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Hey everyone.

Just wondering if any PAs or if anyone knows PAs that both practice and are involved in something tech related. I shadowed a PA that was involved in developing EPIC systems for the hospital, so I found that to be really cool and would love to do something similar. I guess it's because I almost did computer science, but decided I should focus on medicine. I would love to know how difficult this is or if it's just a right place right time sort of thing. 

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PAs who are good at IT stuff are always welcome by the nursing or MA staff who don't have to babysit them. 🙂

There will be plenty of opportunities to become an expert in whatever EMR you end up using, assuming it's any good. Actually being a developer or on a hospital's project team is a bit less common, but certainly likely.

My undergraduate degree is in IT, and I left a ~20 year IT career to become a PA. It's endlessly frustrating for me to see how terrible healthcare IT is and how much better it should be.

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