planned on studying later at home. On some days where I really needed to study for a pharm exam, I would stay on campus and study and drive home later at night. 2.) I usually would get comfortable at about week 2-3 depending on the rotation, but our rotations were 5-6 weeks. 4 weeks can go by pretty quickly. At the same time our second half of our clinical year involved 3-4 week rotations due to Covid and did okay. 3.) Getting done quickly is nice. Gets you out looking for a job quicker but the downside to that it is a busier schedule compared to something spread over 28 months, but a lot of students have done it successfully already. In the end, whatever your choose you will figure out what you need to do and adapt. I had other students doing longer commutes than mine and they succeeded. I also had a close friend at another program who had to commute by train for 2hrs each way and made sure to study while on the train.
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