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  1. JD2012

    Didactic year

    Our previous classes have made packets that follow along with the powerpoints. I am more of a packet person so I have used those instead. Hopefully your programs PA student council will pass these on to your class when it's time. The great thing about these packets is that a 100 slide lecture turns into a 6-7 page packet. Either way it is doable! As UGoLong said there have 100,000 other people who have gone through the process.
  2. JD2012

    Student case

    Follow-up questions:- What is the other thing, besides sepsis, I am worried about for this foot? How do I check for it?- Tachycardia and arrhythmia? What do I do about that in an outpatient setting?- Consult your guides! I can (and did) start aggressive outpatient (PO/IM) antibiotics while awaiting further workup. What do you think I SHOULD have started?- Aside from the wound cultures, what bloodwork would you order and why?- What other interventions or investigations, not mentioned here or in previous comments, would you start? My brain is fried at the moment, just finished number 6 of 7 final exam in the past week and today was pharmacology. Check venous flow via doppler? Her leg/foot looks plump/edematous. But I would be suspicious of venous or lymphatic flow. If she isnt hypotensive perhaps a CCB for the arrhythmia. I am lost for the moment on the other things but due to being mentally drained for now.
  3. Just wait until you start to find out what you really need to purchase. My program paired us with mentors, students from the previous year. We were told only to buy two books, everything else is online through our online library. You will only need the basics, pen, papers, 2 pallets full of hi-liters, and dedication. I have been fine without PANCE pearls, sketchymed, or anything else. Just good ol' fashioned studying has worked. Of course everyone is different but don't rush yet. Focus on enjoying your free time while you have it. in other words buy some plane tickets and take as many vacations as you can until May.
  4. JD2012

    Student case

    Hmmm. Compliance with taking insulin? For PE, perhaps pin prick and check for neuropathy, especially if the patient isn't reacting to that kind of wound. Palpate? Looking like possible stasis/cellulitis also. ABX check for PCN allergies, if so, either Macrolides or Bactrim. Leaning towards PO(systemic). Back to studying for me!
  5. JD2012

    Student case

    PS- hoping that doesnt scare you and somewhat on the right track.
  6. JD2012

    Student case

    It's finals week! Give us some time. History and physical! See what the patient is feeling, what made them finally come in etc. Diabetes? Would draw labs for sure CBC etc.. As for treating that, my guess would be clean it up and cover. Possible ABX due to infxn? Sounding like diabetic ulcer to me though and going to need more attention than just this visit. That's all I've got. Oh and a can of febreeze.
  7. Invites will be sent to accepted students only.
  8. Overall I enjoy the sciences, but there are some classes I just really really hate as a PA student, for example pharmacology. It makes me wonder why anyone would want to be a pharmacist, no idea why!!!! SERIOUSLY! WHY? At the end of the day though, I look at the whole picture; at how much I have learned. It feels very rewarding especially when I compare what I know now to how little I knew before PA school, what a HUGE difference. As well as being able to comprehend the information and putting it all together.
  9. I am going to agree on good lighting and chair. At the end of the day my lower back is slightly stiff and my dining room light isnt the brightest. If you have to invest in a Herman Miller office chair by all means!
  10. Yes there are still interviews even into January/February so don't lose hope. Class size is typically 75-76.
  11. JD2012

    Online Pharmacology Course

    Yep! 2nd semester student here. Enjoy your time off with family and friends. Take a trip or two or three. Whatever you can fit in. Don't pick up a book, you will learn everything as a PA student. There will be plenty of reading, I promise. We just completed our last of the Cardiology block exams and have not been able to see my parents in the past two weeks and a half, and they live 3 miles away.
  12. Shouldn't be a problem. Took some pre-reqs and post-bacc at the local CC and not one peep even at a big name school.
  13. JD2012


    Agreed. I have yet to hear anyone say the same in my class.
  14. I only had to purchase two books, anatomy and physicial diagnosis (which is used all of didactic year). I purchased the medical equipment, but if you are patient you can find it for cheaper and Welch Allyn is pretty good about warrantying even used stuff, this may be dependent on the rep in the area but ours said it was okay. Personally, I have about 6-7 different colors for pens and stock up on highlighters! Earplugs, never a shortage of loud people in a library. Most of our material is from PPTs and the notes/outlines that has accumulated from our previous graduating classes. Our program also gives us $150 towards printing each fiscal year. Your first semester will be the most expensive as far as supplies go. So far, thankfully, I have been doing well without the need for Pearl books, or sketchy med, etc.. LAST BUT NOT LEAST! An accordion envelope to separate notes from each class, then when I am finished with the exam for each I transfer those notes to another accordion file that holds what I don't need anymore and each file is for a different semester. Good way to keep things organized. The one in my backpack only holds the upcoming exam's notes/handouts.
  15. JD2012


    As a PA student who majored in Biology, your classes in PA school will make you wish you were still in undergrad. Science classes in PA school are much more detailed and in depth than undergrad. You need to figure out why it is youre not excelling in the sciences especially if it is something you can change such as discipline, study habits, etc.. A few C's here and there are okay, but ALL C's will be unacceptable to an ADCOM.

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