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  1. Thank you for everything you do, most recently, on April 3, 2020, Mr. Mittman sent letter to the Veterans Admin to request full practice authority! Even if you are not a VA employee, you should support this measure and send letters to Secretary of Veterans Affairs and Executive MD. This was, as I’ve mentioned more than once, stolen from PA’s by one of their own leaders several years back. If approved in the US dept of. Veterans Affairs, it would bode well for each individual state progression. Information about his letter is on AAPA website.
  2. Latest report where Pence answered good portion of questions, over all he did a good job. However, right at the end he talked about the doctors, nurses and medical assistants working on front lines. I obviously do not know his intention, but wry likely he was talking about PA’s, seldom would a medical assistant be a front line position. Good grief people, meaning AAPA, change the title!!! Please make fast forward future with kudos to physicians, “practitioners“ and nurses.
  3. https://www.nursingworld.org/foundation/programs/coronavirus-response-fund/ This was also advertized on TV major news station. Ive seen some PA’s post that it is unprofessional to push for OTP/FPA during the pandemic. There is.a Discussion on reddit right now. do you not realize the reason nurses and NP’s have blown past PA’s is because they don’t care what other peer professionals think. They do not set around wringing their hands over upsetting the doctors or PA’s. In 10-15 years, maybe less. PA can be physicians associate or assistant. RN’s will practice like PA’s with NP will be like physicians. Title change that is not physician dependent and Independence absolutely necessary.
  4. Just a rant..last night .I heard a network(forget which one) reporter talk about health care providers, mentioned “doctors, nurses and nurse assistant”, in the back of my mind I was wondering if they potentially mixed up physician assistant with nurse assistant. If so, welcome to reality of how effective trying to explain a PA, physician assistant. I will probably be in trouble for the next few sentences. I’ve been thinking about the effort to educate on the difference between the apostrophe thing. I know that apostrophe is a big deal to some, but do you ever kind of think admin, docs, NP’s etc. just laugh at such pettiness from a group of assistants. Physician Assistant, Physician’s Assistant, Physician Associate, Physician’s Associate, PA, all likely to suggest the same, can’t do shit on your own.
  5. It would be great if1) someone like Dave Mittman was the one interviewed, or a Progressive PA with a doctorate and residency training. You know, the kind with all the letters like nurses tend to always show off. .2)somehow, hopefully MCP title change was voted on and and it was discussed nationwide during interview .
  6. I hope you are talking about winning a title change and gradual independence.. It is not FOX's fault, could have just as easily been another reporter or news station. The problem is the title. Why do 50% of PA's want anything to do with PA, physician assistant or associate. I seriously doubt anyone would have been confused or assumed a Medical Care Practitioner was the helper behind doctors and nurses to stock and count supplies.
  7. I have no doubt it is a challenging program. I only looked at Case Western CRNA and AA program curriculums. CRNA didactic and clinical equals 42 graduate hours(which includes what appears to be about 5 hours of leadership, finance and legislative issues). Same University, Case Western AA curriculum equals 70 grad hours for didactic and clinical(no leadership, legislative and financial courses included). Maybe I am missing something, but based on Case Western requirements, AA is nearly double CRNA.
  8. Maybe not, AA is great in theory but They are having more trouble than PA’s because they can only work in a few states. Sometimes your ideas and goals change after exposure to various work sites. I do believe I have read in a thread somewhere about PA’s actually questioning how to possibly get into anesthesia. MacLocal, Just out of curiosity, in what part of the country is this “residency idea” ?
  9. I am not extremely familiar with all requirements for CRNA, however I recently looked into Case Western AA and CRNA programs. RN’s are not required to have, as previously, the few years of critical care experience. CRNA coursework/clinical was almost half of AA’s. I do not see why a PA who worked in critical care with a strong science background, couldn’t do an awesome job. It is my understanding that any residency type training includes a lot of didactic education. As is AA’s are having a hard time getting opportunity to practice because Nursing flat out fights against them. I’ve seen letters saying they do not have appropriate education, wrong, or that the state doesn’t need them, AA’s, , they just need to give CRNA more freedom and independence.
  10. I do not understand how anyone could think that privileges are not associated to title. You, and many of your colleagues have wanted a title change for years, Why? Because you are a provider who has the ability and knowledge to treat patients, often with supervision only on paper? Because the title does not reflect to service you actually provide? The perception of PA title is preventing, or at best making increased privileges more difficult to achieve. It is a privilege issue, however the real perception of people who can change those privileges is that PA’s are not providers who can or should practice without delegated supervision or collaboration. Not saying title will magically make everything better, but a title that is easy to understand and separates you from the appearance of forever needing a physician would sure make gaining privileges much easier.
  11. Their legacy is they actually think PA is a WELL known respected profession , thus the reason so many don’t want to give up the precious initials. How many times of being overlooked does it take to realize, PA DOES NOT stand for or suggest practitioner! Even after 50 years PA is overlooked because PA (assistant or associate) has no significant meaning to the majority of people. Marketing is larger than anyone wants to admit. Even if you get rid of “the dead weight”, it will be extremely difficult to get past not being physician side kick or helper. You are beating your head against a wall and wasting a ton of energy just trying to explain, and explain again what the hell you are and can do. You can only hope the few progressive members and leaders just tell the dead weights to set down, shut up, and change the title this May. Like a virus, the gradual demise has been occurring each time NP’s get independence. Physician assistants are described as just that, assistants. If you think changing to associate will make a difference, you are wrong! NP’s, with all their power, will continue to explain how they can work independent of physicians, while the PA is lesser, because you are still tied to physician.
  12. About a year after VA PA’s were basically screwed by a leader, I spoke with a VAMC PA Association level person to ask if they were going to pursue or attempt independence again. He basically said they were doing fine as is. Wish I could recall the name, I’d call him and ask what he thinks now. This is and has been the mind set of so many PA’s. This is the reason PA’s are stuck as Assistants and barely want to advance to Associate level. I hope that individual and all other VA PA’s realize it is not fine and actually do something!
  13. Could someone post the letter so that non-PA’s could participate, share and send to their senators. I’d assume the more the merrier.
  14. So Tennessee NP’s got FPA, While for PA’s they decreased supervision, co signs etc only in effect DURING this time of need, then back to life as it was. Even DMS grads in Tennessee couldn’t get FPA. Continues to prove it’s all about politics, not what is best for patients.
  15. PACali, I hope you are in the position to help make Medical Care Practitioner happen. It is the absolute best option for the future and will be a shame and disservice to not grab it while you have the opportunity.
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