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  1. US News ranking isnt really the best gauge of the quality of a program, especially when you read the methodology behind the rankings. PANCE scores aren't even taken into account.
  2. I would ask what the charge goes towards. Sounds weird to me though, and thankfully I never encountered that when shadowing. 1st time ever hearing about this.
  3. Business casual or scrubs at our program. Everyone wears scrubs except once in a while to switch it up.
  4. I am also interested would like to hear some feedback. I heard of someone from my program that just graduated got in to Cornell's residency. My GPA is good for all others, but I need to bring it up for Cornell.
  5. Definitely speak to one of the faculty that may be Psych-oriented, we have one on faculty. Also, talk to your faculty advisor if you were assigned one. I am sure at least one other person has already visited them. I am 3 semesters in and still feel the same way as far as upcoming exams, is this the one I fail?? But so far so good, even though I have failed maybe 2 exams, not horribly but by a question or two. Since day one though, I've had the fear of failing out, but at the same time it is okay. It means you really want it. As for classmates, I promise everyone is feeling the same way. First month is kind of rocky. I've seen people switch cliques throughout the semesters, you will eventually find your group. Thankfully, our group clicked within a month, now they're drinking buddies and share dirty jokes all the time.We even started off studying with other groups and kind of branched off on our own and realized we mesh better just the 4 of us. Our class has a facebook group so eventually people will open up about their anxieties on there and you will realize everyone is pretty much feeling the same way all the time. If you don't have one yet, I suggest one for your class. People will also upload their notes. One thing about our program was that they made it clear that the whole cut throat competitiveness ended in undergrad and our time during PA school is to help each other out when in need. PA school is HUUUUUGE rollercoaster. Plenty of ups and more than its share of downs. Besides the test anxiety, I think the worst thing has been sitting in a chair all day every day while in class or studying, over and over and over. Repeat and rinse. Literally show up to class at 7:30am, end class at 5pm and drive home knowing you have to put in studying time until at least 10pm on some days. Hang in there. It goes by VERY quickly too.
  6. Currently 3rd semester and hating life right now. Had two exams this past week. An upcoming Insane Pharm exam this Monday on ABX, antivirals, anti-you name it. Then on Thursday have a clinical lab exam and on Friday a Clin Med exam. And the Monday right after an OSCE. This is definitely the biggest hump of the semester but still some busy exam weeks throughout the semester. Our program is 4 semesters of didactic but the upcoming summer semester we will go from 31 credit hours to 15. Summer is more hands on learning like suturing, it's everyone's favorite semester. Just have to hang in there until May 10th! But will say the one class I really really hate is Pharm. Not my style of learning. With clin med I can at least look at the answers and figure it out based on how the body works. Pharm- pure recall. Either way I have to constantly remind myself I worked hard to get to where I am and that there have been 100,000 others who have gotten through it. PS- I have the same fears! It's not a bad thing. It just means you really want it.
  7. The application pool only gets more competitive each cycle, and on top of it schools can change their pre-reqs randomly requiring more which happens all the time. The program I attend just did for this past cycle. Good luck!
  8. Normal for first time in the OR. I had the same thing first time shadowing in the OR but went away after about 20-30 mins. I think it was from being so excited seeing it the first and it felt like a rush sort of. Also, in my first semester and first day in the cadaver lab the same thing happened. It was quite a rush seeing dead bodies for the first time. Either way, subsequently felt like just any another day after that.
  9. You really only need something that allows you to download PPT's, watch video lectures. There are even students in my class without laptops and solely use iPads/Tablets.
  10. Doesnt necessarily have to be just medical mission trips. Have you ever donated toys, clothes, food drives? Just doing that, and hopefully on a consistent basis is one way to demonstrate a want to help the underserved. May not be medically but that desire is there. In the end though, if it isn't in your plan to provide some healthcare for the underserved then I would look elsewhere.
  11. Current student: I am in the camp that you should not study at all but rather enjoy time with friends/family, and travel as much as you can. If you have to pick up a book make sure its non-fiction/recreational reading. You will figure it out as you go along. It was 3 years between graduating and starting PA school, and was able to get back into the swing of things quickly.
  12. If my dumbass can do it anyone can. It's one of those classes that made me realize it is doable as long as you put the time into it, which is what PA school is all about- putting that time in, but a lot more of it. I ended up with a B+ and B in lecture at the university, and did the lab portions at the local CC and got A's even 2-3yrs after taking the lecture components.
  13. I remember when I interviewed at UF they mentioned something about it on their campus and if you wanted to volunteer on their mobile clinic you had to be a certified interpreter.. I am not much of help, but I plan to do this after PA school since I did some interpreting at the local free clinic for migrant workers and I would like to get some of the medical terminology down. Any reason why you'd want to do this before PA school?
  14. I also recommend taking the train if there is one available. You can at least study while on the train and make use of those 2hrs each day. I have a good friend attending another program that is a good 60 mins each way that takes the train. Also, I know plenty of classmates who had the hour commute, end up getting an apartment near campus. One other thing is, some people are shocked I commute 35 mins to school, but 35 mins each way isn't that bad at all. Maybe give it a shot the first semester. Hopefully your first semester is the lightest one as it was with our program. People were able to test the waters with their commutes and of course study habits.
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