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  1. I currently work in family medicine and urgent care. Our owner decided that our clinic will not be testing patients for Covid19. His reasoning: if we get a positive case, he would have to quarantine most of the staff and possibly shut down for a couple weeks. Last week he decided to designate one room in the clinic to triage patient with flu/covid19 symptoms/signs. We test for both Influenza and strep. If both are negative depending on comorbidities etc then we ask patient to monitor symptoms at home or go to the health department for testing or we admit them to the hospital. My question for you guys now is this even legal? even if the practice is privately own can the owner (who is a doctor) refuses to let us test the patients? By the way we don't even have masks for the sick patients or for the providers.
  2. I've been offered a job in NC in a busy family medicine/urgent care/women's health clinic. They already have 8 PAs and 5 physicians. They have hired many of their PAs straight after graduation, so I will have the support and training needed as a new grad. This is what is offered to me. Salary: $90,000 per year 2 weeks vacation 1 week CME with $1500 spending Health and dental insurances DEA application fee reimbursement The issue with this offer is the fact that physician who owns this practice is currently traveling out of the country for 1 month and he tells me via email that this is the offer and he will email me the contract when he is back in the country in a month because he doesn't have a contract template with him. Our first interview was via video skype while he was at the airport on his way out of the country. Then I drove to the clinic 2 days later for a formal interview with the office manager, 2 PAs and a physician. Everything went well. He already sent me reading materials that he gives to all of the new grads while waiting for licensing. I want the job however I just don't feel comfortable to reject other offers, look for housing closer to the job or even to stop sending job applications unless I have a concrete offer in writing that I can sign. What alternatives I can ask to secure this offer for me for 1 month while he is away? Thank you.
  3. As a new grad, do we negotiate from the 50th% and up? What if they give me an offer between the 25th % and 50th%? how do I convince them that I need to be paid more like 75th % and higher? I guess my question is how do they determine within 0 - 1 year of experience where I fall on the AAPA range? Also if offer was made via phone and only salary and health benefits were given, should I negotiate the salary first then asked for other information? I thought the offer would be a package. Thank you.
  4. I hope some of you will help me with this. Thanks already! I have recently received a job offer in rural family medicine clinic that is located 3.5 hours from home. There is a NP and a physician full time at the clinic. This will be my first job since PA school. I went to 1 interview with them and they paid for travel and hotel. I genuinely enjoyed speaking with the staff during my interview and I would be very happy to work there. When I got the phone call for the offer a couple of days ago, they only mentioned salary and he said because I will be full time I will have full benefits. Before the interview, they emailed me a benefits book that included this: Salary: $81,369.60 yearly at $39.12/hour 2016 AAPA salary for family medicine 0-1 year (In the US) 10th: $70,000 with $300 bonus ($40/hr) 25th: $78,250 with $1000 bonus ($43.01/hr) 50th: $85,000 with $5000 bonus($45.00/hr) 75th: $90,000 with $10,000 bonus ($51.00/hr) 90th: $95,111 with $15,600 bonus ($61.00/hr) 0 - 1 year for my state 10th: $25,000 with $2000 bonus 25th: $75,000 with $4000 bonus 50th: $80,000 with $5000 bonus 75th: $90,000 with $6000 bonus 90th: $93,000 with $11,000 bonus I don't know yet if I will get a bonus besides the sign-on bonus. Schedule: No weekends, no on-call, no admissions. Monday: 8am -1pm / 2pm-4:30pm Tuesday: 8am -1pm / 2pm-4:30pm Wednesday: 8am – 11:30am Thursday: 8am -1pm / 2pm-4:30pm Friday: 8am -1pm / 2pm-4:30pm Medical and dental: Coverage effective after 30 days of satisfactory employment. Basic life insurance 1x my annual base earnings up to a maximium of $500,000. Coverage is effective the first day of the month following 90 day of satisfactory employment. PTO (vacation, holidays, personal time, sick time); begin accruing PTO hours on first day of employment. ` Exempt: 0-60 months (up to 5 years) accrued rate per hr: 0.1077 maximum hours accrued annually: 224 Maximum 8 hr days accrued annually: 28 Maximum PTO hours accumulated: 848 What I was told during the interview: They will cover CME, licensure and DEA fees. They will provide relocation allowance and they will provide a sign-on bonus. I will be trained on the job. They have an on site physician and NP to help me as I see patient. I will have 30 mins per patients and at first I will have 8-10 patients per day. All new patients to the practice. On average, the the PAs there see 16-18 patients per day. Questions that I have: As a new grad, do we negotiate from the 50th % and up? Can I negotiate salary before they tell me CME, sign on bonus amount ect? How can I negotiate a better salary considering my state's salary range? The offer was via phone, do I need to accept the offer first for them to put everything they told me on paper? I will ask about malpractice insurance, yearly bonus, number of days of CME and how much, holidays off, annual raise and contract term if any. Any other questions and tips to better my counter offer email? Thank you so much.
  5. I have the same question. After passing the boards, a temporary license is given for about 3 months I think. How can I get a license in another state with this temporary license? What if I can't find a job within the 3 months given in SC? The temporary license can't be renewed or extended. Thanks
  6. Hi!! Can I please have them too? my email is: nasista29ther@gmail.com. Thanks
  7. Thank you! It has been a long wait. Does anyone know anything about housing options around the campus?
  8. Hi! Yes all fingers crossed that some people choose other schools because NOVA Jacksonville is my number one choice of all schools. I am very sure we won't here anything this week, but definitely next week. I have an interview 10 hours away in 2 weeks at another school, so I am praying that I hear from nova before then to cancel that interview to save some money. How many people do you think is on that list? did Kandee say? Good luck to you
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