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fishy smell from nose

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I still think it's a foreign body, most likely something organic and most likely high up.


Our son smelled just like that when he was about 1 (he's 32 now and smells much better!) It turned out to be fuzz from a blanket that he was repeatedly pushing up his nose. Why? I have no idea.


See if the smell is more from one nare that the other. 


Good luck!

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head CT on a 6 year old on a hunch.......



I would not step to that - 6 yr old brains tend to react badly to radiation in a few decades.... (that whole cancer thing...)

Honestly we need to make cure ENT did a through visual (direct and indirect exam) long before radiation exposure, although I do agree as some point in the future a CT may be needed..... but would seriously advocate for MR in a peds.....

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