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  1. I believe they have a 3rd party company has guaranteed all of the schools clinical rotation sites. To the extent they will cannibalize sites from other schools and do monitoring I can't say but gotta think they are paying for these sites and that cost will be passed on to the students. That probably happens now but without an underlying for-profit model.
  2. Even though CASPA will let you enter any kind of hours for patient care hours, not all schools accept scribe hours as patient care hours. Just a heads up if you have specific schools in mind.
  3. Actually until the new PANCE blueprint (beginning in 2019) came out last month, the PANCE had not changed at least since '94.
  4. There is really no set rule for the release of results. I've seen results out there within 3 to 4 days (rare), but generally in the 2 - 3 week timeframe. Once I knew of a student that went beyond 3 weeks, they called NCCPA, there was an error in that instance, again rare. So you're probably right there, any day, don't worry about others and hopefully you'll get the results shortly. Good luck!
  5. Yes current students will be okay for the PANCE. Unlikely they will admit any new cohorts.
  6. My guess is there will be 2 or 3 people in the booth with a PA liaison present.
  7. Another way to do it in Vegas is attend this session led by Dr. Morton-Rias and its free (sarcasm)...actually wondering what the "and more" is all about.
  8. http://www.kolotv.com/content/news/UNR-Physician-Assistant-program-delayed-419511803.html
  9. These are the programs that just got accredited. http://paeaonline.org/8-new-programs-earn-provisional-accreditation
  10. Actually I think its an accreditation standard that the schools have to provide enough rotations to meet their class size. The program may let you may get to choose from their stable of sites but there is too much involved in paperwork for a school to do a one-off rotation just for one student. Plus what you deem a quality site may not meet the programs requirements. Even if a program would let you do this (and i'm doubting they would), the time it would take away from your studies would kill you. Probably a lot of other things you should be considering in this choice.
  11. Rotations are rotations, its on you to make them worthwhile, there are no guarantees. However, debt is debt and I guarantee you, you'll want as little as possible. IMHO
  12. That the PD gave you the time to chat was great as that is an almost impossible task for them to offer anyone. That they don't have time is one reason but another is that they don't want to get caught in making recommendations that don't yield an admission. The applicant pool changes every cycle, what would have worked this cycle may not work at all for the next cycle. Just an FYI, but I will agree with most here that a more focused approach would be better. Since you can write only one letter in CASPA look for a cohort of schools that report cohort stats similar to yours then your app might not seem out of place (i.e. an overall GPA of 3.25 applying to schools where the overall average is 3.8). Good luck!
  13. I know of one instance where the pre-PA student was told by a lawyer that the item was expunged only to have it bite him when he went for his PA license. Just be wary of being told this before you sign anything. The state wanted him to do a 30 day program (of course at his expense)...not sure if he ever went through with it or what happened to him. Also not only on the CASPA app will you need to acknowledge this but since it will likely show up on any background check going forward you might have to always acknowledge that question with an affirmative so that it doesn't look like you're hiding something. I'm talking state licensing app, DEA app, hospital credentialing app...who knows what else. So be careful being told by an attorney that "don't worry its taken care of"! Good luck.
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