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  1. Wisconsin Physician Assistant Positions: http://www.hospitalrecruiting.com/jobs/Physician-Assistant-Jobs/Wisconsin/ HospitalRecruiting.com offers Wisconsin Physician Assistant jobs posted by in-house recruiters only. I would recommend giving your best effort without a recruiting firm's assistance because sometimes the high fees firms charge can work against you.
  2. Washington State Physician Assistant Jobs: http://www.hospitalrecruiting.com/jobs/Physician-Assistant-Jobs/Washington/ Here is another options for Physician Assistant jobs in Washington. All of these jobs are posted by in-house recruiters and they are updated on a regular basis.
  3. Virginia Physician Assistant Jobs: http://www.hospitalrecruiting.com/jobs/Physician-Assistant-Jobs/Virginia/ HospitalRecruiting.com allows only in-house recruiters to post jobs, and all positions are update on a regular basis.
  4. HospitalRecruiting.com is a offering a nice selection of Physician Assistant jobs in South Carolina. All jobs are posted by in-house recruiters only, and they are updated on a regular basis. South Carolina Physician Assistant Jobs: http://www.hospitalrecruiting.com/jobs/Physician-Assistant-Jobs/South-Carolina/
  5. I hope you were able to find a good position in Memphis. For the next person who comes to this thread looking for Tennessee physician assistant jobs, HospitalRecruiting.com offers positions throughout the state. We only allow in-house recruiters to post jobs on our site, and jobs are updated on a regular basis. Tennessee Physician Assistant Jobs: http://www.hospitalrecruiting.com/jobs/Physician-Assistant-Jobs/Tennessee/
  6. As one of the nicer and more desirable cities in the state of Texas, Houston can be a pretty tough market to get into when starting out of state. Once you are there, or at least in TX with a valid license, the job market will open up for you. Here are some Physician Assistant Jobs in Texas: http://www.hospitalrecruiting.com/jobs/Physician-Assistant-Jobs/Texas/
  7. I hope you were able to find something.... Philadelphia is one of the most saturated healthcare markets in the country due to the prevalence of training programs there and throughout the Northeast. HospitalRecruiting.com is a job board where only in-house recruiters can post jobs. We do have Philadelphia Physician Assistant jobs available from time to time. http://www.hospitalrecruiting.com/jobs/Physician-Assistant-Jobs/Pennsylvania/
  8. Here are some other Ohio Physician Assistant positions: http://www.hospitalrecruiting.com/jobs/Physician-Assistant-Jobs/Ohio/ All of these jobs are posted by in-house recruiters.
  9. Since the Raleigh/Durham area is one of the nicest and most desirable locations in the state, it's likely a harder place for an out of state candidate without local ties to find a good job. You could apply this as a general rule of thumb to any state and it's nicest, most well known locations. My advice is to apply to any jobs that interest you, wait to see how much interest you generate as a candidate, and then either start with interviews or re-calibrate your plan on where you want to be. Here are some options for physician assistants in North Carolina: http://www.hospitalrecrui
  10. I know this is an old post, but I'll reply for the next person who has this same question. Depending on how far away from NYC you are, it can be a very challenging place to find a good job in. There are lots of jobs available, but also lots of local and semi-local candidates so most employers do not recruit outside of what they consider their local area. If you go ahead and move there the job market will open up quite a bit. Here are a few options for New York physician assistant jobs; http://www.hospitalrecruiting.com/jobs/Physician-Assistant-Jobs/New-York/
  11. I'm sure most jobs in Chicago receive more applications than jobs in St. Louis. Since it's a little harder for St. Louis to attract applicants, the jobs probably pay a little better and therefore St. Louis is probably the better job market. Here are a few physician assistant jobs around Saint Louis: http://www.hospitalrecruiting.com/jobs/Physician-Assistant-Jobs/Missouri/
  12. Here are some MN Physician Assistant jobs for when she finishes her training: http://www.hospitalrecruiting.com/jobs/Physician-Assistant-Jobs/Minnesota/
  13. Here are some other good Michigan physician assistant opportunities as well: http://www.hospitalrecruiting.com/jobs/Physician-Assistant-Jobs/Michigan/
  14. Here are some Maryland PA jobs: http://www.hospitalrecruiting.com/jobs/Physician-Assistant-Jobs/Maryland/
  15. Indiana has terrific malpractice reform, especially when compared to IL/Chicago are which is famously bad in that aspect. Not many states produces licenses as quickly as Indiana either. http://www.hospitalrecruiting.com/jobs/Physician-Assistant-Jobs/Indiana/
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