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  1. ventana is absolutely correct. If you take some time each evening to review some of your more interesting or difficult cases this is when you learn the most. I make a few notes throughout the day and referred to these in the evening to direct my learning. This is absolutely invaluable as you can actually place a patient /presentation with the information being reviewed as opposed to just attempting to learn medicine without a specific reference. The good news is that the information required to review each night shrinks as your knowledge grows. The bad news is you will never know everything so
  2. Oh, and to the OP. Go to med school, you will never regret being a "full level" provider.
  3. I am An NP. PA didactic education is superior. Clinical hours or greater. Quality of clinical education is dependent and very variable. I had excellent clinical experiences as an NP student. I know some PAs who had terrible clinical experiences. Bottom line, PA is the better education route. Frankly I think this horse is way beyond dead.
  4. No way. That's almost like buying a house. This is a decision that will affect your financial future in a big way. I cannot imagine paying a house note and a 230k loan plus all of life's other expense (retirement planning, kids education) on a PA salary. I would punt.
  5. If you see something during a shift that you have to ask your SP about.....that is your homework assignment for the day. Read, ask questions, listen (to your patients, to your SP, to your colleagues) and most of all be patient with yourself. This is a process that cannot be rushed.
  6. I'm old. Yes, 3 12s can be tough in a busy ED.
  7. I'm an NP. That said i would reconsider being in any long term career that is considered "mid level". If you are young enough then pursue MD/DO. If I had to choose an APC role, I would choose PA over NP due to initial training. I would give serious thought to CRNA as well. Now, will someone please cover my shift tonight? After reading all of these wonderful comments I'm pretty sure that I am barely competent to tie my shoes let alone take care of folks in an ED.
  8. What about the increased risk of CVD associated with HRT?
  9. I am an NP who disagrees with online NP programs so I understand the PA community concerns. Online education provides an excellent pathway where appropriate. I just feel that medical education is best obtained In a conventional face to face setting.
  10. Oh, and I forgot about "fly fishing through the midlife crisis".
  11. Killing Kennedy. (I have read all of the Killing books and really enjoyed them.) Also have baby Tintinalli in case I want to brush up on something I may have seen that day/night.
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