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  1. Anyone from the 9/25 interview heard back yet?
  2. They won't be contacting anyone until December 1st, so I would probably hold off on contacting them.
  3. Call them to confirm, but that’s what happened to me and I got waitlisted.
  4. I keep hearing conflicting opinions on whether or not Midwestern actually denies anyone. Based on their numbers, I feel like everyone gets waitlisted? Anyone have any information on this?
  5. Looks like my portal changed to show the prerequisites as well. I, too, was freaking out during my interview. Best of luck to everyone that is waitlisted.
  6. I'm interviewing on the 13th and am crazy nervous...this will be the first school I have interviewed for so I will have little experience prior. Anyone else in the same boat?
  7. Never received a confirmation email either...tried to reach them via email and phone with no luck. Heard this program is kind of bad at communicating.
  8. Good luck everyone! Posting my stats here for fun as well. Submitted 7/3. sGPA: 3.59 cGPA 3.48 GRE: 315, 4.0 writing PCE: ~2600 Volunteer/reseach experience: ~300 Shadowing: ~30
  9. Hey guys, I am currently working on the supplemental application and am almost finished. I plan to submit soon. Do you guys think it is too late? I am seeing a few people already receiving interviews and am wondering if it is worth it to still apply so late.
  10. Hi Guys, Was wondering if this position sounded like a good venue for DPC. Essentially i will being doing a significant amount of clerical work in ultrasound, but will be assisting patients in mammography (preparing for their scan, setting them up, dressing them, getting them from the waiting room, etc.) I know it is nothing compared to EMT or ED tech, but I am hoping that some schools might still recognize it even though I am not doing a whole lot with the patients.
  11. Awesome, thank you for the quick response! I have been worried about this for a while now. Follow-up question: I was recently offered a position as an ultrasound/mammography tech assistant at an outpatient clinic. I feel my duties will mainly include clerical work rather than interacting with patients, although my manager told me I would also be assisting in preparing the patients for their mammograms (dressing them, getting them from the waiting room, etc). I feel this position might not offer that much interaction with patients and therefore may not be recognized as that great of patient car
  12. Hi Guys, I currently work as a CT tech assistant at a level 1 trauma hospital in Wisconsin. My duties on each of my shifts include handling all of the patient duties when the CT techs are busy. I get the patients ready for the scan, flush and remove IVs, administer IV contrast, and transport patients to and from the ER, to name a few. I see and deal with stroke codes, level 1 traumas, inpatients, outpatients, and ICU patients. I cannot find a ton of information as to if my current job would count as a fine site to acquire direct patient care or not, and I am also unable to find any
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