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  1. PA leaders have basically screwed younger PA's. I work in hospital, see and hear admin and physician talk and follow state/federal laws. AAPA spent 1 million dollars for marketing which said name should be changed to Medical Care Practitioner and that physician assistant nor associate were good options. Instead of following research, leaders chose to keep PA, attempt to change assistant to associate(physicians hate and will fight like hell). The leaders say they would fight any title change, WRONG, physicians liked Medical Care Practitioner. Additionally, your leaders have chosen to set back while NP's have achieved full practice in 30+ states. If you think the profession will continue without major problems, you are wrong. PA's who don't agree have jobs, have many years experience and aren't looking beyond their own contentment. For a group of professionals that have pretty high admission standards, your leadership is unbelievably stupid! NP's are filling every position, because physicians no longer want to "supervise" and legislators will not grant FPA to assistants. You want a future, tell leaders to rethink title and push for FPA all together. This from someone who believed physicians should always be team leader, until I got stuck with one of the poorly educated NP's as a family provider in an NP independent state, who really screwed up. They, NP's, will have FPA in all states within 10 years, you PA's, don't have option if you want to survive.
  2. I have Two master degrees, neither one nursing. I’ve worked as therapist and in management. Long time, since military, supporter of PAs. Unfortunately you, PAs, do technically belong to Medical board and physicians. You cannot work or get licensed without them.Not sure of any other Master or doctorate level health providers that are stuck in the same position. As I said no one but PAs really pay attention to the /“s/. My point is rather than spend time and energy trying to convince people of the semantics, convince them you deserve to be something other than a damn assistant and that you deserve some form of graduated total independence.
  3. Thing is no one sees Physician Assistant any different than Physician’s Assistant. Only PAs notice or care. You are viewed the same either way, and unfortunately increasingly as an assistant, the increasing NPs have not helped views of PAs. . I understand it is a sore spot, but to others, you should be more concerned with the fact that you are still an assistant. Trying to eliminate that possessive is nearly a waste of time. In fact, you as a profession do currently belong to physicians because you can’t do anything without them. Cold hard truth from someone who highly respects PA’s and hoped you would have become practitioners to improve your legislative chances of OTP/FPA and public viewpoint.
  4. I thought research said physicians, and everyone else, liked the Medical Care Practitioner. I understand why they don’t like physician associate. So should have leadership grown balls to change to the research based best title? Or is the issue now that because physicians don’t like the associate PAs are going to just not bother doing anything?
  5. Maybe location specific. Our VA primarily posts positions for NP, unless surgery. Within past 6 months PA applied to specialty and hospital position in which they had experience. Turned down immediately because it was posted for NP. Sent email to HR requesting they review his resume explaining that PAs are equally qualified. Turned down again, immediately with email basically saying they are hiring NPs for the posted positions. They had 3 openings, one specialty, one hospitalist type and one home health. PA applications not accepted. Major hospitals and clinics in 75 mile range do the same. Very few PA openings. Two surgical jobs even went to NP that they will provide training for first assist if needed. Experience does not matter, independence does.
  6. Not sure how this would fit with your survey, maybe more associated with Ventas comment. However an issue I’ve seen is when LPNRN-NP all count equally for years of experience and salary. This is true in some hospital systems regardless of speciality or experience. So a brand new NP that worked in schools putting on bandaids, taking temps and monitoring levels for medications on few kiddos can make more than 5 year specialty experience PA. I’m sure you can imagine the pain in training a pretty much clueless provider, level of PA student finishing rotations,, making $15,000 more than you. Admin just shrugs shoulders.
  7. PA students, your predecessors have held on to the idea of how important it is to always and forever remain assistant. This while the nursing lobby has promoted and passed full practice authority in more than half of US states. You are going into a job market that is difficult, especially in oversaturated and NP independent locations. Older PA's who have had their jobs for years or a lot of experience do not see a problem. YOU WILL HAVE A PROBLEM if you do not begin advocating for your profession. Demand states to change legislation. I live in an NP independent state and PA's are being turned down, not because lack of experience, even very experienced PA's turned down only because they are not independent and NP's are. My office manager said they will hire PA only as last resort. Even physicians see the end of PA's coming, they do not help you, they seldom own own practice and hospital goes for ease of hire, not knowledge and experience. The following was posted by a physician in response to Delaware legislation "Does make me wonder if PA as a profession has a looming expiration date". Some of older PA's have been concerned about this for many years, but not enough to make a change. You are young in your career, better fight or you may not see retirement as a PA. It was a great profession, however, the lackadaisical, all is fine attitude has and will continue kill future prospects professionally. Do not assume surgical specialties will always be there. Local hospital turned down PA with 4 years surgical experience because NP just easier to hire, requirement was NP had to get first assist certification in one year. While this is not the norm, yet, it is happening. I don't mean this as a dooms day post, but a call for students and new PA's to really look at what is happening. As new PA you shouldn't have independence, but in some positions, after 3-5 years and maybe a specialty certification, it is doable. Heck, less educated NP's are getting FPA in much less time. They obviously aren't concerned about lack of education and experience, PA's have more stringent and consistent education and could require longer supervision prior to independence, that's if you want a career in 15 years.
