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  1. AAPA hired and paid a professional group of marketing/branding experts to determine what would be the best for PA future. Kind of similar to a patient coming to you for best treatment of their health problem. As a medical provider, I’d imagine, it kind of pisses you off when you give them treatment plan and then they say no, you may be the expert, but I don’t like your idea so I will take my chances with what I think is best. There are experts in all areas for a reason. God help me if I don’t listen to my expert plumber. I am a fan of duct tape, but it will not be good for the long term to fix of a a rusted failing pipe. Problem is so many of us do not want to listen to experts.
  2. On April 18,or 8th 2017 over the horizon posted on this forum about Denni Woodmansee who apparently was director of PA services at Depart Veterans affairs. Apparently he convinced powers to be to keep PA’s dependent while allowing NP’s FPA. He quickly retired following backlash, but damage was done.
  3. I recall seeing the info. Can’t recall name, however I think it was director of PA in the VA who was also on NCCPA board or something similar in 2016 time frame. Not sure exactly, but will try to find out. Ended up that(she) was let go because of conflict of interest. Please don’t quote me,
  4. Doesn’t matter what physicians say about NP, they already have FPA as of 2016 or 2017(same time PA’s turned down the opportunity) However, even if the proposal is passed, it will be not be easy for for PA’s because physicians and NP’s can always point to the fact PA’s can’t have FPA because they are, by their own choice of title, a physical assistant or physician associate, not a practitioner of any sort. I also read posts, a lot appeared to be same general letter, passed along for providers to send and attach their name. I saw pages of those from CRNA. I didn’t see such letter available through AAPA. Additionally, Each state should send out letter sample to all members who should then share with family and friends. Maybe rather than general, this is good for all health care providers, AAPA could forget about every other profession for a moment and write specifically about PA’s and their education and quality of service. Gaining this federally would help individual states in their quest. NP have the ability to say, we have FPA in VA and x number of states, when addressing legislators, PA’s currently have very little.
  5. VA's authority to establish national standards of practice for health care professionals which will standardize a health care professional's practice in all VA medical facilities. Sorry to be so ignorant on the wording of proposal, Can someone tell me how, if this "authority to practice health care" is passed, would guarantee PA's would gain FPA in the VA? I want to be optimistic, but what is to prevent physicians from saying PA's cant be included because they are our Assistants/associates and not licensed practitioners. Then the CNO, who appears to be highly involved, from saying NP's are fulfilling the need and PA's should remain in assistant role?
  6. Let hope this is not a repeat of Florida. Did any0ne notice comments are submitted to Chief Nursing Officer. There is nothing stopping family and friends from commenting. If PA's lose this, they really are screwed!
  7. I looked at the VA Gov/Jobs website for USA jobs, although it pulled up a list of over 100 under Physician Assistant title, there were a total of 18. The rest were predominately Advanced Medical Assistant (office secretary type), Physician (Assistant director of something) and various other "assistant" or associate type positions. The Nurse Practitioner had around 70 positions, the majority were primary care, only one PA primary care. I did not keep counting as they gradually became dispersed in various nursing jobs, so possibly around 85 is my guess. Private medical for profit want easy, which means independent NP and the VA, government also appears to be heading toward same mindset.
  8. Looking into jobs at VAMC, it appears majority, appeared at least 3-4 times more, are for NP or APRN vs PA. The requirements do not even mention PA education, strictly Nurse Practitioner or APRN degree. Even saw a few that will consider RN working on NP. Very few PA job listings. When i entered Physician assistant, few popped up, but then majority of posts were for other type assistants. Have PA's lost or loosing the opportunities at VAMC now?
  9. I assume this maybe should be on state forum, possible my be someone here who knows someone or has family in PA. If you look at current progression, Senator Andrew Dinniman voted Yay to pass SN 25 for NP independence, yet voted NO for PA SB 870-871. He needs educated! The best way for PA’s to really be successful is to help your neighbors! Contact anyone you know that does have access to email(they often only take emails from constituents. PA’s, should collaborate between states and be aware of legislation. nothing stops you from sending a postcard, flyer or letter to legislators not in your state or region. They May not read them al, but if the receive a bunch of cards with PASS SB .... for PA’s they may at least look at it a little more.
  10. Haha, while NP’s are shooting for the stars, to many PA’s and AAPA are afraid to climb more than a small mountain for the professions future. PA goal, in the future, may need to be more about being on par, with RN. Assistant or Associate will never gain equal ground with NP.
  11. 2nd this!!! However, before making jump into PA, educate yourself on the current and future obstacles PA’s are facing. Very poor title “assistant” applicable years ago, not now. Plus the ever increasing NP independence that is frowning like wildfire. Will be every state within 10 years. I work in an ENT office owned by large hospital Corp. While the ENT wants to hire a PA, the management prefers NP due to less oversight and paperwork. Not sure who will win, but right now hospital is considering an newly minted online NP vs. Physicians choice of PA with VERY relevant 10 yr experience. Sad that it is even a question of which is better candidate.
  12. You should also request any lay people in Penn to send messages. So any PA’s on this site who has family/friends living in Penn contact their representatives. You need all the help possible, especially since, I think, NP’s have independence already in your state. Sorry couldn’t have gone for OTP. Jus curious, was it because PA leaders couldn’t get anyone on board to sponsor such a bill, or afraid to make big leap and not get anywhere, or do Penn PA’s not want OTP?
  13. Look up physician associate or Associate physician, it will not be much, if any, better. mute point, but medical science practitioner with master in medical science or doctor of medical science just makes sense.
  14. Few points, The two year education is always so misleading. Physicians have four years, however when you count time actually taking classes, it can and is being done in three. So one would assume PA is about 2/3rd of physicians. Physicians are typically required 3 year residency. Some good, some appear to be little more than what a PA would get with a decent physician supervisor. Giving a new PA independence would be idiotic. Giving a PA with 5 years independence is smart professional move. Nurses with no Medical experience Are going straight into NP programs with less than half the education and training as PA’s, yet they have gained independence in a year to 3 years experience. PA’s need to protect their future or you will Eventually be working on par with RN and in many places less salary. Gain independence With rules or guidelines for graduated/staged to protect patient (better than nursing is currently doing), you are not protecting patients by standing by taking the higher ground and losing out on jobs.
  15. No reason to change, it is not incorrect, note apostrophe for physician’s. There is so much uproar within the PA profession about the apostrophe. Anyone, except PA’s, likely think it is kind of silly when your title is still assistant, and potentially associate. Likely PA’s will spend an enormous amount of time balking about being a physician associate vs. physician’s associate. So my question is why complain about such listings when you should be focusing on getting away from any title that can be remotely misconstrued. I’ve seen postings about not wanting to have title with practitioner so not confused or grouped with NP’s. Do you really think it is better to be confused with a medical assistant or a physician’s assistant. or an associate, like Walmart associate etc.
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