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  1. Agreed 100% most physicians I know, more like 75%, have sold practice to a corporation or went straight into the corporate out of residency. As you said Lightspeed, family med are making $250 with GREAT benefits and Loan repayments. I have a friend who is a specialist. She previously had own practice, short lived, now working for a hospital system. Disclosed that with bonuses, etc, made near $700,000 last year without stress or office concerns(works hard, but also takes plenty time to enjoy life and family). Sad part, and she admits, that her APP, working at least as many hours , is making approx.$130,000, no raise since change, no bonus structure . He is afraid to negotiate in fear of loosing job:.
  2. Lighspeed, I am ALL for a new norm. While physicians are top dog and always will be, Ive seen PA’s and well as NP’s that went above basic educational and CEU requirements that could out perform many lackadaisical physicians. Still hold my belief that NO new PA or NP should be independent just out of school. Any one of them that is worth their grain of salt would agree. Those who think they can be competent out of the gate are the scary ones. My concern is that some PAs want to hold on to and prevent progression of the profession to keep PAs dependent and speak out against a potential ruling. Thankfully there are currently some good progressive leaders. If all providers are allowed equal opportunity to practice , the market will weed out those who only do minimal to advance knowledge.
  3. The possibilities are exciting and scary! Don’t get me wrong, if given independence, I feel it should only follow certain criteria such as 3-5 years supervised or collaboration with physician for both PA Andy NP. But at this point, best take anything offered to NP with same limitations or lack there of. Holding my breath that PA leaders, or others, don’t automatically take PA off the table and hand the golden egg to NP exclusively, like done in VAMC by saying PA are trained rob “assist” not practice medicine, while NPs who are trained to advanced nurse ,yet practice medicine. . That would really screw the future of PA’s!!!
  4. The RN privacy officer, my mistake in saying director. I understand your point, but the way PO related, neither provided hospital name, both were brought up to her attention because someone knew they were employees and policy is to not post or discuss patients at all, whether good, bad or ugly! I’m sure part of my frustration and feeling that she protects her own was the way she commented on that one example and other privacy issues like talking about patients in elevator, at nurse station etc. She said that when she reviews concerns, she knows as a nurse, they enter field to help not harm and if they did something, in appropriate, it wouldn’t be intended as malicious, plus we need to keep our nurses. In all examples she gave, not one nurse was reprimanded. In all examples, other folks, mostly aids, were. if it were an RT, PT, PA in the position, they would likely be biased to their group. Point is, more nurses in management and more biased toward their own.
  5. With appropriate research, I’d put my money on physicians NOT being appropriately represented at a higher rate than nursing, or anyone else for that matter. However, look at Tenn, NP one of top over prescribing meds , also in Dec 2018 there was a report out of Washington DC Public citizen stating that nursing board are failing to report issues that harm patients. I just had the annual Privacy talk at my hospital. The person in charge of compliance and privacy, as common in most facilities, is a nurse. She gave two examples of hospital employees posting comments on Facebook. Comment #1 (a transport aid)was general remark about all the drug overdose patients coming to ER. Comment #2 (an RN) was about an elderly patient in a specific ward, with a specific illness. The transport aid was fired, the RN was told to remove post. The privacy (RN) director stated she was the one to decide to take higher, and she felt the comment about drugs was malicious and the other was not. . RNs care about patients and she wasn’t meaning or posting anything bad. Although went on to tell us all that we are NEVER to post anything about the hospital and patients or we can definitely lose our jobs! I know this is minor, but again, protect their own...
  6. Ventana, you ask where was this doc when Florida had issues. Wasn’t it a Texas doc? So question should be where were Florida docs? Unfortunately, protecting a peer professional for inappropriate work ethics or flat out damaging behavior is not unique to Docs or nurses, you can find it in every group, professionally, socially and religious. Protect your own, not those that could be harmed
  7. Medical boards protect physicians, nursing boards protect nurses. Unless NP happen to be regulated by medical board, they get by with issues that should cause loss of license just like physicians. PA’s don’t have a chance as medical board will not likely let them get by with any similar behavior(not saying anyone should keep license under those circumstances.
  8. Little extreme. While the bar for being accepted into an RN program and consequently NP is definitely lower than PA, they do have certain expectations.
  9. Know a lady who applied to multiple PA programs for 2 years. Finally gave up, applied and accepted into RN program first attempt and then straight into NP. At least you had ability/experience to be accepted to PA, so should have no trouble finding RN program.
  10. There are AA’s, training additional to or somewhat separate from PA. Approximately 10 programs, however they have a hard time being able to practice, not sure but heard less than 15 states. Within past 2 years, physicians wrote very supportive letters To legislation so AA’s could practice in Virginia, Nurses lobbied heavily against basically saying AA’s would take away Their jobs and state should further support the CNA’s. Guess who won. I made a comment in a thread a while back that AA and PA should join forces. Scope of practice is quite different, however, CRNA, RN, APRN....have different scope but stick together with strength in numbers.
  11. Difference is the DO’s did, and now NP’s are Fighting for their future, while PA’s ultimate goal is for restrictive practice at best. Over saturated pharm and dental saw decreased salary before correcting years ago. PA’s are different because can not compete for jobs, let alone decreased salary in many locations, and it expanding because no matter education, the laws are against them. Even without internet, eventually, you would notice and start being concerned. In some iNP independent states, PA’s are being turned down, no, not turned down, just not even considered for a job because you have no possibility of independence. Admin doesn’t want to deal with the extra work. Docs can’t wait to have highly educated “assistants” they can pay less and less because you are stuck with no other options and rapidly growing number fighting for low paying job which is better than no job.
  12. I do not feel NP’s or PA’s should be totally independent, unless maybe after Many many years of provider experience, not RN experience. Unfortunately nurse leaders do not agree and have pushed the envelope with disregard to actual patient safety in some states with limited experience required . The sky hasn’t fallen, although there are very stupid and dangerous mistakes being made by very cocky insufficiently trained providers. That being said, PA leaders should be smart and follow your suggestion.. Unfortunately, they are so worried about stepping on toes their successors will really be burned. At very least they should advocate for independence based on certain criteria rather than no to any possibility. After MANY years of experience with motivated individual who seeks to continually learn, beyond basic requirements, their is no reason both NP and PA couldn’t be just as proficient as mD or DO and should be given chance to do a great job.
  13. I could be wrong, but was once told it has something to do with the fact that NP are lumped in with LPN and RN since they are all nurses. Rates are different for each but it helps to keep rates lower as a group, power in numbers.
  14. You are likely spot on with your comments. The only problem with no title change is the legislature needed to pass laws have said they cant see expounding independence to assistants. While you and most NPs are respectful of PAs, there are newly minted NPs who will and have, openly told patients that PAs are not like NPs and docs, they are assistants. The title is an anchor to the profession,
  15. Excellent comment in that NP have great leaders that are out to promote their profession. They are not better providers, they do not have the education compared to Physicians and even PAs, but that doesn’t matter at all! They are taking care of themselves, just as any professional leaders should. . It is sickening to see so many PA’s and PA leaders who not only don’t want progress but actually fight against promoting the future of their profession. It astounds me they think status quo is good because they haven’t been impacted..yet!
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