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  1. Congratulations! Did you accomplish this in an NP FPA state? How do regulations between PA/NP compare? It’s great that your employer hired based on your experience and not title. However, it is not always the case. A PA moving back to hometown due to family needs, looking for position in PCP, I discussed resume with office manager. They were extremely impressed, perfect credentials, couldn’t wait to meet with them. Then realized it was a PA. Bottom line, no, we only hire NP because they are independent like physicians. A fairly new grad online NP gets the position, never worked in primar
  2. Just out of curiosity, are you in a state with FPA for NP? Or at least much less restrictions for NP compared to PA? If neither, what do you think the reasoning would be? In my area, they flat out say its the independence issue.
  3. You are saying that if PA's start accepting salaries at least $20,000 below NP's then job outlook or economic fortune will turn in their favor! Is that the answer to lack of PA jobs? Accept extremely low salaries so the cost and headache of supervision would be worth it to admin? Is that what PA's who are against OTP/staged independence and title change are hoping for, to have salaries decrease by $20,000+ just to have a job? Thankfully, it appears more and more PA's appear to be on board with progression over the past few years and are looking toward a more positive outcome. How about
  4. How much cheaper do you want PA's to be? I do not think your statement is necessarily true. In an NP independent state the hospital system hires NP over PA, unless in certain specialties, such as surgery. The primary care independent NP's make as much and often more than specialty/surgery PA's. Admin says it is because they are so much easier to hire and deal with than PA. NP's are still cheaper than physicians, but they will not consider PA, even at a cheaper rate due to the hustle. Thankfully, for future of PA's, many are seeing and working toward the need of OTP, independence, whatever a
  5. My state has had independent practice for NP since approximately 2013. There are jobs for PA's in surgery, some sub specialties, and occasionally, rarely, if urgent care cant find NP. I spoke with one of our hospital admin about a position in primary care a week or so ago. I mentioned a PA friend, 5+ years experience and provided a quick description of background who may be interested. Initially he said she sounds perfect, please have her contact us. I replied great, it has been tough because most of the positions have gone to NP. He then replied, oh yes, it is for NP, they are independent
  6. Utah just passed a bill for "sort of" independence after 10,000Hours (5 years) of professional PA work. That is not new grad. Colorado just failed a bill which would have required around 7,500-8,000hours (4years) as PA. Don't think any state has recommended independence for new grad. That is unless you are an NP, because their fairy godmother must somehow magically make them learn in 500 hours what it takes a PA (in Utah), 12,000 hours, counting clinical year, and a physician similar hours, but more education. It still makes getting a job tough on new grad PA's, but better for patients who
  7. Not sure if this will help new grad, but; 1) sell something else and join national and state PA association tell them to change title ASAP for "Practitioner" and continue to push for OTP or FPA. Volunteer to help them and get to know more PA's that may help you find a position. 2) start frequenting any location where you can meet and chat with physicians, nurses, RT, admin, tech's etc. ANYONE associated with local hospital systems. 3) If you haven't, or if it's been more than a month or two(don't be a weekly pest), go into HR and politely check on potential openings. Jobs are often filled befo
  8. PA’s are highly educated medical professionals that use research based treatment to recommend best care for patient outcome. I imagine PA’s want to scream each time patient ignores their professional recommendations. My point is, WHY are PA’s still debating evidence based research for title change done by educated marketing team? You are no better than that patient who comes in and says I don’t care if I die, don’t like what you say, so not going to listen. Your knowledge is medical, not marketing. Hopefully leaders will listen as follow evidence and suggestions from real profession
  9. Where is Texas PA association? Why do states allow these bills to not address PA advancement as NPs go on to another state with independence?
  10. In my area, NP's and PA's are typically hired at the same rate. However, NP's are now the hire of choice. I work in a hospital system with many satellite clinics. PA's actually have it pretty good, being one of the more PA friendly states, at least that is what someone against independence would say. However, I have been in informal meetings about 1-2yrs ago with CEO, CNO and other paraprofessionals, and the general idea, thanks to your title and the CNO describing how NP's have 3years post grad and PA's are only 2years education to assist physicians. Fast forward, last couple months, two
  11. Is anyone aware of the outcome? Or updated info? I understand this was only a step toward allowing PA's FPA in the Department of Veteran's Affairs, just wondering how it was progressing.
  12. Really do Wish you all the best! To bad the title change couldn't have already been voted in and moving forward. Wasn't the "physician assistant" title part of the hinderance last year? I understand many PA's think new title will cost a lot of money, however, maybe if you were Medical Care Practitioners last year, you wouldn't need to be spending time and money now. Takes a lot of effort to convivence anyone that Physician Assistant, or even associate equates to a profession deserving of FPA. Not saying impossible, just MUCH more difficult.
  13. That is the expected new jobs through 2028. Graduation of approximately 9,000-10,000 PAs per year and 30,000+ NP per year. Better hold on to your hats come 2025. All the while, we as a country are struggling with nurse and teacher shortage. I don’t understand how this could be ranked as #1 profession to enter at this time.
  14. Great news for PA’s! Wish they were also included in the $5 million NP’s are getting for post grad fellowships included in the COVID Relief Bill.
  15. This is why they, Docs do not want any form of independence for PA’s and won’t look at options for PA’s . That extra percent is pretty nice at the end of the day. There are ways for PA’s(MCP) and NP’s to provide appropriate care independently, given adequate supervision and required exam similar to Family med board, not watered down NP nursing care version. Not right out of school, or even in 2 years, as many NP’s are doing. My opinion, PA’s need title and serious post grad supervision, plus required some sort of area specific continued education for at least 3 years, then independence. Tak
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