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  1. I guess to make up for my lackluster GPA, you’re more than likely correct. However, I’m still going to try to get more shadowing hours/volunteering hours and retake some science courses that I got C’s in, as well as some upper level science courses as well and try for next cycle. Thank you for your words of encouragement. I think that if there are schools that do value scribing my GPA is more than anything holding me back which will take some work to increase. If you do know, do PA programs usually give you a reason as to why you were not accepted if they reject you so you get a better understanding of what to improve next cycle?
  2. Hey there, thanks for the advice! I really appreciate it. I’ve been a scribe for about 2 years now so I’ve accumulated I’d say much more over 1,000 hours. I just haven’t calculated it yet but that was just me being safe for now. I was thinking of doing something like CNA or EMT, however it has come to my attention that a lot of my coworkers and even through browsing this forum I’ve seen people who are ED scribes have really high success rates getting in schools just based on their experience. Now, I believe it’s different for every individual program and how that program values medical scribe experience as. In terms of classes to retake I have taken Patho 1 (B+), Patho 2 (C+), Immuno (B), and Genetics (B+). I do plan to take Bio 2, Biochem, and finish A&P 2 and hopefully get A’s in those courses. Unfortunately my grades are so lackluster due to many personal issues/mental breaks I’ve had to take due to my mental health. With that being said I’ve looked into multiple programs that accept scribing as valuable experience and have tallied those schools down as ones I’ll apply too. Believe it or not there’s a large amount of them!
  3. Thanks for your response and advice, I really appreciate. I actually just retook my GRE and scored about 5 points higher than my last one, so it's definitely an upward trend just unfortunately not where I want it to be. Most schools that I have considered applying to I have already asked and they do accept scribing as PCE, which makes me kind of glad. Fortunately, I have already started retaking courses. I retook Micrbio with the lab and am currently retaking Anatomy 1 and Anatomy 2. I was thinking about maybe taking some other science courses online as well as Biochem since Biochem wasn't a huge requirement when I was look up PA schools pre-reqs, however now I see it is. It was either listed as Biochem or Orgo 1 and Orgo 2. So my plan is to try and take Biochem soon as well
  4. @MT2PA So would you just recommend taking another year off and just taking science courses? This was my second GRE attempt and I scored about 5 points higher than last time. Not sure if I can pull off anymore than that
  5. Hello all, I've been wandering around this website for quite some time reading peoples' posts and finally decided to try and make my own and have some people who have similar stats as me shed some light. I graduated from the University of Central Florida in August 2018 and I'm retaking A&P 1 & 2 since my university only offered Anatomy and Physiology as separate courses. I did unfortunately get C's in both Anatomy and Physio, however retaking A&P 1 and 2, I received an A in A&P 1 and will most likely receive an A in A&P 2. My cumulative GPA averaged out to about a 3.2 and sGPA of about 3.0-3.1 somewhere in that general area. I got a 297 on the GRE, with my writing section being in about the 95th percentile (not sure if that really matters or not). I also do have a LOR from my A&P professor, I have around 50+ shadowing hours, shadowing a transplant surgeon and psychiatrist. I also currently have been working as a scribe in the Emergency department with not only physicians but PA's as well. I have been a scribe for about 2 years so I'd say more than 1,000 hours and I've contacted some schools who consider it has PCE hours, with that being said I've definitely learned a LOT being a scribe and being exposed to everything and anything in the ER. I also have a letter recommendation who is a PA-C and he's also a faculty member for a universitys PA program as well. So I was wondering, will my GPA ruin my chances of getting in PA school? I really didn't wanna have to take a bunch of science classes if I didn't need to but I've been unfortunately comparing myself to a lot of applicants and I feel like the short end of the stick. Thanks to everyone and anyone who responds, all criticism is welcome. Just please try not to be too rude :)
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