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  1. Does anyone recall the very Old playground game “Red Rover, Red Rover, send......over” you had to charge full steam to get through. Would have never won that game if you were always worried about taking baby’s steps or we’re afraid of who you might upset.
  2. Does Wisconsin, WAPA, know something we don't? Part of their CARES Act is "Title change from Physician Assistant to Physician Associate". Why should one bother to get hopes up for a title that would really make an impression professionally, and spend so much $$$$ nationally if it ends up being such a "PA" (piss ant) little change?
  3. Hope2PA

    Clinical Assistant

    Nothing like beating a dead horse, but I came upon the following via Google “medical Assistant School /For Physician’s Assistant Job....hands on training for 10 months, high school diploma required. Goes on to say Clinical Medical Assistant. Why does anyone think Physician Assistant or even keeping PA as in Associate, which harkens to Physician Assistant is even remotely good for the profession. Oh yea, the /‘s/ makes it totally understandable as not the same....snark!!!
  4. Just saw this post.......No wonder PA is such a misunderstood profession.... We are currently looking for a Clinical Assistant who will be responsible for assisting the physician by providing medical treatment and medical care services to patients by performing duties within the scope of the policy and procedures defined by (the company posting job). The position is full time and would provide clinical coverage between two offices, as the physician, sees patients in our ___________l offices. The hours of this position are:... Clinical Assistant is actually educationally similar to RMA or LPN, however, the way it is worded, Physician Assistant, Clinical Assistant, to average person, whats the difference. Why is there a even a question about changing Physician Assistant title.... cant get to Medical Practitioner quick enough!
  5. I thought CAPA was pushing for OTP this legislation. Is it only North Dakota? Also, What’s the chance AAPA will actually officially change title, or will May just bring about ideas to consider for next few years? Yes there is a school in California, I forget the name, that offers both NP PA, It takes several months longer to get PA, so under current trend, not sure why someone would even bother to take more time and $$$ to get the PA portion.
  6. One of my parents had videofloroscopy performed by Speech therapist. No radiologist, only therapist, tech, and myself( I was allowed due to health of parent and a little professional courtesy) . Report was from Speech Therapist, may have been reviewed and cosigned by Radiologist, I don't recall, but definitely no radiologist even checked in during exam. We actually discussed training and she said flouroscopy was not something they really learned in grad school, but after becoming hospital therapist she was trained. However, she was a Speech therapist, not Speech "Assistant" as the Assistants are not allowed to perform that study. Pretty sure no Speech, PT or OT assistants are allowed to legally evaluate/diagnose anything, only provide specified treatment under the direction of ST, PT, OT ....Yet another reason to eliminate the "Assistant" Go Medical Practitioner!!!!
  7. Getting other experience Such as in Family med would definitely be a plus for you professionally. .... however, Have you attempted negotiating? Sorry if I overlooked it in comments. Say, 70,000 first 3-6 months then increase to possibly 85,000 and another increase after a year.......in writing on your contract. Are they offering PTO, prof dev time and pay, health inc, etc... maybe you could offer to work X number hours, like 30- 32, for 70,000., That could free time up to do the volunteer work you mentioned.
  8. Possibly you should stick by your online name and be "Quiet". Even SLP's are looking into doctorates, I think they are the last of the MS level medical type professionals....Oh yea except for PA who better get act together. Look around, there are so many MS to DNP on line programs. Are you really someone who cares about the future of those who went to PA programs and still have many years ahead. Just like other doctorates, they will be phased in. Non doctorate PT, OT, Audiologists haven't lost jobs and do still get them. But many went on to get doctorate, it's called life. Things change in life. Options will pop up for those who want to get doctorate. You must be of the mindset of an ostrich, put your head in the ground and the world around will go away. IT will not! It is not! There may be better options, but sticking with MS Physician Assistant is not it! BTW, this is posted following a nice shot of whisky! Actually a couple!
  9. Hope2PA

