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  1. So while AANP has David Herbert, ranked in top 100 most influential people in health care, AAPA has leader(s) who think it would be easier to not have a real title, just say PA because it isn’t “easier” than going through all the trouble to make a chamge(that’s what Dorn said in 2016 or 2017. Yes, there is progress via the title change investigation and OTP, however, I wonder if some of the problems are due to lack of commitment or belief that a change is absolutely necessary. Rather than thinking progressively, efforts appear to have been begrudgingly proposed after years of the of majority PAs requesting and giving up on AAPA. The lack of motivation to be better prepared for title change survey may not be directly Dorn’s Fault, but as CEO, she is responsible. Anyone who feels Physician assistant or just PA is okay and does not think OTP is important, is out of touch to what changing in healthcare, m They should not be working for AAPA or have a voice in decisions made for the profession. BTW, my name, Hope2PA, was chosen to mean Hope to PA’s for a better future! One without assistant, my vote even without physician, and same practice rights as NP. However PA or Clinical Practioner, Certified Medical Practioner...continue being responsible, require several years of supervision and CEU maintenance for independence /OTP. PAs must make changes to thrive while continuing to be prepIred for quality patient care. That is the part I feel NPs have sacrificed in an effort to promote themselves.
  2. Thanks, I appreciate the clarification.
  3. I still do not understand!, what am I missing?, HB 2907 does NOT mention PA, only NP. Rondoben said there is no distinction in Tx. between NP and PA, yet sas5818 stated that NP tried to strike themselves from supervision, Which suggests there is a difference. So why are PA’s not listed in Darby’s HB2907? Looks like it will only help NP.
  4. If there is no distinction, why does Darby’s proposal list NP instead of APP or NP/PA. I’m or was skeptical when it specifically stated one and not other.
  5. Did I read correctly? ND version of OTP bill passed and signed by Gov on 4/5/2019!!!!!
  6. I do not believe legislatures really understand what is included in many bills they pass, but why the hell would TAPA support HB2907! Should be fighting to get PA’s included! Are they planning on waiting, like has been done with independence, thinking they can add it on in the future? Good luck Texas PA’s, with support for bills like this, will there be much of a future? Hopefully, it is an oversight that will be amended before continuing to proceed.
  7. Way to go! A good step in the right direction! Hope they and others can get that to apply to PA’s other than just Hospital employeed in next year or so.
  8. Why in the world go to a title that the average person still doesn’t understand? To much time wasted explaining, and guaranteed patients wouldn’t remember. I just hope whatever choice, it is pretty easy for patents to realized off the bat the person treating this is a professionally/formally educated provider..Period, not a what are you? What does that word mean... Or when will you be a real Dr.(if Associate the choice). Anyone, no matter your chosen specialty, should never cling to Assistant....really, what are they thinking? Resently talked to scrub nurse, they assist in surgery, but would never call themselves or allow others to call them assistants. How about scrubtechs, the list goes on....
  9. Not saying it's good or bad, but I still don't know why everyone tries so hard to keep PA. Yes, may be eaiser short term, but why? Why not make title Change really worth while and something that will make folks take notice and garner respect that currently is not there. Only got one shot. Actually this discussion really doesn't matter. It's in hands of a company that, hopefully, will propose something to truly advance the profession instead of one that is easy or doesn't step on anyone's toes!
  10. Physician; only really related to physician because currently must be teathered to them in some way, whether you say supervising manditory collaboration, still the physicians pawn. Education is not typically stated physician education, rather trained in Medical model, like physicians. Asociate is a partner or subordinate. Generally speaking, when not a business group of associates, it is just a step above assistant, but it's a position in which you can further advance....Not likely! As long as tied, there will be no further advancement. Every healthcare profession should and does collaborate for the betterment of patients. None of them, except PA and decreasing number of NP require specific oversight of another profession to basically allow them to legally work. Little off topic.., but If you, anyone wants to continue as is, playing nice and requiring physician, or qualified healthcare provider agreement to work, why not go back to BS degree like PTA, OTA, SLPA, cause that's what you are. With the current education, it is just wrong for employment to be dependent upon another...Doesn't mean there shouldn't be some definite phase in to independence, no way for new any PA or NP out alone without at least 3 years and specified related CEU at least equal to physician. I think PAs generally do this anyway.
  11. PA stands for a lot of other professios, and physician assistant is not the first to typically pop up, Medical Practioner may not be the choice, but shouldn’t be because of MP’s in military. What do NP’s that “assist” physicians in same jobs as PA’s call themselves? Are they not “assists”?........ Post op, patient has to see practitioner rather than doc or “assistant” rather than doc. My old aunt wants the practitioner! Physician Associate awful far close to the Associate Physician. And WHY do something to keep initials just because it easier to change business cards, name plate, etc. ? Like pulling out a thorn, it may hurt momentarily, but oh the relief when it’s finally done!!
  12. My point was, 2-3years ago when NP’s were legislating for indipendent practice in VA, I’m pretty sure, not positive, I saw that PA’s were initially linked in with them some how. But then a statement was put out that PA’s did not want this, they were dedicated to the team. Yes a nice bill has passed. However, if memory serves, it could have been more like what Florida is proposing. Soon after, VA proposed change to OTP, thankfully didn’t happen.
  13. Another to add to pot, MSP MEDICAL SCIENCE PRACTITONER. Goes with Master Medical science degree and Doctor Medical Science John DOE, MSP-C Medical Practioner I see the concern with Medical Practioner, However, MD and DO may be thought “medical practitioner”, they NEVER say hi I’m Dr. John, your Medical Practioner. As long as PA, or whatever, doesn’t say hi I’m Dr......, physicians don’t really care, from what I’ve heard. Just don’t pretend, insinuate or consider calling self Dr. in the clinic. That’s ok, they put in the time for that recognition.
  14. Agree, don't complain if you don't want to take action. I have assisted with state working group. Called, emailed, written letters or met with more than 50 state and federal legislative members. I am not in Texas and don't really know anyone from there. I am not really complaining, just providing info on something I read and would be contacting people if it were my state. PA's may not "like" the idea of degree creep, few professions have. Yet, there is not one(that I'm aware of), previously Master degree program in a health related field, that has not or is not moving toward doctorate. I'd say SLP slowest because so many working in public schools. Meanwhile PA Master degree requirements are pretty close to equal most of those doctorates. How many PA's didn't "like" the idea of more independence and wanted to stay closely bound to physicians while NP's pushed forward? We can see where that has gotten the profession, scrambling to catch up!
  15. Sure hope Florida PA’s support this! Would be only way to actually even or level playing field.
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