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  1. Thanks so much UGoLong! That is more help than I can express. The cardiologists are extremely nice, but of course, it is intimidating to ask about these things in the interview. I also prefer to get it from another PA that is actually doing the job anyway. Do you love cardiology? Is dictation a pain?
  2. Thanks everyone!!! Seriously did not feel good about it and I will feel much better walking away with all of your good advice. :) I'll keep looking into other offers!
  3. Hi All!!! New grad here. What is rounding for cardio and GI patients like? Is this difficult for a new grad? I have interviewed for cardio and GI where this would be a part of my day. Also, I have interviewed for ER fast track-there are no benefits- well, you can pay $1500 for your insurance which to me is the same as no insurance. There is no PTO whatsoever, no time off for CME and no $$$ for licensing or CME whatsoever. Pay is $55/hr. Thoughts? Just trying to get my head around these choices. Please let me know why one might be better than the other regarding practice, life b
  4. Greetings Y'all! I am a new graduate and have just relocated to the state of Texas, North Dallas area. Just wanted to attempt to get in touch with any PA's in the area in order to be able to ask questions and get to know some of my colleagues that are close by. If anyone is interested in a new friend via email or coffee, please let me know! I love the area so far, am making friends, but want to reach out and get to know other physician assistants! :) Thanks!!!!
  5. Just wondering how PA friendly South Carolina is…I will be graduating soon and am looking to relocate to a different state than California. Can anyone comment on their experiences there working as a PA? How is the pay? Thanks for the info-I appreciate it.
  6. Did you ever find employment in Nashville?
  7. Hi jen0508- I don't have an answer for you but... I assume you must be a PA working in GA. I wanted to ask you about how PA friendly GA seems, how hard the job market is (to find a job as a new grad), etc. I am seriously considering moving there after I grad next year, so I am trying to be as informed as possible. I want to go into oncology as well, if you have any info about that specialty in GA I would really appreciate it! Feel free to private message me. Thanks so much!!! Jenniijennjen
  8. Thanks for the update Kelly! And good to hear your experience @Can28. I appreciate the good news! Check back with us here and keep us informed on how you both like your new positions!!!! And your new state! :)
  9. Keep us posted on what you find in Georgia!!!! I was planning on moving there as soon as take the PANCE as well....
  10. Hello All: I am wondering if anyone has used the corporate housing or temp housing in the Houston area recently? I'm planning for a rotation in this area and I will be coming in from out of state. If you have have stayed anywhere that you can recommend (or inform me of places to steer clear from) please let me know. Of course I want the nicest place at the cheapest price. :wink: I appreciate the assistance! Thank you in advance!!
  11. I thought the program started in September?? Not mid June. Where did that information come from?
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