  8. Do you mind sharing the name of health system? Or a list of systems that use PA's in such a position.
  9. Are you sure it is not profession rather than age issue? I know of experienced PAs struggling, late 30’, so young.. Many positions are being posted in the 60 mile area, and they are/have been applying to all but 2 specialties within past 5 months. Either have received no replies or have received notification of they are looking for NP. Some Postings have even said will accept NP no experience. Another was surgical, the hospital hired a FNP with no surgical experience that they are training and requiring first assist certification within a year. surgical PA with nearly 5 yrs experience was not considered. Yes jobs are out there and increasing in number, just not always open for PA in an NP independent state. It’s not that older PAs have helped younger take their jobs, it’s that older, not necessarily you, did not allow the profession to advance, holding on to archaic thinking. I keep hearing it’s getting better, but is it really? It’s not fair that you can’t find a job, but what about the younger group who are stuck with debt and realizing it may take a year or more to find a job.. Or mid career who aren’t even close to retirement, no age discrimination, plenty of experience, but wrong degree.
  10. My mistake. I didn’t realize any state legally used title Physician Associate. Actual degree of Associate doesn’t allow one to use that title. Many states specifically require Physician Assistant to be visible. Doubt they care if you have Masters as Physician Associate, master medical science or Assistant, still can only legally be an assistant.
  11. I am surprised no one has suggested she just gave up on trying to help a profession that ignores best practice for future. Maybe she couldn’t get past that HOD chose to ignore the fact of MCP best title for future. Not that it was her choice, but best based on research. Maybe, just like indicted on report, she didn’t want to deal with the hassle of poor title choice knowing it will be a struggle and take away from time and effort to OTP, as it will raise more of a stink from physicians, who you still need, more so than MCP would have. Maybe she realized there are to many ostriches within HOD and AAPA.
  12. And AAPA and your HOD just blew the opportunity to give a title to make an appropriate impression on patients, legislators and administrators. I think PAs were actually respected more by general population 30 years ago than today. You are no better understand and new title will be a battle. Congratulations!
  13. AAPA and HOD knew Associate was going to be an issue, they knew physicians would fight, and rightly so, yet they did not want to follow best option for PA. You will spend so much more time, energy and money fighting for associate when you could have just spent time and money changing to MCP without a fight from anyone. Then you could have easily incorporated moving forward with OTP etc. PAs and PA admin/leaders don’t need anyone putting you down or holding you back. It is all done internally.
  14. Did AAPA and HOD just pass off/up Evidence Based Marketing in favor of title that they knew was not going to be accepted by physicians easily. If you were really trying to "play nice" you, as a profession, would have gone with MCP or something similar. Spineless leaders who buy into the blockbuster theory! I really have valued PA's knowledge over other non physician providers I've experienced. Nurses may be slacking on the necessary medical education to be in the positions they have, but they currently have easy pick of jobs and better pay over PA's in many areas. A new young(under 30) FNP just moved to my area due to spouse relocation. Was hired in EM (independence rocks). Only experience was few years in dermatology, maybe some aesthetics, after direct entry online FNP, no hospital RN experience. Hospital also has NP surgical opening. An experienced surgical PA that applied was immediately declined as they are only hiring NP. (There is a PA program 15 min from this hospital, so not a lack of applicants).
  15. Didn't the million dollar research show that associate was not acceptable to physicians? Did the board members from Texas think, with all the history in that state, that physicians would just roll over? You are going to spend a lot of time, money and energy fighting for associate. Would not have been a battle with physicians as a Medical Care Practitioner. Time, energy and money that could have rolled MCP in with OTP. Was this a ploy by AAPA and HOD to vote for the easy, yet controversial title so they can say they tried and you will remain assistant in many states for years continuing to lose ground. Maybe you ought to go back to 4 year degree as physician assistants.
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