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Middle TN State University 2023-2024 Application cycle

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5 hours ago, PA4eva5 said:

Anyone have any updates?

Nope. I got an email about the verification of my application on May 4th. I keep getting email reminders about paying the application fee, I disregard it because I did it already. Otherwise, nothing personal from the program. 

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On 6/12/2023 at 1:37 PM, HJprePA said:

Submitted: 06/08

Verified: 06/11

Did anyone receive a confirmation email from them that they received your app? 

I received an email from them today, 06/22, that they just finished the initial screening of my application

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On 7/25/2023 at 5:46 PM, jcdavis3 said:

I posted this in the other thread: Reading through the past threads on this programs, it looks like they take forever to respond and do interviews, with most getting responses months after submitting (verified). Best of luck to everyone.

Hi, I applied last year and was waitlisted to the program. I submitted my app in like mid-august last year and didn't get emailed to be invited to interview until end of October. I interviewed on November 11th. So, they do take a pretty long time to respond!

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19 hours ago, aPA1day said:

I reached out last week and they said they will start looking at applications within the next few weeks as the first interview session they have scheduled is for mid-late September. 

thanks for this!! i was debating on reaching out to ask but i'm glad you did 🙂 hopefully we hear something soon!

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On 8/22/2023 at 2:05 PM, Onedayapa11 said:

Does anyone know if they really take out of state applicants? I know the website says they like in-state applicants but wondering if anyone knows how heavily being out of state affects one's chances at this school. Thanks!

Yes, they take out of state applicants. They do however give higher priority appalachian/ regional prospective applicants. Absolutely doesn't mean they won't take you. 

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I emailed the beginning of July asking about their interview schedule this cycle & Candace, the admissions coordinator told me “Faculty will begin reviewing applications in 2 weeks. Our first interview is mid-August, I will send out invitations approximately 2 weeks prior.” I received an email on 7/31 that I was interview eligible but have yet to hear anything else. 

I applied and was offered an interview last cycle and didn’t have any issues with communication from them. I know their program doesn’t start until summer so I guess they have a little longer for interviews. 

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