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  1. my experience is you can ask for a somewhat higher rate for positions w/out benefits (~10%) and 25-30% above rate for 1099 positions to cover your tax liability.
  2. oh, there you go. do they have you on payroll (take out taxes) or do they just pay you the full hourly wage?
  3. where do you live that you are getting $84.50/hr? that's a great rate! is it benefitted as well, or hourly/per-diem? good for you for having such a good gig.
  4. this is the face of medicine now. do it as cheap as possible (1 new grad PA, hello??), and if there's any holes in your schedule, forget about taking a break or even trying to catch up on documenting - they just fill the holes with more work. terrible.
  5. ???? c'est que c'est ???? c'est vrai???? I've been following this thread...the turnip isn't a PA? I didn't look so closely. what is he???
  6. Thank you for the links and for bringing this back to reasonable discussion! It's an important topic and should not be denigrated to valueless status!
  7. post-script: I am actually moving in this direction! (and feeling very good about it!).
  8. you need to get a job where you're kept a bit more busy. cheepers creepers.....
  9. I didn't see any option to join for free except for "medical student/resident" or maybe also "fellow". how did you join for free? I am very interested in accessing this resource, thanks
  10. plus - the doc puts wife on an exorbitant salary and then cheaps his providers, complains about their salaries...it just blows
  11. once you start working, the per diem gigs will fall out of the woodwork. also, "moonlighter" refers usually to covering nights. if you don't want nights, make sure you are asking for per diem. also, get on some job search engines, and set it so job updates will be emailed to you (doc cafe, indeed.com, etc).
  12. it sucks. for all of the above reasons. been there, done that, never going back.
  13. I'm not so sure if it's my attitude as it is speaking up when I'm being beat up for no reason by nasty moonlighters who just want to pull rank, or attendings for same. They probably see that as an attitude. And while I'm not insubordinate in terms of medicine/medical care rank-and-file; I will speak up if I'm being over-used/abused. I am not disrespectful. I start every job cheerful, helpful, friendly, and optimistic. But I am not a submissive person, and when I am treated like sh&t just bc I am independent, or bc I expect to be treated as a colleague and with respect, I will speak up. it
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