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  1. I would not worry if your interview is in November. There will definitely be acceptances available even until February. The same goes if you're waitlisted.
  2. 35yo and 2nd year student here. One of my friends was accepted at the age of 38. One of my classmates are in their 50's and another is a mother of 2 in her mid 40's. If you are dedicated you can improve a ton in the next 3 years. One thing this whole journey has taught me so far is that there isn't just one way to do this.
  3. Pretty much. It is definitely one of the more time consuming supplementals.
  4. All you need is Magoosh and ETS GRE book which is written by the company that writes the GRE. Magoosh will teach you everything, I had to relearn the math, and the tips for the reading/comprehension was a huge help. I borrowed a buddy's Kaplan book and had I only used that I would have seriously done horribly. I really did not think Kaplan was any help at all, a better use would have been for toilet paper to be honest. I only had to take the GRE once got a 309 and 4.0
  5. I have two weeks left of didactic and this is what helped me. My style of studying is repetition. Read, rinse, repeat. I usually was one to put in more time than my fellow study group to get the material, so I feel your pain a bit. I would read chapters or packets/handouts 3-4x depending on the amount of time until the exam. 1st time reading through I am just getting a lay of the land. 2nd time - I am getting the big picture with some details thrown in. 3rd time- starting to get more detailed and so on Get the big picture first and then work on some of the details each subsequent times you read the same material. Some classmates swore by sketchy med, if you're a visual learner.
  6. Congrats! That's great to hear. Be yourself, don't sound like a robot or rehearsed. Take your time answering questions. Process it, think it through and then answer. Don't rush to answer questions as quickly as possible. The interview isn't bad at all, I promise. Your stats/application already got them hooked. The interview is to make sure you're not a serial killer! Relax!
  7. It might be your LOR"s hurting you. Were you able to read any of them? I say this time and time again, if you have any doubt about your LOR writers, then they most likely aren't good at all and will hurt you tremendously if they are lackluster. I've even spoken with my faculty that sift through apps state how some of the LOR's say really bad things including how the person is not suitable for PA school. So this is why it's important to really know who's writing your LOR's.
  8. I took a bunch of pre-reqs during my time at the CC for my AA, and even a few pre-reqs post-bacc at the same CC after getting my Bachelor's. You shouldn't have an issue and on top of it will save money as compared to taking some of them at the University. The huge downside with those post-bacc programs is that they cost a lot of money as compared to doing them on your own at a CC.
  9. Not completely. If the rest of your app catches their attention, especially with a history of good grades in the sciences then you should be okay. With a very good application, one in progress pre-req should not completely hurt your chances. I definitely know of one classmate who had Orgo in progress and got an interview and of course accepted.
  10. They were when I applied for the cycles of 2016-2017 and 2017-2018.
  11. Both 1st gen immigrant, only one to graduate high school and college, as well as low socioeconomic status. My father was a janitor with a 5th grade education (retired) and my mother is a housekeeper. My GPA was never my strongest selling point but had to make everything else on my app that much stronger. I had to apply two cycles, and on the 2nd cycle got accepted to my dream school(near home) and even got an interview to University of Florida which was wayyyy unexpected. I even just got chosen (1 of 4 students) for a special ER certification rotation that my program is a part of, I had my eye on 3 years ago when it first began. Scariest feeling though is I am at a point that I dreamt about for years and it feels like it can disappear all of a sudden. As for my classmates they are younger, come from very big name universities, and most of their parents work in some highly respectable professions, so sometimes I get a little bit of that imposter syndrome. Although at times I feel proud to be grouped with such people.
  12. Never too late, except for after the deadline. Definitely apply!
  13. Only a select few are getting interview invites this early. Also, I would not worry because when you get an interview invite the interview dates aren't chosen until a mass email goes out to all interviewees with a link that takes you to a calendar with available dates, and than it is first come first served no matter when you got your interview email. I would not worry yet. But definitely be vigilant of this calendar email, which I THINK goes out some time in August, if you sleep on that email, all the early interviews will be taken within an hour and you will be left with December-January interviews.
  14. Are you able to look at a cadaver? Honestly if you can get by, by just looking at the cadaver, which is how you are tested, then you will be okay. During practicals you will have a pin on a muscle, nerve, or whatever and just be able to identify it and you're not allowed to touch. Also, the cadavers are dissected by the DO fellows in advance. Again, touching is optional and will not hinder your learning. In the end, if you are allowed to look at a cadaver then you will be okay at Nova Fort Lauderdale. The rest of the Nova campuses use an electronic cadaver program.
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