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  1. completed mine as well. 2 wrong but one read question wrong the other peds which i havent done since PA school i think its reasonable and for me it beats sitting in a Pearson exam center
  2. South Florida is going to be an issue to be honest. the pay and culture here is pretty poor much better states to go to. not sure how much of it is an option for you
  3. ill add to FL mainly Miami High COL, High property values..want a 3/2 you are looking at 500k medial pay. most making 90k out of school after a couple years are only in 110-130k range . there are outliers in ER making good money but few and far between private practice environment is horrible weather...hot.. beaches are okay but better in other locations ive heard better things about the west coast of Florida i feel like PA wise the best state is NC when you factor in everything. you get seasons but not insane ones. its on my shortlist
  4. what location is this? the only thing that makes sense are market forces driving salary down. this is really low for you billing out in the OR like that it sounds as if you are still in Academics? that is to be expected. you have residents and fellows managing a lot so they dont see need to compensate you if you do leave you must be prepared to shoulder more responsibility in a private setting. Your stress level will go up and you will work more hours relatively . You will be compensated more though. you have to factor in all these variables when you decide to seek more money i just made the jump from a university to a private setting and my stress level went up with my income but i am much happier and have eliminated a lot of issues the residents caused in hospital
  5. Honestly I thought of this too but ended up taking a job I like and aggressively paid down my loans I made no money the first year but I'm debt free and don't have that interest slamming me Find a good job and just live modestly Sent from my ONE A2005 using Tapatalk
  6. I thought they were going to do something in beginning of the year and nothing happened. It's incredible we work alongside NPs who don't have to do this and are largely paid exactly the same as us Sent from my ONE A2005 using Tapatalk
  7. currently battling with my hospital system which only pays us a measly 48/hr for going in on weekends when we're on call m-f we get $0 compensation for call for our 2 provider practice. what was supposed to be 1 weekend a month has turned in 2 and 2 weeks a month We have had numerous discussions about being compensated and the large hospital HR ( they own about 6 area hospitals and employ 16k people) can get a compensation package set up for us. We have been doing it for 6 months now any suggestions. This is not in our generic PA job description either but us not taking any call would directly impact our physicians and is maybe 5-10 calls per week
  8. yea i agree with others to report it but dont except anything to happen at least you personally cover yourself my question is this person better off joining a larger corporation type practice or hospital system. would that offer any buffering from experiencing this again?
  9. i work for a private hospital system in miami and they start anyone 1-5 years as a PA at 90k its a joke the current pay situation in south florida
  10. haha so same thing here with South Florida and the beach/water. too bad those do not pay my bills
  11. Colorado / Denver is on my list. anyone practicing there? When i visited my friend who is an xray tech there said that pay is a bit rough due to everyone now moving out there
  12. yea where is this offer? south FL? its really bad. south florida bad or somewhere they have a lot of saturation . do not accept this
  13. good offer but the 3 years is a bit rough especially as new grad
  14. the more i progress in the field though the more i realize the only way to move up the career ladder $ wise is to go into some form of management. You can make excellent money as a PA (see EM and inpatient setting/some OR jobs) but they come with quality of life issues and or medical legal liability increase . EM can hit 200k but at what cost of time . The only clinically lucrative specialties seem to be Derm related and that only seems to occur if you get lucky with bonus or incentive based structures. i do see myself moving away from clinical medicine and more into a administration role in the future because of the pay ceiling My institution now maxes out at $130k for clinical PAs which to me is a joke
  15. i'm interested in anyone 9-5 clincal outpatient schedules (no OR or in patient hospitalist settings) pay structure
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