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  1. First, do you realize you are asking about Medical Assistant on a Physician Assistant site? Do you realize the difference between the two? Medical Assistant (MA) is a certification that takes up to one year post high school. Physician Assistant (PA) requires a Master level program requiring about seven years post high school. A PA is a Medical provider with a crappy title who is typically more educated than a Nurse practitioner, but not as much as a physician. Doubtful many PA”s on this site are familiar with MA programs unless they happen to have worked as one prior to going on for bachelors or Masters degree.
  2. Educate other PA’s on problems they do not see or wish to ignore. Demand leaders to push for Full practice authority and no longer be an assistant or dependent upon physicians. Have you, any of you taken the time to write letters To request Full practice for government jobs? In another thread I provided addresses For Wilkie and Dr. Stone. See link to letter from Dave Mittman https://www.aapa.org/news-central/2020/04/aapa-asks-secretary-wilkie-veterans-health-administration-for-full-practice-authority-for-pas-at-va/
  3. Every member of HOD/AAPA, including the “Director at large” should be required to present their views prior to election, how else do you know the person you are voting for supports what you feel is for betterment of the profession both now and many years down the road? Are people who hold positions not allowed to have their own thoughts. I’d bet everyone running for a position is a “great guy/gal”, but what are their goals and what are they willing to fight for in regards to title change and future independence? How does he feel And would he support independence after specified number of years? While active In the state and national level, what specific legislation and Changes did he support/accomplish? For those holding out on proving results to title change, investigation, well the most polite thing I can say is you should be ashamed of your indifference or flat out lack of passion or care toward the future of this profession.
  4. Congrats to all Minnesota PA’s after 4 years of hard work, you achieved a great accomplishment. AAPA is on 5th year working for PA”s to do direct billing, maybe they will be successful this year. https://www.minnesotapa.org/news/509884/PA-Modernization-Act-becomes-Law.htm
  5. Sadly, what use to be a 3 year ICU RN requirement is no longer a requirement for CRNA. But you are right, they have the foot hold and are not about to give it up. Someone suggested they should fight against PA Anesthesia because they did it first. Yet Family Med NP, APRN, etc have no problem moving into areas previously filled by PA's, such as surgery. Why should PA and AA's keep of CRNA territory, if interested and have the experience. Why couldn't an ICU PA be a darn good anesthesia PA or AA. Will not likely happen because money and numbers talk, not ability. Please don't take that as suggesting CRNA do not have the ability, they just will not allow anyone else with the ability fill the need.
  6. I do not work for the VA, did contract for a short period years ago and have friends and family who work in other professions. This is what little I understand. It is government, so once you have a job, you will likely keep a position without the change in salary that others are experiencing now. The VA does not usually send you on nice CME trips, more likely online and VA centered CME. Many, many years ago, PA's were preferred over NP, but like the rest of the world, PA's have not advocated for themselves, NP's have, and they are making more $$, I think the parity is getting. NP's have independence in the VAMC where PA's turned that option down a few years ago, stupid mistake! However, AAPA Dave Mittman recently sent a letter requesting PA's be reconsidered for independence. Not sure enough PA's care to send follow-up letters to help get this passed, again stupid! EVERY PA, whether working in the VA or not should be writing letters, because if passed, it would bode well for individual states. Okay, back on benefits, retirement pension, plus being able to save in a 401k type is awesome, there are few pensions out there anymore. Additionally, health insurance with little to no change after retirement is good. Once in the system, easier to transfer to different location, different specialty, all while keeping your retirement and seniority in tact. If you chose to advance education to doctorate, guess what, you get paid more for that degree. Patients are not like the used to be. I hope I do not offend anyone, but the old guys were the best, appreciative, not looking for handout, but that is not unique to VAMC, it is more of a generational mindset. The VA can suck or be great, just as anywhere else. However, the VA is not likely going to close its doors. In some places they are offering care to family members, not just veterans. You really should try to contact a local VA and talk to the PA's there for better info since none appear to be on this site.
  7. I know this isn’t really the most appropriate thread, but 2nd the DMSc! I was Listening to a fairly local talk show with MD and NP interview. The host, who has been contacted about repeatedly leaving out PA’s did it again. Always mentions Doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners. Says they do not list assistants of any kind, so what’s the problem!!! Associates will not be on the list either. Only Doctors/physicians, nurses and nurse practitioners get the free media promotion.
  8. I Should have phrased it differently, a team boss NP could more easily tell or influence an NP On how to practice since NPs practice nursing care and not medicine like physicians and PA’s. Said this because based on info, the team boss, NP, wanted to over ride physician guidance to PA. Either way, to OP, don’t give up, learn from every encounter and be the better practitioner/person for your patients.
  9. Rather than setting future PA up for failure, could result in the nurse team boss pressing to never hiring a PA again. Only NP’s that she/he can legally supervise and demand they follow her/his POC.
