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  1. I am looking for preceptors willing to have a PA student in or around the Charleston, SC area. Any advice would be much appreciated!
  2. I volunteered at an animal shelter and added it to my CASPA experiences when I applied!
  3. Weber University: Advanced Hematology & Hemostasis MLS5102 (proctored exams, mostly self-paced, medium difficulty, 3 credits) Good to boost GPA if you do well and a good "upper level science course". I have seen many things I've learned in this course throughout my time in PA school so far! "This course covers the concepts, analytical methods and clinical correlation of hematology and hemostasis as it applies to the medical laboratory. In addition to normal functions, the topics will include clinical correlation with various hematological and hemostatic disease processes. Curren
  4. Using My PA Box is a great way to compare your stats to average accepted student stats. For the programs that publish their class profiles (including average GPA of student they accept), My PA Box organizes that info (along with all requirements, prerequisites, PCE hours required, etc.) on one easy to use platform. Check it out at www.mypabox.com. It's a really great new resource for pre-PA students. Use code PATHTOPA for 15% off your yearly subscription ! & message me on Instragram @thepathtopa if you have any questions about it or any pre-PA questions in general!!!
  5. Since social media is such a big part of the newer generations day to day life, I wanted to start a thread for helpful Instagram accounts to follow for our journey to becoming a PA! These range from current PA school applicants, PA students, and PA-Cs. Feel free to add to the list!!!! Pre-PA Instagram Accounts: @ thepathtopa @ thepaplatform @ chasinghealthgoals @ my.path.to.pa @ renatamarie_pre.pa @ la.petite.pa @ myparesource @ mypabox @ hannah.pa @ j_thefuturepa @ sparkles_and_scalpels_ @ medically.bri
  6. I interviewed on August 6th and just received an acceptance email today!!
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