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  1. I believe it is a 2-yr max with a temp license at the VA.
  2. Yes especially the didactic year. For me PA school made my undergrad experience look like Kindergarten. It's intense but doable if you have your priorities in line.
  3. If you receive an interview invite there will be an email in early-August where you will choose interview dates and its first come first chosen. So when that email goes out, drop everything and choose an early date.
  4. Latest they usually interview will be some time in February. Last year's class was pretty much chosen by the end of January.
  5. You don't need to have a 3.8 GPA to get the interviews, mine was a 3.24 gpa at time of applying to residencies and have gotten multiple interviews. Make sure you have good letters of rec from your faculty and whoever has worked with you. A good personal statement, as well as a CV/Resume. A heads up though, residencies are getting more and more competitive and increasingly popular. You will have tons of people apply, then you will have a good 10-12 people interviewing for 1-2 spots. I volunteered to be a t-shirt chair and had to handle designs, purchasing, logistics, selling, money, etc. but it was doable. As far as being class president or VP, now that can be time consuming but those in my class who are were still able to maintain very good grades.
  6. Curious were you taking any days off during the week from studying consistently? I made it a point to take Fridays off from any studying during didactic year. I didn't get all A's but managed mostly A's and B's with a C sprinkled here and there due to pharmacology, but at the same time felt mostly sane the whole way, not to say there weren't days where you just want to throw your notes up into the air and say F-it! It sounds like you have to stop worrying about being top of the class, and worry more about just passing and takinf advantage of whatever free time you have to break away from the monotony of going to class all day, going home, studying, and do it all over again. And as stated speak to a professional, hopefully your program has someone you can talk to or recommend someone.
  7. I used it as well and was very pleased. They were quick with mine and were able to get my personal statement flowing a little better as well as trimming unnecessary info as well as fitting in vital info from my experiences. That same cycle, my 2nd, I got accepted, so I am sure it helped kick my application up a notch. PS- I am a horrible writer, so that was the main reason I used the service after writing my PS.
  8. Also, you may want to create a separate word doc to copy and paste your responses. This will help if you applied to the other Nova campuses and if you have to re-apply the following year.
  9. Whatever field you worked in prior will help you a little bit when that section comes up in learning. It's not going to make PA school a breeze overall, you still have 5-7 other classes to juggle at the same time.
  10. Im interviewing for a residency that is supposed to begin in January and I graduate in mid-August. If accepted I plan to work at a bike shop for 2.5 - 3 months while studying and save up a bit of cash in the meantime.
  11. I've always heard good things personally that it is a cushy and rewarding job. I just applied to a VA PA residency, the benefits and stipend were very appealing, and many of my professors have recommended getting into the VA system if you have the chance.
  12. Supplementals will go out around the same time to all applicants, usually beginning of June. Then, those who get interviews will get an email and link usually around August with an online calendar system for dates and times that you reserve and will be first come first served, so when that email comes go onto the online system ASAP so you can get an early interview date. Time/Date slots will go fast that literally a couple hours after that email goes out the earliest interview will be in January, SO ACT FAST! There are a few people that may get early interview invites before August, but for most everyone else with an invite will be notified usually sometime in August. But the online reservation system opens at the same time for all regardless of when they got an interview invite.
  13. The incoming class will be fully online in the summer for didactic. Downside is that cadaver labs are in the summer which was the highlight of my first semester. The school sent a campus wide announcement they will be back to regular classes in Fall. A few classmates were discussing how awkward it will be for this incoming class to finally see each other in person the start of the second semester when the more difficult classes begin and rushing to establish cliques and study groups, should be interesting. As for rotations, half of our class is back on rotations especially for those having to complete cores. Those on electives are still at home doing online assignments.
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