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  1. Just out of curiosity, if someone could please explain. A Year or two ago, Lincoln Memorial and Lynchburg DMS/DMSc we’re pushing for some form of independence for those who had completed the program with several years experience. The PA state organizations, and I believed PAFT, wrote letters against the DMS/DMSc . Clinically, the DMS seams to be pretty solid and the DMSc much better than DNP, especially with some of the residency suggestions. Based on how NP and DNP are pushing to be equal to MD/Do, why not support OTP for MS PA and full independent practice for DMS/DMSc. The education from both out strips DNP by a long shot. If concern is patient care, why leave it all up to unregulated NP and DNP graduates? All legislatures see is PA’s, as a group don’t think doctorally trained PAs are good enough for full practice like that of MS NP, therefore, MS PA’s surely can’t be more than just assistants.
  2. Except when PA's allowed NP to set for exams quite a while back, what profession would actually allow people, who do not jump through their perspective hoops, take certifying/board exam? Answer, NONE, that I am aware of. Could you imagine/dream of a system in which any provider, MD, DO, PA, NP was allowed to set for same exam, to achieve, then maintain every 10 years, a specified level of expertise and respect, yes you can practice independently, not because you were able to wine and dine legislature (yep, I am singling out NP or CRNA), but because you actually have knowledge and experience. However, this should follow route of if you fail so many times, no more chances. Although, percentage wise, most MD, DO would definitely continue to pass, they would not want to realize or accept the fact that a few, individual, highly motivated, PA or NP could potentially do as well. While NP may not like the idea, Id bet most PA's would agree, if you cannot pass family med board, shouldn't practice independently. This would also help those MD, DO's who couldn't match for residency. Let them, unmatched MD/DO, PA & NP all work for 3-5 years and take boards, three strikes and your out. If you don't pass after the three attempts, not really out, just must maintain supervisor/collaboration to work. Alas, PA's take high road by staying somewhat connected to "real" doctors even with OTP, NP want easy road, delusional in the belief they are as good/better any other provider, including MD/DO(sorry Diggy, I am sure you are working hard and will do your best, but as you said, you couldn't get into PA program, therefore highly unlikely MD or DO). Then you have MD/DO just trying to protect the long road they had to travel to achieve current knowledge and status.
  3. Totally respect those leaders that are progressive and fighting for title change and OTP.
  4. Nice guys finish LAST! At some point years ago, weren't NP’s allowed to take PANCE when they needed the PA clout. However, my 2 cents, no way Would PA’s be allowed to set for NP boards!!! Why would nursing even consider the thought, more likely, ROFLMFO! Or ROFLTAO!! The plan, hope every day the current and new “leaders” get some balls, push like hell and quit playing nice!!!
  5. At the pace the AAPA and profession in general for OTP, autonomy, title change, is moving, all must be Geritol type. Not many stages after that for death.
  6. Absolute sigh!!!!!! Yet there are PA’s who speak against OTP and autonomy similar to NP, or want to pussy foot to not upset others. It is not the Nursing groups killing the PA future, can’t blame them, why shouldn’t they set back and enjoy the suicide PA’s have committed from within. if you look at job postings across the US you will see this more than likely expected. Or if not blatant on posting, try applying to jobs in some states with NP FPA, likely to be shut down on many other than specialties that by nature need oversight. For those that say fine, that’s all PA’s should do, I hope you are kicked out of a specialty job in your prime because your supervisor or hospital can find some young PA for half the price, likely we’ll accept well below the current average to pay off enormous debt. They have incurred.
  7. Why did the VAPA oppose, or impose more limits on OTP last year at the AAPA meeting, given what you said above about NP’s? OTP is still not same as autonomy and didn’t they want it more restrictive. Who are your Virginia PA leaders looking out for? Certainly doesn’t appear to be PA’s. Just sickening!
  8. So as a California PA, has the group just given up and resigned to it being nursing territory? Will your leadership attempt to be included next year to “practice to the fullest extent”, or are they ok to wither away with status quo?
  9. LA Times May 20, 2019: Heading about doctors derailing plan to fix Dr shortage. It was actually putting off NP’s goal of independence for another year. Any chance PA’s will actually be on that plan/bill next year? It would appear to be excellent opportunity. Like it or not, NP will get it passed within next year or two. Either get on with them or remain PA, new title (Provider Assistant) Assist Md,DO, DPM, NP
  10. Read further, my second post on this topic was my out of touch surprise at the current costs of program alone. Last I had checked, most expensive below $100,000, I was thinking upper $80,000-low 90,000. The cost is becoming ridiculous considering the potential return and saturation of young PA and NP willing to accept low salaries. I wish you the best, when time comes for job, hope you don’t have settle for below $100,000.
  11. Wow!!! My mistake!!! I had no idea programs had gotten so ridiculously expensive. Last I looked the most expensive were in $80,000 range. No wonder it seems like every little college and university is starting PA programs. It’s $$$ for them, screw the graduates trying to find jobs. So sad to be in such debt and graduate with rapidly accelerating competition. Likely those new students with families and attending programs with HCL don’t or won’t want to go to rural areas with jobs and end up taking low pay. With that much debt, should never accept below 100k unless a residency type position. The profession is great, but given saturation, cost to attend and, on average, below 100k salary to start, Just doesn’t seem worth it anymore. It does concern me that students coming out having such huge debt, struggling to find jobs so will take lower pay. Sure hope OTP or independence moves more quickly and title change is done by next May. I really feel for anyone having more than 10 years to go before retirement.
  12. Aren’t the most expensive programs still less than $100,000? My question is what the heck were those in debt over $150,000 doing? Does no one know how to live within their means anymore? Rent the cheapest place, eat a lot of peanut butter, or cans of whatever is on sale!
  13. Your politically-incorrect comment is spot on!!! While the opportunity for all PA’s obtaining a residency would not be possible, expanding specialty (Derm, family med/ urgent care, ...etc.) CAQ for PA’s would be great. Either residency or a CAQ, with current standards, should be required in progressing toward independence.
  14. So while AANP has David Herbert, ranked in top 100 most influential people in health care, AAPA has leader(s) who think it would be easier to not have a real title, just say PA because it isn’t “easier” than going through all the trouble to make a chamge(that’s what Dorn said in 2016 or 2017. Yes, there is progress via the title change investigation and OTP, however, I wonder if some of the problems are due to lack of commitment or belief that a change is absolutely necessary. Rather than thinking progressively, efforts appear to have been begrudgingly proposed after years of the of majority PAs requesting and giving up on AAPA. The lack of motivation to be better prepared for title change survey may not be directly Dorn’s Fault, but as CEO, she is responsible. Anyone who feels Physician assistant or just PA is okay and does not think OTP is important, is out of touch to what changing in healthcare, m They should not be working for AAPA or have a voice in decisions made for the profession. BTW, my name, Hope2PA, was chosen to mean Hope to PA’s for a better future! One without assistant, my vote even without physician, and same practice rights as NP. However PA or Clinical Practioner, Certified Medical Practioner...continue being responsible, require several years of supervision and CEU maintenance for independence /OTP. PAs must make changes to thrive while continuing to be prepIred for quality patient care. That is the part I feel NPs have sacrificed in an effort to promote themselves.
  15. Thanks, I appreciate the clarification.
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