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  1. Currently working virtually at my organization through patient chat. I can’t get a good handle on the legislation for PAs to prescribe for patients who are currently out of state. The specific scenario is an established patient who wants a medication refilled in another state due to travel/COVID and no refills are left to transfer between pharmacies. I have never personally met the patient before but this is NOT a new prescription/problem, and the Rx is not controlled. The AAPA states: “PAs are authorized to prescribemedications in all jurisdictions where they are licensed.” I’m cur
  2. I'm looking for recommendations for online interactive cases for when work is slow, ideally in FM/IM. I've been enjoying medscape clinical case challenges as well as NEJM case records from MGH. Any other good ones? Thanks!
  3. Anyone work/ed at One Medical? I interviewed with them several years ago and opted to stay in academic medicine. What's the day-to-day experience like in primary care?
  4. Experienced PA in internal medicine x 9 years. My husband and I are thinking about moving oversees to a country without an established PA role. Is anyone familiar with regulations surrounding PAs being able to practice telemedicine for a US organization from another country? Anecdotal accounts are welcome. Thanks in advance.
  5. Our society is undoubtedly litigious. I try to stay up to date on EBM as much for this as for giving patients the kind of care I'd want for my family. :) The situation as I understood it was hypertensive urgency with no labs as is often the case in EM or primary care on initial visit. I do not believe is is below standard of care to use norvasc in this setting until a clearer picture is formed. By history, physical exam, and ekg, a fair formulation of of their cardiac status can be made. Severe CAD or an EF of 18% has both symptomatic and objective manifestations. From my point of vie
  6. These same patients are coming into my office with hypertensive urgency/SBPs in the 180s-200s which is why I care about this. I'm fairly certain that amlodipine has been shown not to affect LV function, but will check tomorrow certainly. When I don't know a patient's renal function, I'm reaching for that or labetalol. Most hypertensive patients in primary care don't end up with cardiac imaging either.
  7. I am not aware of amlodipine having negative ionotropic effects as it works peripherally, which is different from 1st generation dihydropyridines like nifedipine. Do you have data on this? The cost without insurance is another issue.
  8. Don't forget that atenolol is metabolized and excreted renally. It's not a good choice for patients with CKD or those who you don't know their renal function. I would think that in the above scenario (HTN urgency in the ED with no PCP follow-up) norvasc would be the safest option.
  9. I wholeheartedly agree with this. I have voiced before my opinion that HCE is not the be and end all to being and excellent PA. When I have participated in hiring, new grad with 10 years of HCE vs no HCE and 2 years of PA experience- choose the one with PA experience. Working as a PA is so different that any prior HCE. That what makes us special. New grad with 10 year of HCE vs no HCE, it depends on the interview. HCE certainly is factored in, just as are references and ability to be a team player.
  10. Any recommendations? I've had friends do PriMed. Anyone been to one by Mayo?
  11. I'm not in CA; rather MA and also in a medical home. 14/day is right on target for me as well. 16 if super busy. Even with these low numbers, I'm charting through lunch at my desk and come in early/leave late/work from home. It would be impossible to see 20-30 in this model because of both the complexity of our population and work generated both during visit and after. For instance, we screen everyone at every visit for depression and domestic violence. If you ask these questions, you have to follow-up on the answers. So an easy UTI visit could/has easily turn into UTI, and I'm also
  12. I agree with work status, outside employment, and noncompete. I'm a bit confused with the malpractice piece as my jobs have always included tail. With prior-acts, is this for your current 8 month employment, or does for the current urgent care job? Did you pay for tail for your prior job? I do think you are far overreaching with the CME. $1500 with 5 days CME is comparable for some full time positions. I think $500 is reasonable for PT/prn. However, if you are looking to become full-time, you should renegotiate this when hired for full time. Agree that required training for wo
  13. Are you first call on all of these patients? How does that work if you leave the hospital premise?
  14. My max was 12-13 at first job where I didn't admit Cap of 8 when doing daily admissions. (ie discharge and admit to this number) If you're a new PA or this is your first hospitalist medicine job, I hope you're SP is proving you with good support.
  15. Depends on how the service is set up... Are you solo or rounding together with a team? Are you admitting every day on top of your patient load or continuing care for those already admitted the day previous?
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