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California to Boston relocation

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After my first two+ years of PA practice (and steep learning curve!) I will be relocating from Southern California to Boston for my husband's job. We are not planning to make the move until spring of 2013, however I am already looking into licensing requirements and job options. With just the little bit of research that I have done so far, it seems that Massachusetts seems like a GREAT state for PA practice!


If you are a PA with current or past work experience in the Boston area, I would love to connect with you to discuss what the PA-employment atmosphere is like. I have experience in Emergency Medicine and Gyn, however I would really like to use this move to switch my career trajectory into more of a primary care setting. Any thoughts on the larger practice groups (Harvard Vanguard, etc) as it seems that they have the bulk of job availabilities? Or even better...know of any primary care practices that are considering to add a PA?


Any info appreciated -- on the thread or private message.


Thanks in advance!

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not a mass. PA but I do have family ties there. great state to practice as a pa and boston is a really fun city.

we have several mass. pa's here on the forum, hopefully some of them can give you some guidance. I know the UMass hospital system uses lots of pa's as does harvard vanguard. with 2 new pa programs openoing up there(tufts, b.u.) your timing is good to beat the rush to find jobs.

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was an okay place to practice till this month when the new law went into effect - now it is great!


I am in extreme western MA (1 hour East of albany ny)

Jobs out here are everywhere - but no a commute to boston (2.5 hours)

unsure in the boston area



UMASS does use a lot


ALWAYS looking to hire on the Cape (depending on where you are going to live this might be somewhat close)


We now have:

no # restriction on the number of PA's a doc can supervise

no requirement to put SP name on scripts (pharmacy's and service providers can no longer just put everything under the doc)

Insurance companies HAVE to credential us and list us a PCP's (will in the long run allow us to data mine the $value we bring to a practice)

Can write schedule II-VI

no cosign requirements except Scheudule II have to be reviewed with SP with in 96 hours (not cosign, just he has to see the chart or agree with script - simple really)

STILL can't order a darn diaper or VNA home services though (this is country wide as it is a medicare regulation)


Check out the MAPA web site - they have jobs on there too

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Sorry for the rapid-fire multiple posts! Jeff, I didn't see your post until I had already replied to EMEDPA.


What you're describing sounds fabulous! It sounds as though my career will make a big upgrade, while my weather situation will make quite a downgrade (I am not really looking forward to have to experience winters again....)



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Boston is a great place to be a PA. There are a fair amount of options and patient population is neat because of the multiple top notch academic medical centers in such a small radius.


I know that both Harvard Vanguard and Brigham are hiring in primary care. I've heard good things about HVMA as far as collegial atmosphere between PAs and MDs. The Brigham is the Brigham meaning that there's a mix of academic snobbery AND cutting edge medicine/practice/caring for patients depending on where you are.


MGH is more NP centric though they do hire PAs.


If you're looking to start working in spring when you move, I'd be applying around now as most primary practices here are affiliated with hospitals (besides HVMA), and it generally takes 3 months to credential even if you aren't going to be practicing inpatient medicine.


I always recommend checking indeed.com for PA jobs. I've never found one that wasn't posted there.


Welcome to east coast!

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This post caught my eye since I too am moving from CA to Boston after 4 years of practice in CA. How has your job been so far? I am also wanting to find out about how long did your license take to get and how long credentialing took at MGH to get as well. I will be submitting my MA license app soon. We will be moving around end of June to beginning of July. So I think I will start to apply in the next few weeks. Oh and just out of curiosity, were you paid for 1) interview expenses to go out there and/or 2) for relocation? When I came from TX to CA, I didn't get any of this, but I am not sure if it varies.

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    • By VirginiaTech117
      Hey guys my name is Geena and I'm a PA at a primary care in Philadelphia. We are currently hiring scribes and medical assistants (no experience required- we will train). This is a great opportunity for pre-PA's who need experience hours! Message me for details 🙂
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      I was just offered a job as a new grad in psych at a private practice outpatient clinic in the Houston, Tx area. My hours would be 9-6 or (10-6 with no lunch break) Tuesday - Friday and a possible Saturday shift from 9-1 which I am clarifying now as to if this is set in stone or not since it was unclear. They told me I would be shadowing the first two weeks and then after that I will slowly see my own patients while consulting with the doc after each patient. They currently have one NP who they hired as a new grad and trained.
      Salary: I told them I was looking for 100k since that is the average for a new grad in Texas and they offered me this breakdown: 92k for years 1-2, 102k for years 3-4, and 113k for years 5-6. Then, a bonus set up like this: starting at 6 months, a quarterly bonus at 65% patient occupancy is a 1k bonus quarterly, at 75% patient occupancy a 1750 bonus quarterly and at 90% occupancy and greater a 3k bonus quarterly. The bonus seems okay but I have no idea how to gauge this since idk if I will even be hitting these numbers as a new grad. They told me the NP currently sees follow ups in 15 min slots or 4 an hour with a break after to chart and that new pt visits are 1 hour. They told me my follow ups would be set for 30 minutes instead of 15 since I am new.
      CME: 1500
      PTO: 7 days first year (this seems very low to me and was also not broken down into CME or sick days so now I have no idea if I even get CME days so that will be in my email back with questions)
      Malpractice coverage and 401k with 5% match effective after first year. It was also unclear if the 401k is not effective at ALL until the first year or if just the matching so I will be asking this as well. Need to ask if this includes tail coverage?
      Overall, I am happy to have a job offer but wondering if this is a good one. I would like to counter with a base salary of 96-97 possibly since a 1k bonus for three quarters in my first year would put me at the average new grad salary in Texas of 100k. Does this seem unreasonable? I also really don't like how the salary is already structured for the next 6 years and how I do not get a yearly raise to match inflation even. Is this common? What do you all think I should include in my counter? Overall, is this a good offer and would you take it as a new grad? Is it a bad idea for me to counter? Please help!! Thank you!
      Edit to add: they do not offer health insurance if this makes a difference. Thank you!
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      So I am applying for this cycle and I previously entered my job in experiences as current. after submitting the application I had to quit this job because it was a terrible work environment. However, it is in CASPA as current so idk what to do. I also got a new job but it doesn't start for another week and I was going to submit my apps this weekend so i am not sure how to go about this. Also is it better to apply sooner with less PCE or later with more PCE???
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      I had a good first and second interview for an endocrine PA position. I do like endocrine, however I believe at least 90% of my time will involve working only on diabetes management. If I am offered this position--or if I am offered a position in another specialty that I do not see myself in long-term--should I take it to get experience (and a paycheck)? Should I wait it out hoping for a primary care position? If I take a specialty position will I be less desirable as a future applicant for primary care positions? The job market is difficult, generally, for any new grads, but the pandemic seems to have made things a bit harder as well. 
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      Just wondering if anyone has connections to PA, MD, or DO's in the state of Hawaii that might be interested/willing to take on PA students for clinicals, especially in primary care. My wife and I are both in PA school and applied and interviewed with the MEDEX program set to start in Kona. We didn't get into that program, but did get into another and we would still love the opportunity to help with the healthcare shortage in the state. Any tips or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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