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  1. And AAPA and your HOD just blew the opportunity to give a title to make an appropriate impression on patients, legislators and administrators. I think PAs were actually respected more by general population 30 years ago than today. You are no better understand and new title will be a battle. Congratulations!
  2. AAPA and HOD knew Associate was going to be an issue, they knew physicians would fight, and rightly so, yet they did not want to follow best option for PA. You will spend so much more time, energy and money fighting for associate when you could have just spent time and money changing to MCP without a fight from anyone. Then you could have easily incorporated moving forward with OTP etc. PAs and PA admin/leaders don’t need anyone putting you down or holding you back. It is all done internally.
  3. Did AAPA and HOD just pass off/up Evidence Based Marketing in favor of title that they knew was not going to be accepted by physicians easily. If you were really trying to "play nice" you, as a profession, would have gone with MCP or something similar. Spineless leaders who buy into the blockbuster theory! I really have valued PA's knowledge over other non physician providers I've experienced. Nurses may be slacking on the necessary medical education to be in the positions they have, but they currently have easy pick of jobs and better pay over PA's in many areas. A new young(under 30) FNP j
  4. Didn't the million dollar research show that associate was not acceptable to physicians? Did the board members from Texas think, with all the history in that state, that physicians would just roll over? You are going to spend a lot of time, money and energy fighting for associate. Would not have been a battle with physicians as a Medical Care Practitioner. Time, energy and money that could have rolled MCP in with OTP. Was this a ploy by AAPA and HOD to vote for the easy, yet controversial title so they can say they tried and you will remain assistant in many states for years continuing to l
  5. My analogy I have a debilitating disease that could negatively impact others. Medical researchers, the ones that really know what is best, have suggested a treatment, Physicians, allied healthcare, family and friends also agree is my very best option. I think option one is to hard of a pill to swallow. I could break it up and take it over a year or two, but just don't want to bother. Instead, I decide to go against what the experts tell me is best. I chose the option physicians are whole heartedly against. Obviously this second option will be better than nothing, but it is far
  6. I saw, or heard someone mention Physician Associate used to be PA title or was going to be in 1960”s, but physicians didn’t agree. I also thought physicians are still, based on the recent research, still very much against associate. There are businesses “Physician Associate”. Is this move just pretend to change, knowing physicians aren’t going to allow it to happen. Then they, HOD, AAPA, can throw up their hands and say, “ Oh well, we tried, not our fault, physician assistant is good, we’ve been fine for years, no problem” Med Techs successfully changed their title to Medical Laboratory Sci
  7. A lot of NPs don’t agree with FPA, yet their leaders push relentlessly to improve opportunities for Nursing and NP future. Guarantee those NPs who say they are against it are happy for increased job opportunities. Similarly a bunch of PA’s don’t want an appropriate title change that allows them to be Practitioner’s not helpers and they don’t want any form of independence. They would rather allow the profession to wither. Do PA leaders not have the foresight and power to be as proactive for the profession like NP/nursing leaders. Right now, they are your problem, not the old timer PAs, unless
  8. I was seriously hoping my interpretation was wrong. Guess it is great as a PA, difficult to convince legislators you can practice medicine without supervision when title basically sets the standard.
  9. If there is going to be change, it will be by nursing (FPA practitioners), not "assistants". PA's can't even get past eliminating an outdated, ball and chain title, with a research based proven one in hand. To "be the change", the AAPA and HOD and whomever else makes decisions have to lead the change.
  10. Senate bill to expand physician assistant scope of practice clears final committee stop (floridapolitics.com) Here are a few snippets: Looks like cant practice without oversight (PA's are not Practitioners, you are, at best physician assistant/associate). The bill would also allow a physician to supervise up to 10 assistants. Currently, a physician is limited to supervising four physician assistants. The initial bill also sought to allow physician assistants to practice without oversight. The provision, however, was altered in its first committee to instead modify the current
  11. Did the legislation to give PA's some sort of gradual independence die again? While reading, it looks as if it was amended this past week to leave in "supervision", with no options of more independence. Hopefully misread, however if it is true, and the AAPA/HOD vote keeps your title tied to physicians, your leaders really do not care about future PA's.
  12. Looking at job for Certified Orthopedic Physician Assistant. I assumed this was open to PA's with orthopedic experience. However cam across the following from National Board for Certification of Orthopaedic Physician's Assistants "Candidates must have completed an orthopaedic assistant program, a primary care physician assistant program, or a nurse practitioner program or completion of a related allied health care program and have at least five (5) years of experience in orthopaedic work with responsibility in surgical assisting, history and physical assessment, and immobilization tec
  13. Marketing and perception matters in everything! The research results stated PA, in any form, was not best for the profession and MCP is to those that really matter. How can HOD and leaders just decide to chose the worse option(s). Your HOD and AAPA leaders may know medicine, but do they recall the ethics? By ignoring the marketing professionals they are choosing to provide sub par or negligent care for the health and well-being of the profession.
  14. Congratulations! Did you accomplish this in an NP FPA state? How do regulations between PA/NP compare? It’s great that your employer hired based on your experience and not title. However, it is not always the case. A PA moving back to hometown due to family needs, looking for position in PCP, I discussed resume with office manager. They were extremely impressed, perfect credentials, couldn’t wait to meet with them. Then realized it was a PA. Bottom line, no, we only hire NP because they are independent like physicians. A fairly new grad online NP gets the position, never worked in primar
  15. Just out of curiosity, are you in a state with FPA for NP? Or at least much less restrictions for NP compared to PA? If neither, what do you think the reasoning would be? In my area, they flat out say its the independence issue.
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