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  1. This is a great thread, really. I wonder how many of us will actually use this "exercise" as a motivator to take concrete steps toward the realization of their dream job. Frankly, I would love to work in some form of SAR / tactical medicine / adventure medicine. But with two kids in college... it's back to the ED I go!
  2. docpowers, Try the link below for the EMCP program at WVU. I just completed my first semester. You can PM me if you want additional details on my experience with this program. http://medicine.hsc.wvu.edu/EM/Education/EMCP/
  3. I considered (very seriously considered actually) CRNA school after my stent as a nurse in a level one trauma ICU. I was told that CRNA was THE job in nursing and that the "best of the best" nurses go to CRNA school. I was very competitive, and, not wanting to be second best, I spent quite a bit of time shadowing CRNAs in an attempt to like the job. The simple truth is that I found myself to be painfully bored. I love the pharm, physiology, big lines and intubations of CRNA. But it wasn't for me. I wanted the variety of medicine and the challenge of the differential. Money is great in the CRNA world, but it was not my cup of tea. That said.....lately the volume and stress of the ED are making me wish for the quiet and control of the O.R. :>
  4. Thanks for all of the replies. First, to answer a few questions ....... The reasoning I am given is that it may take them a month to find someone and three months to credential them. This is not a new policy and everyone (apparently) is subject to the same contract item. They employ many mid-levels - I am not the first. David, either party may terminate the contract with 120 days notice. They also may terminate at will for performance issues or loss of facility contract with no notice required. I do not know what the penalty is, but I will try to find out today. Proballr32.....yep.
  5. I just received my contract for the EM offer that I recently posted about in the general discussion thread. I am concerned about a clause in the contract that requires that I give a 4 month notice in the event that I wish to resign. I am not taking the position with the expectation of leaving soon, but I just cannot imagine a scenario where I would have a "next job" waiting in the wings for 4 months. It almost seems like one would have to resign and then start looking for another job. Oh, and I can forget trying to negotiate this as they seem steadfast in this 4 month requirement. What is the typical notice requirement?? Would this be a deal-breaker if you were in my shoes?
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