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  1. Right now, you better hope Medical Care Practitioner and OTP is accomplished quickly so you can be on level with NP’s in he eyes of administration. The possibility of Collaborative Anything Practitioner/Associate sound sounds like a dependent practitioner that must collaborate with physicians or Nurse Practitioners. You say Medical Care Practitioner is vague, but plenty clear for patients.
  2. Jovan, as a new PA, maybe you have listened to professors and programs who act like all is well .They care about their own pockets or they would have more frank discussions about importance of being informed and involved with state and national associations . One other title, Medical Care Practitioner, may more accurately describe your profession. However, it appears Physician Associate is often chosen because it’s easy, not because it will be best for your future. It is a better option than Assistant, but trying to fit new title into PA is pigeon hole mindset. As far as greater independence, legislators look at title and who wields most power or better smoozes them. Which do you honestly think a lay person would assume to be more valued, an Assistant Associate or Practitioner? They have already granted more freedom to Nurse Practitioners, it is a descriptor they can relate to, Practitioner.
  3. In the past 10 years, DPT, PharmD, AuD and likely others have made changes to further their profession.(OT and SLP) Wonder how much they had to struggle with members complaining about change and wanting to stay as is. The fact is change is absolutely necessary. In Chicago physicians are loosing their jobs to NP, what makes anyone think they are safe as a dependent PA. Even if you have a great doc privately, what happens if he/she would lose license due, retire. I am in a great place and can retire, if necessary, but that doesn’t mean I should not fight for future of others.
  4. 1.Never even crossed my mind that the words disheartening that so many are unaware and Please educate yourself was condescending. Maybe I should say it is very frustrating that so many do not have a clue what is going on in their profession. Now that ProSpectre and PAin Penna have fought you up, I sincerely hope you share the info with the hundreds of PA’s you work with. I am sure PAinPenna would be thrilled to suddenly have so many more new members of your state organization. 2.I did explain things to my children, when they were five, At this point, they know how to find and learn about area of interest on their own. They are grown professionals with their own nearly 5 yr olds.
  5. It is disheartening that many PA’s don’t have a clue about what is going on in their profession. Go to AAPA site and read about OTP,. It is not full independence, but for PA’s in the growing number of states that give NP’s Independence, it is vital for PA future. At least you are inquiring, that is a start. PLEASE become informed about how important getting a new title, one that will be appropriate long term. Plus importance of participating in your state to promote Optimal Team Practice, which takes away requirement for physician service to supervise or technically be responsible for you. In many locations, PA’s have not been considered for jobs because of requirements. Instead they are only given to NP as they do not require same amount of paperwork, supervision etc. Join AAPA and State organization. Then encourage other PA’s/MCP:) to do the same.
  6. Regardless of my posts and preference for MSP, I would be very Thankful if this time next year bills were being written to change title to Medical Care Practitioner in each state along with, at the very least, absolute OTP. Keeping my fingers crossed that PA will be a thing of the past. New decade, new title and hopefully continued passion for making the profession viable in the future! For all those lucky enough to be off Tomorrow, Happy Thanksgiving!
  7. Can’t be loosing the battle when not even fighting. Until very recently AAPA refused to even consider repeated requests for title change and updated practice laws, preferring to set on sidelines. Even now I’d hate to guess how many PA’s still don’t feel it is necessary to do anything differently. Rather than loosing, PA’s have been gracious hosts holding the door for others. I go back to previous incidents when PA’s we’re pretty much given opportunity to be independent in the VAMC and said no thanks, let NP’s do that, we work as Assistants. I’ve also mentioned Virginia PA’s being on legislation when NP’s were working to gain independence , again turned down opportunity to be part of that legislation.
  8. I’d like to see why Science had to be excluded and Care is OK. There is NO other Medical Science Practitioner title, no one uses that to address themselves. Some programs for PA’s are called Master of Medical SCIENCE, not Masters of Medical CARE. I feel like Medical Care Practitioner was picked because it not as acceptable as an attempt to make Physician Associate a default best option (MCP still better than PA). Only my opinion, but that is what I will believe until proven otherwise.
  9. I believe it was determined that each state will make decisions. Which means State organizations better get their act together and stop pandering to groups that only want to keep PA’s and NP’s at bay. The NP’s WILL achieve all goals, For those who think it is better to keep pA title, whether Assistants or Associates, you are still tying PA’s to “needing” physicians and not being viewed as potentially independent practitioners. Allow those that want to remain dependent, stay “PA”. Any one that wants more independence and equal pay like physicians and NP, get the DMSc and let those that like status quo, keep their status quo.
  10. Didn’t President Trump sign some executive order early October to take away required supervision for NP and PA, and have Medicare payments go to job done not title held. I don’t know what else has happened with this except AAFP and I think AMA are fighting against and Nurses are fighting for. Scary thought is NP can push the fact that they already have independence in half of US, PA’s on the other hand do not. Legislation will likely agree PA’s are Assistants, or even Associates, but definitely not worthy of independence or equal pay because they are tied to physician’s. AAFP and AMA will settle because at least they win half the battle.
  11. The only way to PROVE how valuable PA’s are is to actually be considered for positions. Administrators do not always care about your education, In nearly half the states, NP’s are easier to deal with, and could cost less, because physicians are not required to supervise or collaborate with them. Support AAPA, PAFT and state association. Then demand they work toward OTP and potentially independence similar to NP.
  12. Thank you delta wave, I will be more cautious in the future.
  13. Feel like this is beating a dead horse, and will be my last post on this discussion, however please, someone educate me on why Medical Science Practitioner was not on the final 4? I am hoping the final 4 were, like someone said, just ways to get further info and not actual options(although Medical Care Practitioner not bad)It just appears to be so descriptive with excellent potential for future legislation. Ties into Masters of Medical Science and Doctors of Medical Science. Those in the know, please help me understand.
  14. At this point if PA’s do not get a long term sustainable title change that can be viable for independence AND OTP in many states within the year, isn’t highly suggest potential students find another path.
  15. Not sure it actually failed. The bill was introduced along with bills that eliminate supervision or collaboration requirements for NP. Looks like They , but were sent to committees for further review. I may be wrong, but it appears that keeps them at least somewhat on books for this upcoming legislation. Maybe someone else knows better how it works, but Missouri PA’s may be first to really become extinct.
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