    North Dakota Closer to OTP

    In my small township, there are approximately 65 Family Medicine/Primary care physicians. A total of 9, yes, 9 are board certified. Good luck if you are in an area like this. I very much respect the BC physicians. However, there are several PA's and at least 1 NP I'd take my grandkids to before many of the non-BC physicians. New PA, New NP and Medical residents should never think they do not need excellent providers to collaborate with on a regular basis. Just because someone has a medical degree does not automatically mean they are the best provider. Physicians, NP and PA can continue to learn and grow, taking more than basic required CEU, the kind you actually have to go to, not the beach vacations that you sign in and leave. They collaborate with other professionals and investigate if they are uncertain, are open and honest if unsure, but will followup with your care. That is the provider I want for my grandkids. With that, I do believe PA in primary care should 100% be required to maintain Certification by testing just like BC physicians and NP should increase their requirements.
  10. Hope2PA

    North Dakota Closer to OTP

    You, we all, may think it is a mistake for both NP and PA, however, are there any efforts from NP's fighting against their own independence? How many NP's are actually writing to leaders and legislators saying they are not qualified to practice independence? Legislation is continuing to be promoted/pushed by Nursing Lobbyists to increase independence in states that do not currently grant them the right. How can you possibly say it is wrong for PA's to try and keep up. If Nursing can say their independence is for betterment of health care, then PA, with generally better education and training, should pursue OTP to give patients a choice of better health care in rural areas especially. I do hope that PA's try to maintain some semblance of control regarding education and experience. Definitely hope they do not try and keep up by allowing so many 100% acceptance online programs. That would be the biggest mistake!!
  11. The last action on this bill HR 5506 was 04/19/2018, Referred to the Subcommittee on Health. Action By: Committee on Ways and Means If you want to help it pass Please contact the Subcommittee Members
  12. Hope2PA

    North Dakota Closer to OTP

    Great news for ND and PA in general, The profession appears to be moving into adult hood. Will still rely on others for consultation, advice etc, but be responsible for yourself. I did think it was ironic that the concession was to not do cosmetic med spa type work. so many remarks I could add, however, I'm sure you can guess where I was going with thoughts. Have a great day and much to be Thankful for, past, present and future,
  13. Although I did not read the Linkedin comments, I have seen quite a few on various sites discussing MD/DO, NP, PA, plus numerous articles and publications describing the similarities and differences of each profession. What concerns me is that MD/DO, and most definitely NP’s, are fluffing their education and experience, PA’s seldom comment or expand beyond what is "commonly thought" about the profession and actual education/experience. MD/DO say; it takes 4 years plus 3 years residency, in the article it said 12,000-16,000 clinical hours. Actually, MD can be achieved in 3 years if full time year round, with average of 155 graduate hours. With required 18 months clinical rotation which can be as little as 2,800 clinical hours. …..(also take time to look up 2018 ACGME requirements, especially pages 18 on, it may surprise you how much or little is actually required). I apologize to any NP out there in advance, there are many great ones. For the moderators, I am not intending to "bash" anyone, just discuss promotion of PA. NP say; it takes 3 years post BSN, they seldom list the required 500 (sure many have more) clinical hours. Actually, If full vs. part time, NP can be achieved in 1 full year with an average of 50 graduate hours. PA say; 2-2.5 years with required 2,000 clinical hours (I don’t know of any who did that few, my experience is closer to 2,500). Actually, PA fail to include that 2-2.5 is full-time, year round with an average of 112 graduate hours. In reality, PA has 2/3 education of MD and NP has 1/2 the education of PA. If MD/DO and PA counted years like NP’s count 3 years, it would take MD/DO nearly 10 years and PA 7 years to complete their respective graduate programs. Has this information ever been published for general public? If so, I have missed it. We should be professional and not belittle each other. Yet Nursing does not hesitate to “fluff” their education and experience to further promote the profession. They are not specifically attacking PA, however h they are not concerned if people believe their 3 year part time program is more education than PA or close to MD 4 year. Why shouldn’t PA’s at least get the facts out there? Thank you to AAPA for finally working to promote OTP and get rid of the awful title.
  14. Hope2PA

    New DMS Program at ATSU

    Absolutely! However, it would be difficult for someone unable to relocate for one of the limited spots.
  15. Hope2PA

    New DMS Program at ATSU

    Almost wouldn't be surprised if the Lincoln Memorial DMS provider resurfaces... eventually.. Their program does provide much better clinical education than other potential doctorates. Some of the info I've read and heard from MD/DO appeared they could potentially approve or accept the program suggesting it would be a much better option for primary care compared to providers given practice rights in many states. Not that they felt DMS would be on equal standing as MD/DO, just much better than providers that are not as regulated, require a lot less total education and clinical experience(although more political power).

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