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  1. I am considering working at a federal prison, and I was wondering if anyone here can tell me the pro's and con's of their job. thanks much
  2. I am getting loans paid off through the national health service too. I got a job at an approved site, then 6 months later I turned in my application for loan repayment. About 3 months later, $50,000 from the national health service was deposited into my bank account. This was completely separate from my salary. I now have an obligation to work at my current job for 2 years. When my time is up, I could reapply for more loan repayment. Since I was awarded the money, they increased the 2 year obligation to $60,000. A lot of these loan repayment sites are in the middle of no where or very rural. I've considered taking jobs in federal prisons as most of these are approved loan repayment sites with high scores, and most federal prisons are not as rural (check out http://www.bop.gov). Another route is the Indian Health Service (http://www.ihs.gov). They have a different loan repayment program. Again though, very rural.
  3. Hey, are you in the public health service? Do you work with the BOP or do you know someone that does? I'm considering joining the PHS and I need to chat with someone that works or has worked with the BOP. And how to find jobs within the Coast Guard? Your help is much appreciated.

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