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  1. JD2012

    Applying late in the cycle

    It isn't early but you're not insanely late. For my program there are a good number of fellow classmates who applied late in the cycle and still made it in. If you have an superb application, applying later in the cycle isn't going to stop you from getting interviews but it may hurt chances a bit. Either way, invites still go out with some programs even months into the following year. I have a buddy who didn't get an invite until late-March and matriculation was in May. Hang in there.
  2. Mine went like this. Introduction - with other candidates and Judy Dickman. She will take you into a room for a writing assignment with a surprise topic, which I am sure they change each year. Once done youll go back into the lobby as each one of you is called in for the interview. You will interview with about 3-4 other candidates at the most. All of you will wait until each once is called and done. The interview is about the usual 20-30 mins. For me, it was 4 faculty for my interview, some other classmates had 2 or 3 so it may vary. Once done, there is an optional tour led by 2 students who will show you the health professions division and buildings. I believe it ran from 8-12pm. For me it was great. Quick and simple. In no way did it feel intimidating.
  3. JD2012

    is PA right for me?

    You're not going to love all of your classes. Even in PA school so far I am not in love with all of my classes especially PHARMACOLOGY!!!! I hated regular chemistry but ended up loving organic chemistry once it all started to make sense from putting in all of those hours studying. I am in my 2nd semester of PA school and it's just exam after exam here. Pure studying! Once you're done with one exam it's time to start studying for the next, over and over along with throwing in whatever classes have quizzes that week or practicals. I remind myself every time it gets tough and monotonous what the end goal is. Getting that 'C" at the end of my PA initials.
  4. Yours is still recent since it's only 5 days now. you should still be in the running. I highly doubt theyve reviewed your app yet especially at this point in the cycle. The later in the cycle the higher the pile of apps they need to get through. There's no set time how long it takes to hear back or get a letter but some of mine did not come until at least Feb-March of the following year. Hang in there, waiting is part of this process, it's tough. Good luck.
  5. That seems to be the main thing when we talk about that. That's two spots gone to waste. We've had 4 people in total drop out 3 of them literally within a month of the first semester, unfortunately. I forewarned family and relative that these two years will be ALL ABOUT PA school.
  6. There is someone in my class with a 2yr old and a 6 month old. She seems to be doing well. She moved from out of state with her husband and it's just the two of them besides her husband's grandmother who still lives a little distance away but still far enough where they can't rely on her all the time. Her plan when I met her before school started was daycare. So far she seems okay and handling it well. But as everyone has said a support system will help even more. We've had 2 people drop out due to issues with their children crying when they leave every morning for school and then not being able to spend time with their kids later in the day due to studying. So keep that in mind. There are going to be days where the main focus is just to study, especially right before exams, which is every week, but there are usually 2-3 days right before the exam, for me at least, where studying is your main focus.
  7. I will be conducting the tour for the interviewees along with one of my classmates on December 13th. If you have that date let me know.
  8. All emails except for one telephone call with an email follow up after confirmation of interview.
  9. JD2012

    Am I on the right track?

    For your science GPA you may have to take additional science courses, that will be accepted as science on CASPA. You need to get that scGPA well over a 3.0. If you do well on the GRE, your GPA and PCE contact experience will be on the weak side. You're to need to make sure the rest of your application is amazing.
  10. JD2012


    Bingo! I had about 4k hours as a PT Aide. I also made a mention of the same exact thing, and it was brought up in both of my interviews last year. It's important to state why your experience is important especially things that aren't cookie cutter. As a PT Aide you're kind of the PT's minion but depending on the workplace you can become much more than that. If your experience has provided you with more than just being a traditional PT Aide, mention it! Sell yourself and your abilities!
  11. Nova does take their sweet time so I dont think anyone should be getting any yet. I will say my first time applying Judy Dickman told me very quickly via email of my denial.
  12. JD2012


    Make sure you make a mention of this somewhere in your application to let them know that it's more than just B**CH work.
  13. I could not tell you the answer for sure on that one, sorry. I've heard of programs giving out acceptances pending completion/passing of the IP pre-req.
  14. JD2012

    Favorite scrubs?

    FIGS with the yoga waistband!
  15. JD2012

    Accepted into PA school with GPA 3.3

    3.2 GPA for both scGPA and cGPA got accepted to my top choice school (local) and also interviewed at UF, turned down 4-5 others after that. Mind you I did not receive any interviews my first cycle, so to turn down interviews after getting accepted was a damn good feeling. It really comes down to making the rest of your application shine. I did still take some post-bacc classes and made sure to get A's, showing initiative although honestly it would have taken a bunch of classes to even take my GPA to a 3.3. Then beefing up the rest of my app, awesome volunteering experience at the free clinic, amazing LORs and personal statement, gloat a little and sell yourself as to why you'd make a great PA, apply early (mid-May everything was submitted in CASPA), studied my butt off for GRE ended up with a 309, started a business/food blog. Last but not least, prepare to apply for more than one cycle and do the prep work for the next cycle including beefing up your stats in the meantime. I've said this before as a low GPA applicant I knew I had to make the rest of my application so good it makes whoever reading it forget I even had a 3.2GPA. Also you may have to apply to a good amount of programs and cast a wide net. 1st cycle -13 program, 2nd cycle-11 programs. PS- if you really want this DON'T QUIT! You continue to improve yourself and your application you will get those interviews.

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