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Emergency Medicine Links/Residencies

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Albert Einstein Emergency Medicine PA Residency (PA): https://www.einstein.edu/education/non-physician-programs/em-physician-assistant

Johns Hopkins Emergency Medicine PA Residency (MD):https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/emergencymedicine/emergency_medicine_physician_assistant_residency_program/#:~:text=The emergency medicine PA residency at Johns Hopkins,emergency department%2C operating room%2C outpatient and inpatient clinics.

University of Iowa Emergency Medicine PA Residency:https://medicine.uiowa.edu/emergencymedicine/education/app-residency-programs

US Navy Emergency Medicine PA Fellowship (CA):https://navypa.com/navy-pa-info/professional-development/emergency-medicine-fellowship

Upstate Medical University Emergency Medicine PA Fellowship(NY): http://www.upstate.edu/emergency/education/fellowships/emergencymed.php

NY Presbyterian Weill-Cornell Emergency Medicine PA Residency (NY): https://emed.weill.cornell.edu/education/residency/physician-assistant-residency

Staten Island Hospital PA Residency In Emergency Medicine (NY):

Baylor University/Ben Taub Hospital PA Fellowship in Emergency Medicine(TX) : https://www.bcm.edu/departments/emergency-medicine/education/physician-assistant-fellowship

Baylor University/U.S.Army Emergency Medicine PA Postgarduate Doctoral Residency Program (TX) https://www.baylor.edu/graduate/pa/index.php?id=936090

Madigan Hospital/US Army EMPA program (WA): https://madigan.tricare.mil/About-Us/Graduate-Medical-Education/Emergency-Medicine-Physicians-Assistant#:~:text=The U.S. Army-Baylor Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant (EMPA),pose an immediate threat to life and limb.

Regions Hospital Emergency Medicine PA Residency(MN): http://www.regionsem.org/pa-residency

St. Lukes Hospital Emergency Medicine PA Postgraduate Fellowship (PA):

East Virginia Medical School Emergency Medicine PA Fellowship (VA):

Arrowhead Medical Ctr Emergency Medicine PA fellowship (CA): https://www.arrowheadmedcenter.org/default.aspx?id=70

Marquette University Postgraduate Emergency Medicine PA Program( WI):http://www.marquette.edu/physician-assistant/postgraduate.shtml

Carilion Clinic Emergency Medicine PA Fellowship Program (VA): https://www.carilionclinic.org/emergency-care/fellowship

Albany Medical College PA Postgraduate Program in Emergency Medicine (NY): http://amc.edu/Academic/GME/programs/ed_pa_fellowship/index.html

Rhode Island Hospital PA Emergency Medicine Development Program (RI): http://brown.edu/academics/medical/about/departments/emergency-medicine/emped


Team Health EMPA residency in Oklahoma. https://thma.co/providers/


Baystate medical center EMPA residency (Mass.): http://www.baystatehealth.org/AcademicAffairs/Main+Nav/Education/Advanced+Practitioners/Emergency+Medicine+Physician+Assistant+Residency/Program+Information/Residency+Overview

Northshore NP/PA EM residency (IL): http://www.northshore.org/academics/academic-programs/fellowship-programs/np-pa-emergency-medicine/


Yale/New Haven PA/NP Residency (CT):


Livingston & Brighton (MI): www.livingstonbrightoned.com/pafellowship.htm


Mayo Emergency Medicine Fellowship (MN): http://www.mayo.edu/mshs/careers/nurse-practitioner/nurse-practitioner-or-physician-assistant-emergency-medicine-fellowship-minnesota


Long Island Jewish (NY)- 24 month program: http://www.lijed.com/?q=content/pa-em-fellowship-0


UT San Antonio (TX) In Development: http://emergencymedicine.uthscsa.edu/pa-np.asp


Kaweah Delta EMPA Fellowship, Visalia (CA):



Fresno/UCSF EM PA Residency info (CA): em.pa.residency@fresno.ucsf.edu



University of New Mexico:



University of Missouri EM fellowship: see page 4 of this thread. will not copy/paste


Lakeland Regional Medical Ctr, Florida

See contact info page 5 this thread.

University of Rochester, NY:


Greater San Antonio Emergency Physicians advanced Practice Provider EM Fellowship: 12 month program with off site rotations including ICU toxicology and US. According to their website this program was selected by ACEP as the model for EM training for APPs. 300 hours didactic in addition to clinicals. https://www.gsepem.com/gsep-postgraduate-emergency-medicine-advanced-practice-provider-fellowship-program/#1507924231280-119f4aa0-7f99

VA programs (several, all open to anyone). See this thread for link 



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I attended/graduated the UTHSCSA program a few years ago. It was a fantastic experience. The Army PAs that are in the ER residence at BAMC there in San Antonio do a lot of rotations there to round out their education. They employ some of the best PAs as their staff that I have ever worked with. They are truly a talented bunch. I don't think that the program is still up and running and if it is, I think that they are in a transition period. However, I cannot say enough good things about the PAs and the Docs at this site.

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Umass Medical Center in Worcester, MA has a 12-month critical care residency program with an option for em focus I believe. I did not see it on the list. I don't believe it is accredited though, so I'm not sure if you want to include it. Heres the link for your review http://www.umassmemorial.org/our-care/critical-care/critical-care-physician-assistant-residency-program

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I see, thanks for the insight. What criteria constitute a legitimate program in your opinion?

primary reason for pa to be on service is learning, not just moving the meat. many off service rotations like trauma, ICU, u/s, anesthesiology, peds em, etc.

an empa residency/fellowship/postgrad program(whatever you want to call it) should look very similar to the first yr of an md em residency.

There are a few places which can't recruit pa's for low wages so they advertise an "em residency" but it is basically just abuse/scut at low wages work with no actual teaching.

ps: just added a new program: albany medical center. see above in post #1.

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Ok, thanks so much for the information. It seems that a residency has many oustanding benefits based on what i've read in this forum alone. Though I will be starting PA school in the fall, I have very limited HCE, and if I have enough energy to do this after I complete the program, for the integrity of my practice and career (and for the sake of my patients) I should complete a residency right out of school if accepted. First things first though, have to complete the initial program and not get ahead of myself. Thanks again.

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I'd really like to apply for some of these next year while on rotations but it doesn't really seem feasible to me. Most of the ones in my geographical region (Johns Hopkins, Einstein, even the VA ones) require graduation by June 30th to start in the Fall which doesn't apply to me since I graduate in early August. And while I could apply for Spring positions or even the following Fall, with the application dates being so late in the year I can't just wait for a yes/no on acceptance, I'd have to get some sort of job. So really the best scenario would be getting a job and quitting it to go on residency. Pretty frustrating honestly.

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