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Just signed up for this forum. 


I am currently a senior in my undergrad, I finish in the Summer 2021. My current cumulative gpa is 3.09 which is very low and for my science courses these are the grades I have made: 

General Chem 1 & 2: B

Biology 1 : B

Biology 2: C 

Orgo 1: C 

Orgo 2: F(first time), C (2nd time)  

Physics 1 & 2: A

Genetics: B-

Microbiology: D, I am going to retake. 


I am taking Biochemistry 1 this spring 2021 and other upper-division biology courses where I hope to make As in. 


I would like advice on what I should do to increase my gpa.  Should I enroll in a post-bacc program while getting PCE (through volunteering/shadowing or getting a job at an urgent care or hospital) or should retake the classes I received a C or below in, then start prepping to take the GRE and going through the application process. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you. 


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You need to look at the programs you plan to apply to and see what their requirements are for their prerequisites. If you don’t meet their grade criteria, then I’d start retaking those classes rather than a post-bacc program. 

Try to get as much volunteering, shadowing, PCE along the way as you are able.

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Definitely volunteer, shadow and as much PCE as you can. The more hands on the better. 

I would recommend starting out that way first before retaking any classes. Once you gather up some of those hours mention above, figure out why (if you haven't already) you did so poorly in some of your science classes that way you can do better when retaking classes.

Prior to retaking classes (a post bacc would be fine but for financial purposes I would recommend community college it's much cheaper), as @Janie55 recommended look into programs you are considering applying to that way you can play the best way to retake your courses. 

When you retake classes, do so while doing your PCE if you can. It will make up for the deficit in your GPA because it shows that not only have you improved your grades, you did so while juggling which schools will like. 


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