  10. Yes likely a ploy by physicians to have more control. And yes, Professions should support each other, yet CRNA are damning AA’s every opportunity possible. Not talking about potential anesthesia educated PA’s, but a profession that has been around for years. Any time AA’s try to get licensed to practice in a state, CRNA’s lobby against them saying And providing written statements that AA’s are poorly educated and would be harmful to patients. So where is their good heart in lifting another profession? The CRNA goal is to kill the AA profession and be equal to Anesthesiologists. Nurse practitioner’s are not as blatant against PA’s, yet. They are still being a little sly on their push against PA’s.
  11. Think I’ve mentioned this twice. A hospital in an independent NP/APRN state laid off many APP’s due to finances a few years back. As they rehires, what was once at least half PA, half NP , became closer to 3/4 NP. Yet, rumor has it that PA will remain PA, changing the assistant to associate still doesn’t take out the presumed need for physician oversight forever. As a PA, the profession will not be seen anymore than it currently is, Not a Doctor and not a Practitioner. Local news has a Q/A with various Physician, NP, PT etc. not ever PA. Again, Assistant or Associate, still physician helper. Not that PA can’t get laws passed, but the fact is It is the law makers that decide future practice rights. They do not take the time to know or care what your education is. They look at a title which suggests need for physician oversight, then no matter what “you are lesser”. There are to many PAs that want to remain just that, a physician helper. Feel there has been fair amount of increased interest in the future, but is it enough to make AAPA and HOD vote for something other than easy way out. I ask, in another thread for an explanation as to why Physician Associate is still the choice? With an answer other than it’s easier, cheaper, faster. Ten plus years ago there was push for Associate, that was before NPs had gained so much independence. Is it really the best choice. I know their has been gone over and over, but have heard no other reason than the initials, the ease and because it keeps the profession associated with physicians. Physicians who no longer care. In my specialty office, they will be hiring a new APP, I’ve been told it will be a brand spanking new NP, with no related experience. It is the physician saying It’s better in future due to paperwork. Just makes me sick!!! Thus my rant! Get a real Title that shows at least equality to NP and fight for OTP/FPA!
  12. If you are "volunteering" to go to an area hard hit with this virus, or any other disaster, why would you expect to not be working with very ill patients? I am sorry, but why would someone with home health experience think working in the situation was a good idea? Oh yea, $13,000. I am not sure how positions were advertised, but the reality is they knew they signed up for a disaster!
  13. It has been 10+ years in discussion, 2 years of research. They already know the title is horrible. Associate iis a mere appeasement and not having the guts to make a move that will benefit the profession long term. At a time where we are seeing telemedicine, zoom parties and weddings, and AAPA, HOD etc can’t manage to get this issue taken care of ASAP? When I say a little more time, I am talking few months. Why should it be any longer? Who can explain 1. why Physician Associate is BETTER, LONG TERM, than Medical Care Practitioner. 2. Why it can’t be accomplished within 6 months. The two titles were split when survey was done and apparently some of those for Associate later changed mind after hearing logical reasons for MCP. Not everyone will be happy, but the job of leaders is to do what is BEST for current and future of the profession, not easiest, or ok for now, or what was ok 10-15 years ago.
  14. I am obviously ignorant on time to “settle” on a name and approve it. What has been going on for the past two years? Why should it take any longer than the meeting to review and take next step immediately? It has already been determined the title is horrible. You are correct not all Pa’s agree on what title should be. However, Not all NP, APRN, CNS, CRNA agree that they should seek or have gotten independence. Many really dislike the watering down of the academics associated with their degree. However, the nurse leaders do not care what anyone thinks or says, except what is BEST to further advance NP, APRN, etc. WHY can’t AAPA, HOD and whomever else is involved get over the attitude of accepting a crappy title because it may be easier and instead, think and act upon long term impact. Even with a little extra time, if title actually was more easily understood by legislators, it is likely easier to get legislation passed, vs. the constant trying to explain that not, PA’s are not just physicians helpers, they are actually highly educated Medical Care Practitioners who, with specified time limits, can practice without all the burdens currently in place!
  15. Really? On what news, media? PA's have been lucky to be lumped in with some, but left out on others. Do you really think that is because they "understand" what a PA is? I have only heard one instance of PA's being mentioned, appropriately. Dr. and nurse, EMT and first responders yes, but not PA on any regular basis that makes the profession a more common household discussion. How many of those loosened restrictions will stick for PA's, med students, recent grads, etc? Why not change title and go forward with presenting it as PA's have been underestimated, and dismissed so much that they chose a title to better match their education and abilities, one that is more easily understood, without long explanation. Sounds more like HOD to afraid to actually make a move and are using this for an excuse. Maybe PA's have been mentioned a time or two, but more in passing and definitely not enough to get understood by common household or legislators.
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