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Failed PANCE x2, now passed. Need advice on how to address this in interviews.

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Hi all,

I took the pance twice and failed, passed on the third attempt and did well. I need some help on how to navigate this during job interviews. I graduated in the fall of 2022 and I am now applying for jobs in spring of 2023. I'm concerned that I will be questioned on this gap in my career and don't know what to say.

Is it best to avoid it unless they ask? Or should I address it myself?

Are employers able to see how many times I took the PANCE and if I failed?

Has anyone been asked about this during their interviews? 

Thank you!

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You passed. End of discussion.

I have no idea if they can see failed attempts but, offhand, I'd say no. You are either certified or you aren't.

Don't volunteer the information. Don't avoid it if it comes up...which is pretty unlikely. I remember taking my first board back in the late 1700s. We were all a dither about our scores and rankings and what that might mean for jobs and promotions etc. You know what it meant? Bupkiss. Nobody has ever asked about how many times I took boards or my score. My last recert I passed by 1 question. You know what that means? I'm certified.

Nobody cares. It is like a light switch. Its either on or off.

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If you apply for hospital privileges, they will ask about time gaps. You can explain that you were taking boards. 

This will also come up when getting a state license as they will require you to release your scores, although I don't think this will amount to anything since you passed. 

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honestly who cares??


You are now a PA-C!!! YAHOOOOO and Congrats!!!!


don't volunteer it - if asked just state you were taking some time off to study.  

Around here people take 1-3 months after graduation to take PANCE then if they have a job lined up they wait another 1-3 months with credentialing, you are not far behind it behind at all.....


Great job on passing



PS(only thing to NOT EVER do is lie about the time off - just be honest if asked)

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