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PA transitioning to Pubic Health

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I am a PA with 4+ experience working with STIs/HIV and GYN. I have always felt interested in learning other skills besides clinical work (I personally like organizing projects, improving quality of services, social justice and community health). However, I believed after working for a few years I would learn to spot the opportunities out there. I have not spotted opportunities crossing my way, so I now feel motivated to gain Public Health skills and incorporate them with the PA profession. My ultimate goal will be to still see patients but also having the opportunity to be involved in public health programs that impact community wellness. 

For the past month, I have been looking for jobs where I can learn public health skills at the same time as I do clinical work, I have not found such job yet. I would consider further schooling (difficult decision due to cost) but not without being certain that I want to pursue Public Health education. Therefore I am looking for a job that allows me first to be more familiarized with both worlds. How to find a job that combines clinical and public health work as a clinician?

I have been looking for clues: read public health articles, went to a half a day seminar, took an online public health introduction class, search public health jobs online. However, I still have not come across a clinical job with opportunities to acquire public health skills (such as medical system analytics/ improvement, health education, and public health project management/ coordination). 

Does anyone know of a path or setting where a clinician can gain some public health experience prior to committing to taking formal education? Thanks!

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