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  1. Yes! I got a phone call today accepting me into program!
  2. Hi Sam. I am local to Maine as well. I am applying this year with 500 hours and 1 Chem class outstanding. I am assuming that most applicants have at least 2000 hours so I may have to apply again for 2020 but I was wondering, if you got in? I'm trying to connect with others in the program so I can know what I need to do to get in. I have spoke to Kate many times. I am on the older side and this is a 2nd career. I have a family so UNE is really my only option since I need to be close to home. My science GPA is 3.6. undergrad GPA from 20+ years ago 3.18. I will be getting a cert. in phelbotomy, able to work F/T starting in June, hope to gain at least 500 hours to apply by Sept. 15th. I have Chem I and Chem II to take, taking Chem I this summer and Chem II in the fall. Let me know if you go in? Thanks!
  3. I hear you on cost of RN vs CNA if you’re my age, (middle aged) working as a CNA isn’t a great backup plan - if I completed RN, applied, didn’t get in, at least I can be NP def way more school then I’d like... A LOT more school then I’d like
  4. @Kes1123 thanks for posting so, did you get in it WL? Based on all the comments here, applying with 4/6, really 3/6, pre-reqs outstanding, 800 PCE as a back office MA, with an undergrad gpa of a 3.12 from 1998, with a BS in MIS, it’s not looking good. I got into an ABSN program- I may do that, starts in May, is 4 f/t semesters, work as a RN for PCE, and finish up pre-reqs at that time. I can’t take pre-reqs while enrolled in15-18 credits of an accelerated nursing program... this path, I can apply to MCPHS in 2021, with 1000 hours as a RN - it’s a lot more school but I can always fall back on NP. Or, I do CNA work now- take prerequisites summer/fall, apply in 20.... either way, I’m not going to apply this year... I appreciate all the responses
  5. This info is ALL very helpful, thank you! I may defer a year to do more PCE- hands on CNA or MA- my PCE was not hands on. and I have to still re-take Chemistry, Org. and Bio chem. I spoke with Kaylee King, very kind, encouraged me to apply as well....even with this outstanding, Thanks everyone, Keri
  6. @avivithanks for your reply! My PCE is MA but wasn’t ‘direct MA’ more supporting nurses in transplant - ordering labs, etc... but I also have 500 volunteer hours at a detox - working 1:1 with patients... I have 10+ years in IT Healthcare at MMC - im hoping that helps. I can’t hit ‘apply’ until I do one more shadow, which is 2/20, I hope im not too late in the application cycle! Hope you get an interview!
  7. @AES8987hi there! Congrats on interview! Im not submitting my application until 2/20. I may not apply for I have 3/6 outstanding pre-reqs. I’m curious if you have pre-reqs outstanding? How many PCE? T you! Keri
  8. Has anyone applied to MCPHS with pre-reqs outstanding? Also, how many Patient care hours? Going to apply this week with 500 hours as a MA and 4/6 pre-reqs done wondering if applying is a waste of time? Thank you!
  9. I actually just got a position in the hospital, as a Medical Assistant, in the Medical Transplant Group. Taking a 75 % cut in pay, working 20 hours a week and starting pre-req's. In 1 year I will be 1500 clinical hours and hopefully, all 8 classes, to apply for the Oct. 2019 deadline. My husband and family are supporting me financially through the change. Goal is to get in so I can start in June of 2020. By That time, I'll be 44 but, it is just a number. My husband and I are thinking of downsizing, since we do have two kids, ages 12 and 13 and cost of living is high where we live. This MA job fell into my lap. I took it as a sign , to move forward with the change.
  10. Hello, I am just beginning the process of pursuing PA school. My plan is to apply to the University of New England in April of 2019. I am a 41 year old professional with 20 years in IT. I work at a Surgical Center as the IT Support person. My plan is to start my sciences in Jan of 18 (I have 6 to complete) I am writing to ask, what would be the best route to get my 2000 clinical hours? I am looking at doing the CNA program here at my job. It is free, it is 11 weeks longs and I would get a job in the hospital, immediately. Working closely with doc's , nurses, on critical care units. I was considering becoming surgical tech but, that is a 1 year intense program and the direct patient care, is with a patient who is asleep, not awake. When looking at clinical hours, what is the best route to take? If I am going to take a 75% drop in pay for a year, I'd like to get into school. The PA program here is super competitive. There were 1200 applicants last year and only 50 seats. Thank you,
  11. @paadmissions I am a person who is 41, worked in IT for 20 years, In healthcare. Healthcare informatics. I am at a surgery center and I want to go back to school to become a PA. I have a bachelor's in business so I have started my pre-requisites. I need A&P I and II, Chem I and II and Bio I and II. 20 hours of shadowing and a minimum of 2000 hours of clinical experience. My question to you is this, is it looked at more favorably if I am a Surgical Tech for 2 years or a CNA? I'm asking because my boss runs the Surg Tech school here at MMC (Maine Medical Center). It would take me 1 year to complete, (that counts towards my hours) but, then I would need to work as a Tech for at least 6 months to a year. The other option, is to become a CNA, there is a CNA course here as well, 11 weeks long, starts in Dec. But, it doesn't pay much. You see, I would be leaving F/T job in healthcare IT to go back to do clinical work. If I became a surgical tech, I would at least be earning an income that could support me and my family. (I have two boys, ages 10 and 12). I won't have any problem completing the pre-reqs or doing the 20-40 hours of Shadowing but, I don't know what route to take for clinical experience. I'm leaning towards Surgical Tech. As an PA of admissions what do you recommend? Thank you,
  12. Did you go back to school? I am 41 and just starting me pre-requisites. I work in IT at a hospital and want to be a PA. I am thinking of becoming a surgical tech for a few years and applying for the 20/21 cycle (my kids will be in high school at that point) I was thinking of doing CNA work for a few years but, not sure I can live off of that salary. I'm curious what you decided? Did you go back to become a PA at 41? I'm 41, I probably wouldn't start school for another 3-4 years, so I'll be closer to 44.
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