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  1. Hello, I am a PA with 4+ experience working with STIs/HIV and GYN. I have always felt interested in learning other skills besides clinical work (I personally like organizing projects, improving quality of services, social justice and community health). However, I believed after working for a few years I would learn to spot the opportunities out there. I have not spotted opportunities crossing my way, so I now feel motivated to gain Public Health skills and incorporate them with the PA profession. My ultimate goal will be to still see patients but also having the opportunity to be involved in public health programs that impact community wellness. For the past month, I have been looking for jobs where I can learn public health skills at the same time as I do clinical work, I have not found such job yet. I would consider further schooling (difficult decision due to cost) but not without being certain that I want to pursue Public Health education. Therefore I am looking for a job that allows me first to be more familiarized with both worlds. How to find a job that combines clinical and public health work as a clinician? I have been looking for clues: read public health articles, went to a half a day seminar, took an online public health introduction class, search public health jobs online. However, I still have not come across a clinical job with opportunities to acquire public health skills (such as medical system analytics/ improvement, health education, and public health project management/ coordination). Does anyone know of a path or setting where a clinician can gain some public health experience prior to committing to taking formal education? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for sharing electric130! It sounds like you are keeping it diversified. How cool! I have always been curious about how does one find jobs with insurances? I have done a lot of job searches in the past month and have not come across any positions with insurance companies.
  3. Anewconvert, thanks! I was told they have other people doing the paperwork as I'm being paid by the hour. I just go see the patients, chart and leave. Who knows if there are any surprises down the road. The studies they have are for 6mo-1year so I know the projects change every so often.
  4. I quit my job as a salaried GYN PA in a private practice as I was going nuts with the monotony of going in an out of a room all day (my year was basically going 5760+ times in and out of my office)- amongst other reasons, I was making 97K/y. I have a total of 4 years experience as a PA. I am unemployed and get health insurance through my partner. I was considering doing part time research or part time home health or both. I have done HIV care and GYN and want to simply try something different that is less monotonous. So, I am considering either research or home health as I like not feeling constricted to one room and one activity all day long, also I don't mind getting other skills outside of clinical. I was offered 55 dollars/h with only malpractice coverage for a research gig. It is 5h/day. 2-4 patients per hour, depending on cancellations. I can do this for a couple of days and the other days do home health, which is 60dollars/h. The research company is a NYC private small office with 1 PI and another part time clinician (NP). I have worked before in a teaching hospital enrolling patients in studies, so visiting this small office makes me feel more cautious re: the contract/job. I also have never worked as an independent contractor and feel a little lost in the process of contract negotiation. I will be negotiating this offer next week and would like to know what do people think is a good hourly rate for an independent contractor (knowing the workplace does not contribute towards social security and there are no benefits) working in either research or home health visits in NYC? Thanks so much for your time and insights!!!
  5. Thank you all for the comments! I happened to have personal professional insurance with tail coverage as I was a private practice. Def will be contacting them. I wil do my best at shaking off the bullying. Yet, that medical malpractice stress syndrome that printer2100 brought up is real and I guess the fear is still there. Not a good way to practice medicine, but it's reality... I will be looking for more information about what to expect and how to better prepare myself for a legal case.
  6. Hi, I was hoping to get some opinions on my current professional situation. I have practiced for 4 years. For the past 1.5 years I started to work in a private practice (also a new field- GYN) after leaving an amazing teaching hospital. I made the switch because I had to relocate. 6 months into my new job, I was asked to go part time as the practice did not have sufficient patient volume, I was told I was the only one let go part time because “I was the new one.” Then the secretaries told me that new patients would not schedule appointments with me when they heard my name was Latino, so they stopped saying my name when new patients called. Within a few weeks the practice picked up again, so I never went to part time. However, all this was an emotional blow for me. During this time, my relationship with my colleagues and SP were great, and my SP gave me good verbal reviews, but never a written one. After 1.5 years of being in this job I decided to quit (long hours, small practice lacking professionalism). My boss was upset when I decided to leave; she said she had lost money training me. For the record, her midlevel providers would last 2-3 years in average. A week after I left she sent me a very aggressive email saying I had “not closed my charts correctly”. We later discovered it was a misunderstanding and everything was ok. A few days later she sent me another email saying that a lawyer contact her about one of my patients who is planning on suing me (?!!). All these emails and my SP new attitude after I left made me feel unstable. I informed my prior employer that I had planned traveling abroad for 2 months after leaving. I was hoping to just reset my mood and return fresh to a new job. However, it has been a month since I left my prior job and I feel so drained… I am afraid of the possibility of someone suing me and how can that affect my future career prospects. Also, I feel I cannot trust my prior SP. I am tired of working long hours, I am not looking forward to skipping more meals in the name of work, and now getting sued after having given my best? I am even questioning whether I want to continue the medical field all together. If anyone has any experience with these type of situations or feels the same way please share your thoughts.
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