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  1. How is PTO typically handled in a RVU only , eat what you kill, type salary situation? Has anyone seen a mechanism built in where you get an average RVU reimbursement for your PTO or something similar? Or are most places saying you don't get paid if you're not working?. Because if you're not getting paid for time off.. well ...it's not really Paid Time Off now is it... THANKS!
  2. Anyone know how this generally works? My employer is offering loan repayment to the tune of 10K per year for 3 years, but wants to apply it directly to my loan -- in other words, they pay my loan servicer directly and I never touch it. Curious if this is always how it's done or if there is a viable option to have the money directed to me. I'm assuming this is some sort of write off for them? Thanks in advance..
  3. SCPA

    RVU Compensation

    Sorry to hear this. What's the rationale for employer to change your codes to a lesser value? Don't you both lose in that scenario?
  4. Here for advice: Family medicine.. NEW SP hired to replace previous SP is doling it out HEAVY -- even seemingly pushing narcs on people. "you need pain meds." She's full of theories that piss all over conventional wisdom on the matter. Found out a big box pharmacy won't fill her scripts -- apparently she's flagged in the system I'm not doing anything wrong, i'm quite scrupulous about prescribing, and obviously my Rx habits will not change but I really worry my association to this person(she is my SP afterall) will bring unnecessary attention from governing bodies, not to mention the unsavory seekers that are about to start lining up.. I really do not want to leave this job. WHAT'S A PA TO DO?
  5. Who wears a mask during encounters with flu + patients?? Thinking about going that route this year..had a rather unpleasant bout w/ the flu last season. My exam rooms are shoe box sized, so we're up close and personal the entire time. Just curious how normal (or abnormal) this is!
  6. I've worked at this site for 2 years. Would love some feedback on this offer.. Renewal contract: The greater of 75k base salary or 32.2 dollars / wRVU reconciled monthly (This is right around the 50% wRVU reimbursement for my region) Last year I had about 3300 wRVU (would have earned approx 106K in this through RVU reimbursement) plus 10K per year in loan repayment for 3 years 3K CME 1 week CME 4 wks PTO(accrued --approx 7 hours PTO accrued per pay period) includes sick, holidays.. basically any day away from clinic is PTO. Health insurance decent , but I get it through spouse anyway. 403b match: 25 % of salary deferrals up to 6% of compensation... vested after 5 years. employer paid long term disability insurance (60% of monthly pay) employer paid life insurance *edited to reflect some of the good points in following post...
  7. SCPA

    Down-Code Billing issue

    You took this as a scare tactic from insurance, Rev? Like why are you billing higher than most? Did this change the way you do things (I'm assuming not because you are following the guidelines)?
  8. SCPA

    Lecom Apap Graduates

    MAybe i'm misunderstanding but out of the 12 seats per class are not 6 designated FM only and the other six "undeclared" ? Look like there are 7 specialties outside of FM listed there...
  9. SCPA

    Down-Code Billing issue

    Think you could link this kind sir?
  10. SCPA

    IR PA job with minimal radiation exposure?

    Good topic, curious myself..
  11. SCPA

    Down-Code Billing issue

    Do they not also lose money by down coding your visits? i don't see the logic in sabotaging their bottom line to pay you less.
  12. I have almost 2K in unused CME money this year and I've fulfilled all my NCCPA CME requirements... Anyone have a creative thought to take advantage of these funds? Hate to leave anything on the table.

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